Weekend Open Thread: Regehr Gets His Cup!

Robyn Regehr was one of the best Calgary Flames in history.

He was acquired for Theoren Fleury. He played 826 games for the Flames between 1999 and his 2011 departure to Buffalo. He won his first Stanley Cup this weekend, as the Los Angeles Kings beat the New York Rangers 3-2 in a thrilling double-OT Game 5.

If you skim the Flames franchise games-played leaders, the only player remaining in the top 10 that doesn’t have a Cup win is the guy on top.

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 11.14.55 PM

And I suppose Craig Conroy doesn’t have a ring yet either…

Also, big congrats to the Jolly Rancher himself, Darryl Sutter, on his second Stanley Cup win in the past three years. He’s every bit as good a coach as he was, at the end, a panicky and reactionary general manager.

  • Craig

    The deal is out to lunch on all levels. Replacing Spezza for Hudler, Wideman & Backlund will only make the Flames that much worse & that much further away from the Cap floor. Top that with Sens do not want to spend money & the fact Spezza actual $$$ are 4.0 mill with a $7.0 mill cap hit, they are better off trading him at the TDL. It’s a silly silly rumour. I don’t mind adding 1 or 2 years of an ugly contract to obtain a worthwhile asset, like Glencross for Lecalvier & their 1st rounder. I’d rather see that than throw stupid money at a UFA.

  • Captain Ron

    I met Reggie on a couple of occasions and his conduct off the ice was exemplary. He was a golf partner for my son and I at one of the Flames tourny’s. When we saw him a year later at the same tournament he went out of his way to come say hello and chat for a bit. My son still talks about how special he made him feel on both occasions and regularly wears a jersey to the games with his name on the back of it.

    Congrats to Reggie on his cup win and proving he could still be a decent player in the right role. Too bad he got injured and couldn’t play a game in the final series.