Weekend Open Thread: Regehr Gets His Cup!

Robyn Regehr was one of the best Calgary Flames in history.

He was acquired for Theoren Fleury. He played 826 games for the Flames between 1999 and his 2011 departure to Buffalo. He won his first Stanley Cup this weekend, as the Los Angeles Kings beat the New York Rangers 3-2 in a thrilling double-OT Game 5.

If you skim the Flames franchise games-played leaders, the only player remaining in the top 10 that doesn’t have a Cup win is the guy on top.

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 11.14.55 PM

And I suppose Craig Conroy doesn’t have a ring yet either…

Also, big congrats to the Jolly Rancher himself, Darryl Sutter, on his second Stanley Cup win in the past three years. He’s every bit as good a coach as he was, at the end, a panicky and reactionary general manager.

  • I keep reading that Mike Richards might be bought out. This concept seems crazy to me. I understand that he had an off year and has a high salary, but wouldn’t this be someone the flames could get for a decent price? He has been a #1 center for most his career. I would think this would be a perfect buy low situation and would give the flames a low end #1 center until monohan grows into the role.

  • Anyone else wish to comment on the speculation that the Flames offered Hudler, Backs, Wides and a second to Ottawa and were turned down(Spezza does not to play in Canada); if this is true can we please have Feaster back.

  • sathome

    Also, I’m so happy to see Richards and St. Louis lose in the Cup Final, now they know how the Flames players felt back in ’04. If Lecavalier was a Ranger the trifecta would have been complete. Looks like both Vinny and Richards are getting bought out in the off-season. Sweet justice at last!

  • amaninvan

    While we are apparently swinging for the fences on an aging, injury prone center on the downside of his career, Anaheim just picked up a former first round pick right winger from the Habs (Leblanc) for a song (5th round pick next year if he plays 15 games in the NHL). Low risk, potentially high reward – this is the type of trade smart teams make.

    • beloch

      LeBlanc is 23 and has a NHLE of 14.4. Jankowski, Reinhart, Arnold, Granlund, and Corban Knight all have NHLE’s over 20 and only Knight is as old as LeBlanc.

      A fifth round pick buys you a long-shot. Given how the last few drafts have gone, the Flames might be better off spending their long-shots at the draft rather than picking up a guy who currently projects as a mediocre AHL’er.

      • amaninvan

        Hmmm. We are short of right wingers, Leblanc was buried on a goon line in Hamilton and Montreal has fewer roster openings than we do at the NHL level which made him expendable. The Ducks have a very deep prospect pool and could have picked him up on waivers post July 1st but chose to throw a potential 5th round pick at the Habs instead. I think I’ll place my bets on the Ducks assessment of his talent over yours.

    • DragonFlame

      You mean like when they traded a 4th for Knight and another 4th for Colborne?

      I am not in any way disappointed the Flames didn’t bite on Leblanc. I mean, a 5th isn’t worth a lot, but Leblanc has done NOTHING since he was drafted. That’s hardly a move with high-reward potential.

      I think I’ll place my bets on the Ducks assessment of his talent over yours.

      The Ducks and Habs both thought Leblanc was worth a fully CONDITIONAL 5th rounder. That’s hardly a ringing endorsement of his talent.