Wanna go see the Stanley Cup in Person?


After an exciting game one, the Stanley Cup has sorta gone to crap. Oh well – next season will be here soon enough. In the meantime, read about how you can win stuff from Scotiabank below.

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My experience using the ScotiaHockey NHL Debit Card has been extremely positive and it’s my go-to card for getting the job done. I love having Interac Flash because there are approximately zero lines that I’ve ever wanted to continue being in. 

I can’t even comprehend how much easier and quicker buying things would be if they only had two options: cash and tap payments. Like most things, it can only really be truly appreciated when you can no longer use it.

The first time someone told me “Go Flames Go” after using my card was the first instance of awesomeness. I was getting a complement on the card by a nice man in line at a retail store. I’ve gotten it a couple times since, as well. 

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I’ve also had quite the encounter with an Oiler fan who was less than enthused about his team’s chances in the future. Obviously this was the second thing – I take joy in Edmonton’s pain.

Like we talked about last time, every time you use the card you’re entered into the Scotiabank Hockey Adventure of a Lifetime Contest. You’ll have the opportunity to take in the Stanley Cup Finals live and have the opportunity to attend behind the scenes experiences like a private viewing of the Stanley Cup, attendance at a team practice and/or a private arena tour. You’ll also have your accommodations and flights taken care of and Scotiabank is gonna hook ya up with $500 in spending cash. The other grand prize is the chance to go to next season’s NHL Face-Off and experience the same behind the scenes benefits. 

Go Reggie. Get that cup and I’ll buy you a beer with my card.

To learn more about the ScotiaHockey NHL Debit Card and how you could win the Hockey Adventure of a Lifetime Contest, click here.