Flames Hire Pascall, Promote Conroy to AGM

The Calgary Flames made a trio of announcements today as new general manager Brad Treliving rounds out his staff.

The club hired Brad Pascall as assistant general manager, promoted Craig Conroy from special assistant to the general manager to assistant general manager, and hired Troy Crowder in the player development department.

Pascall may be best known as Cassie Campbell-Pascall’s husband, but he’s also a highly decorated member of the Hockey Canada team. He’s worked all over Hockey Canada over the past few decades, contributing everywhere from media relations to the construction of the national teams. Prior to his Hockey Canada stint, he played in the AHL and ECHL, so he’s from a similar background to Treliving.

Conroy may be best known as a chatterbox, or as a long-time member (and former captain) of the Calgary Flames. After a 1000+ game career in the NHL, he retired and joined the front office as an assistant to Jay Feaster. He’s helped out the scouting team, assisted as a coach during the lockout-shortened 2012-13 season and most recently ran the day-to-day operations of the Abbotsford Heat. His role hasn’t been defined as of yet, but I’d expect him to be involved with the newly-minted Adirondack Flames.

Crowder comes to the Flames from a varied background. He was an NHLer for seven years, primarily as a fighter, but since retiring has dabbled in coaching, equipment development and broadcasting. He’ll work with Ron Sutter – the last remaining Sutter in the organization – and check in the with the Flames many, many minor league, junior and college players to track their progress and keep tabs on them.

    • Ed Wailin'

      Seriously; Conroy had 3 long years to tell the world that he thought Gaudreau was the greatest…….. He waited until after John won the Hobey Baker trophy and scored in his first NHL game before declaring: “I wanted to draft John all along, I just didn’t know how early to take him”….

      Conroy has always been a great BS artist…….but you guys don’t actually believe this crap, do you????

      Think people…..THINK!!!!


  • BurningSensation

    Given that Conroy was literally ‘Feaster’s guy’, he must have really impressed to earn a promotion when Burke’s MO has been to clean-house-hire-friends upon arrival.

  • redhot1

    Obviously we haven’t seen anything too significant, but I get the feeling Brad Treliving was a very good choice as GM. Could you imagine if we hired Jim Rutherford? *Shudders*

  • mattyc

    TSN article reports that Pascall will be overseeing day to day of the Heat, and Conroy “will spend the most time of the road of the three, Treliving said, watching NHL and minor pro games in order to help with player decisions”

  • redhot1

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    Sam Bennett is a cream puff………!!!!


    • MattyFranchise

      Drew Daughty couldn’t do a pull up either. Look at the pictures of the combine with those kids trying to do pull ups with a wide grip like that. It’s hard.

      And here I am replying to walter white. I’m not sure who’s the one at fault here. He’s stupid but I’m drunk.

      You decide.

    • ChinookArchYYC

      I wonder if you’d be proud to allow your daughter to read the junk posts you write here on a daily basis.

      Some of your posts are entertaining and even clever, most however are troll posts that don’t provide any value to the overall discussion. I now find myself ignoring most of your posts and moving on, not bothering to trash them.

      You’ve garnered a lot of attention since you starting posting here, and got banned for a few days. You should consider Calgary Puck, you’ll feel right at home there.

  • amaninvan

    Great move for Calgary to get Pascall, he undoubtedly could instead have taken over the top job with Hockey Canada, vacated recently by Bob Nicholson. Good for Conroy also, a great guy who has really moved up the ladder, and fast. Nice work! That’s an impressive young management group the team has assembled, with Treliving, Pascall and Conroy all being in their early 40’s, yet all having strong proven managerial success. With these three now in the fold, guided by Burke into a very bright future, one wonders how the folks in Northern Alberta are taking the news…

    • BurningSensation

      But how many Stanley Cups do they have? Only one is an alumni so it can’t be that good. No wait; you hire people based upon their ability not there history.

  • amaninvan

    Absolutely off topic. How does the Poirier injury impact the Flames depth chart and who does it best create an opportunity for? Burke figures the end of November before Poirier can play; that means at least 6-8 weeks with limited upper body work outs as it takes both shoulders to do complete workouts, I suspect that the Flames Training staff and physios will have alternative programs for him. Hopefully he will be here soaking in the NHL culture through most of his rehab. Does anyone know if Ferland(knee) is back skating yet(was he with the heat as a black ace)

    Opps back to my question regarding whom this injury provides an opportunity for: DJones has one last chance to prove his worth, vanB and Wolfe both get a better look to see if they can make the big club and solidify a role, Byron can use this to solidify his position on the big club and Ferland if healthy can push for a position.

    Will this injury cause the Flames to pursue more RW prospects either through the draft or trades?

