Journal of Hockey Analytics: Volume I Issue 7


Credit to Reddit’s /r/hockey

With hockey being officially over and the World Cup in full effect it seems there has been much less interest this week in hockey analytics research. The past 7 days have many provided us with fewer articles than we’ve had in the past, but there’s still some interesting little nuggets to pass along.

Read on past the jump for a look at the most worthwhile things I could scrounge up, you fellow nerds. If you’d like to make sure that something you’ve either written or stumbled upon gets included in future editions, feel free to send them my way.

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  • Rhys J looks at why Jake Virtanen is good, but why Ehlers is a much better selection [Canucks Army]
  • It’s rare to hear anything about what teams do for analytics, so this piece on the Columbus Blue Jackets and how they analyze draft pick value was interesting [Columbus Blue Jackets]
  • Garret Hohl looks at a method of evaluating defencemen using their effect on team and opponents corsi % [Arctic Ice Hockey]
  • Jared Sexton wants to redefine defence [Rangers Unlimited]
  • Adam Gretz looks at teams and long contracts to goalies [SB Nations]
  • Greg Sinclair gives a summary of the secret Albert Hockey Analytics Meetup [Pension Plan Puppets]
  • Nick Emptage looks back at the Los Angeles Kings and Chicago Blackhawks on their 2013/14 season [Puck Prediction]
  • Matthew Coller asks if Buffalo’s coach Ted Nolan can get the most out of his players [WGR 550]
  • Adam Gretz also looks at what different statistics teams that win cups lead in []
  • Neil Greenberg looks at how Brad Richards can still be effective [Washington Post]
  • Adam Gretz looks at how Justin Williams has always been good [SB Nations]
  • Neil Greenberg looks at Ryan O’Reilly and Salary Arbitration [Washington Post]
  • Jonathan Willis writes about Anton Stralman, a much coveted UFA by the analytics community [Edmonton Journal]
  • Adam Gretz suggests buyer beware with Matt Niskanen [SB Nations]
  • Jared Sexton looks at how Thornton will likely perform throughout his contract [Hockey Graphs]

And some less analytical pieces

  • gatorpv writes in a Fan Post that fancy stats are good, but not perfect [Raw Charge]
  • With the World Cup on it is interesting to see some hockey analytics (at least in name) used to evaluate soocer [Bitter and Blue]

  • The Last Big Bear

    As the much-maligned Jay Feaster once said: There are some players who transcend the pre- and post-apex paradigm.

    Joe Thornton is still kicking *** and taking names at age 34. There’s no reason to expect him to fall off a cliff suddenly. He has aged very gracefully so far, and he has a lot of tools in the tool box to fall back on if (and when) he starts to regress in some aspect of the game or another.

    Since I’m reading this on a Flames site, I’ll add that I’d be happy seeing him in Calgary. He’ll still be a player for the duration of his contract, the Flames have no cap space issues, and having Jumbo Joe feed the young wingers will be great for their development (and trade value). Not to mention what he’d be able to teach guys like Monahan, Backlund, et al.

    He’s likely to fetch a pretty penny on the trade market though, so is likely not an option for a relatively asset-poor organization like the Flames.