FGD: The First Round…of the Draft


The scouts have argued. The press box coffee at the Saddledome has gone cold. The hockey world has worked itself into a lather with trade rumours and pick speculation.

It must be Draft Day.

Welcome to FlamesNation’s coverage of, to be blunt, one of the most exciting weekends in recent Flames history. By virtue of being not great this year, the Calgary Flames have the best draft pick since the team moved to Calgary in 1980 at 4th overall – and the highest pick the team’s had since choosing Tom Lysiak of the Medicine Hat Tigers at 2nd overall in 1973.

We’ve completed the Flames 15. Last year’s top pick, Sean Monahan, is Calgary’s best prospect right now. Odds are whoever gets selected by the Flames tonight will become the new holder of that crown. Will it be Leon Draisaitl? Sam Reinhart? Sam Bennett? Or will something surprising happen?

Follow along! The venerable Kent Wilson (@Kent_Wilson) and I (@RyanNPike) will be all over the highs, lows and squishy middles of the next seven rounds of drafting excitement.

And we’re hoping we have as many thrills as we did last year when the Flames selected Tim “Who” Harrison from Dexter Prep, a surprisingly good collegiate player this year that literally nobody but Flames scouts had ever heard of at that point.

  • I remember the Harrison selection quite well. He didn’t even have an Eliteprospects page until about two days after the draft. And a couple guys I went to highschool/jr high/elementary with are on that site. Most of their info is wrong, but they’re there (seriously, look up some random person you know or used to know that played minor junior hockey (or yourself)–there’s a decent chance they have a page on that site!)

    In other news, Jim Benning has taken it upon himself to make ALL THE TRADES!!

  • Oh man finally draft day!!! Vancouver is going hard today, would be nice to more teams become untangled and more deals go through.

    Vancouver may you fall flat on your face an never recover.

    re: Flames

    How exciting is it to have a top 4? Man with how the prospect pool has been replenished this is looking pretty good. Just keep er on the track no going off the board here…

    • beloch

      Kesler and a 3rd for a 1st (#24), a 3rd, Sbisa, and Bonino?

      -Vancouver just dumped some salary, got younger, and shored up their depth charts.
      -The ‘Nucks are going to get clobbered, in terms of posession, without someone to give Henrik the high ground. Bonino probably isn’t going to be up to that.
      -Vancouver just fleeced Anaheim in terms of long-term value, but they appear to be starting the rebuild.

  • seve927

    All I’m hoping for is a Sam and maybe a Honka/Sanheim/McKeown/Dougherty or maybe more reasonably a Thomas/Jacobs/Mayo/Irving. Not exactly a BPA approach, but I think it’s a good strategy drafting D in the second round. They just seem to have an unusually good chance of becoming elite.

  • Scary Gary

    I’m so excited! DeAngelo at 34 would be a steal but I could see NJ taking him with 30. Those second rounders will be the most interesting part for me; we’ll get a great player at four.

  • dudeguybro

    I just don’t want any surprises at the start of the draft, specifically pick #4. BPA then enjoy how the rest of first shakes out. Even if that means Ritchie or Dal Colle I can understand and trust the scouts. Anything beyond and I’m worried. Here’s hoping BBBT knock it out of the park.

  • Hope to see:

    – Flames add another early 2nd rounder. (Rights to Cam + next years 5th?)

    There are a bunch of guys with “character issues” who could still be there (Deangelo, Ho Sang) that are top 15 talent. Definitely guys worth taking risks on. If not a safer pick like Ben Thomas should be around.

    – Flames trade GlenX for a top 6 RW or D on a team in cap hell.

    Glencross has a great contract. There are a bunch of teams up against the wall. Use this opportunity to upgrade a bit by taking on some salary.

    – BT/Burke take BPA picks until late rounds.

    No off the board picks. I watched the NBA draft last night and the Raptors did well, what the Raptors do. Flames did it with Jankowski, even with Kanzig last year. Hate to see this happen again.

  • seve927

    SOOO excited for tonight! Twitter feed, iPad, TSN…. and GO!

    Sounds like Canucks closing in on #1 which means Reinhart for them which means a more legit chance that Ekblad is a Flame in a few hrs.

    $69mil cap. Flames and Bruins first on the floor. Problem meet solution.