    I wonder if one of our intrepid reporters could do some research on the flames injury report as to the health of Sven, Sieloff, Spoon, Ferland, and Wides. The flames do not do a good job of letting the fans know what is going on and I find it frustrating. (Note: I get that during the season as an organization you don’t want your business known)

    • Byron Bader

      I was going to put money on Poirier making the big club out of camp … not anymore. I feel like it won’t really impact the RW openings specifically. Probably just gives one of the highest calibre guys a better shot – Granlund, Sven, Reinhart, Arnold, Knight – to make the team. They’ll just shuffle the deck a little and have players playing in atypical positions. Arnold and Knight both shoot right. They’ll probably play the right side a little with the big club when they get called up, IMO.

      • Byron Bader

        I had been thinking that the organization might begin the experiment of moving one of Arnold or Knight to RW for awhile now as well. Knight and Granlund both seem ready to push for a spot on the big club(Arnold I supspect will spend much of the season in the AHL) and if so would this make Stajan available.

        • amaninvan

          I’ve been thinking about this as well.

          We haven’t signed any RFAs yet. Are they looking to open up some spots? It would be better to give the prospects looks this year but keep them playing top minutes in Abbey (except for maybe Gaudreau look for him to make the team). Gaudreau and Baert have played on the right before…

          but you know we always hear that mantra “draft BPA and let trades sort out the rest”

          No RFAs signed… will we be active in the UFA? Are some trades coming? Are we looking at promoting some young guys? Is this a total roster overhaul? Burke says he is not patient but the right play this off season may be to stay patient… Its interesting.. For once I got no clue what the team is going to look like.

          • DragonFlame

            When I look at the list of UFA’s, I’m not seeing too much to get excited about, and the Flame’s issue is they’ve got a challenge ahead of them just to get to the cap floor. This could especially become a problem if Cammalleri decides to sign with another team.

            There are a few players that come to mind, but

            a) would they be willing to sign with the Flames and

            b) would they fit in with what the Flames have been building or disrupt team chemistry?

            The Flames may have to approach those teams who will be struggling to stay at or slightly below the cap ceiling.

            As for RFA’s, the Flames could take another shot at Ryan O’Reilly, but offer sheets to RFA’s tend to rub other GM’s the wrong way and rarely are these offers not matched.

            It should be an interesting summer. The Flames are going to have to overpay at least one player, if not two or three. I don’t know how much interest Paul Stastny would have in the Flames, nor if the Flames would even consider him.

          • DragonFlame

            For me personally I dont like the UFA route unless we can someone like a Kulemin for a steal… but as you point out we do have to hit the floor.

            As far as acquisitions go i am not thinking anyone in the age range of Stastny is that wise… there was post a couple of months ago onn acquiring Oreilly or an evander Kane… that is the age bracket we should be looking at….

            I would be ok with trying to acquire more picks this year and next but we gotta sign a couple RFAs or package them in trade for something… Then again who knows what will happen … we only have a few players on one way deals and Treliving is a new voice for sure… team could look very different in a couple months.

    • amaninvan

      “Does anyone know if Ferland(knee) is back skating yet(was he with the heat as a black ace)?”

      I believe he is currently skating on thin ice (he has his assault trial to contend with).

      I agree with your comments about the difficulty in getting up to date injury information. It makes sense to keep the veil of secrecy intact during the season, but it would be nice to know how our players are currently rehabbing. To bad about Poirier… thankfully its not the dreaded “lower body injury’.

  • Byron Bader

    This is the new regime of management in the NHL, one president of hockey ops (Burke), one general manager(Treliving) and an assistant GM or two (Pascall and Conroy). Conroy’s paid his dues as an special assistant to the AGM, done lots of scouting. Good to hire from within, it takes a team of advisers to build the models Chicago, Boston, LA. It’s not Bowman, Chiraelli(sic) or Lombardi by themselves.

  • DragonFlame

    Just got word the Flames have not renewed Troy Ward’s contract, along with Robbie Ftorek.

    Burke said he was happy with Ward and wanted him back. I wonder what changed.

    • amaninvan

      Yeah, that is weird. Ward seemed to have the confidence of Burke, and looked to be doing a darn good job preparing his players, the majority of them fared pretty decently when they got the call from Calgary. Ward seemed to be slowly changing his previous coaching philosophy where he leaned on the older players, instead allowing the top prospects to get the bulk of the playing time at even strength and on special teams this past season (Reinhart and Granlund both flourishing after being promoted to the top line this past year). Perhaps this is Pascall already putting his stamp on the baby Flames while clearing out some leftovers from the Feaster era?

  • DragonFlame

    Troy Ward loss is not good. I would think the Flames wanted him around but wouldn’t be too surprised if it just came down to him not wanting to move to the States and the east for that matter. I suspect he will be nabbed quickly as an assistant in the NHL.

  • loudogYYC

    I know nothing about the ins and outs of a coach-GM relationship, but letting Ward walk is a big mistake IMO. I’ve heard both Ferland and Wotherspoon say Ward is a heck of a coach and you can tell the players had all bought in. An unnecessary risk if you ask me, so unless the next coach is some kinda Yoda this is just bad.