• DragonFlame

    All I am going to say is:

    Fan 960, bring back Ryan Leslie and leave Josh to the occasional update.

    Seriously, replacing Ryan for Josh Humphries was a terrible move.

  • mattyc

    How much interest would the New Jersey Devils have in Jiri Hudler at half salary? He’s not enough by himself to get Adam Larsson, obviously, but two years at 2 million per is good value for a winger who likely gets you 50ish points.

      • Derzie

        I’m assuming you meant Sven and Hudler.

        Now I waiting to what BT and his organization does via Free agency and Trades over the summer.

        I like a few other people on this sight probably see the draft in a slightly different light today, than we did yesterday as it happened. I’m not in love with a goalie at 34 but based upon the how the draft unfolded it seems it was the right time. You need to draft a goalie ever couple of years via the draft and it may be better to do so this year than next year.

        The other picks make total sense from BT/BB view of how this teams needs, so this makes sense from their view, as does adding Bollig; he is an upgrade from Westgarth and McG as a player while still being a big body.

        I’m skeptical of the draft mostly because I don’t think this organization has enough talent yet to spend 50% of the draft on big prospects and only 1/6 on skilled guys. The goalie is a long term prospect and the skilled defender is along shot at best.

        • supra steve

          In interview, BT said they had a few skaters in mind for that #34 pick and were going to take one if still available; and if not they would take their goalie, because they knew that their top ranked tenders would be gone by their late 2nd pick.

          So, they got the goalie (and yes, I was a little disappointed to get a goalie at #34). But, they got the first goalie taken, sometimes the first one taken turns out to be a star, and sometimes a dud. Either way it will be years till we know for sure. Could be fate, goalie at #34–Kipper’s number.

  • mattyc

    Overall, I really like the Sam Bennett pick (but who doesn’t?), and it certainly sounds like good fishing on Ollas-Mattsson. I don’t like using #34 on a goaltender, but he does sound like a good prospect, so I guess I’ll defer to the experts. Smith and Hickey both sound like projects. Overall, I’d say I feel better than this morning, but I still feel like we left a lot of value on the board (taking chances on McKeown for example). Moreover, I don’t like the organization fetishizing size. You would think of all the large prospect failures we’ve had (Chris Breen anyone?), that we would have learned our lesson about over-valuing size…

  • Greg

    Passionate fans like Calgary and Edmonton get emotional on Draft Day which is a good thing but often the comments are over the top. People talk like they have inside knowledge on prospects but the reality is, although its still an objective decision, the scouts have looked at these players throughout the year and have a pretty good read on them. There’s no guarantees on any of these young men but you need to have faith in your managent team. Personally, I like Treliving but it will take three years to judge his work. In the meantime, it’s great to watch the team develop and add key pieces.

    • Greg

      I think that, at the end of the day, most of the readers on this site have a philosophical difference of opinion with Burke. He’s got his strengths, but we are worried the game may have passed him by given his apparent disdain for advanced analysis tools and love of size and fighters over skill and speed. There’s a general fear in the air that, given he’ll likely be entrenched in his position for at least a couple of GM changes, we may be headed right back into an era of Sutter-esque futility for another decade.

      Today’s draft may or may not have been good. But it was most certainly reflective of Burke’s philosophy, and thus re-triggers that worriation.

      In short, it hit a nerve.

      • BurningSensation

        I hear you and we all want the same thing at the end of the day. I think analytics has its place in the game but it can be over used as well. Every team uses them but I’m highly doubtful that Dean Lombardi or Glen Sather are analytics junkies and they made it to the Stanley Cup! At the end of the day, it’s about balance – good scouting, good instincts, good people, good leadership and sound analytics.

  • Franko J

    A day after I’m still disappointed that the team failed to pick a RH D. I really thought Mckeown or Glover was going to be selected.

    As well, I was hoping for some trades, however, it seemed there were no takers other than Chicago. As usual the draft did not live up to all the media hype. Other than Vancouver, no other team did much of anything else.

    By the sounds of it on the radio the Flames did have a number of trade possibilities but nothing materialized. The conventional thinking was that cap was going up higher than what was set for next season on Friday by the NHL which probably made a few GM’s leery of wheeling and dealing.

    If the Flames can develop 2 selections from this draft, I will be happy. If the team can develop 3-4, it will be a bonus.

  • Derzie

    3 Golden rules were broken: 1)a Goalie is not the BPA early in Round 2. Ever. 2) Skill is ALWAYS > size. Some big guys HAPPEN to be big which is great but skill always is essential. Keeping in mind that character is mandatory no matter if the skill is there or not (i.e. no Vaneks or Spezzas) 3) Traded Stempniak for Bollig. Failure on a grand scale.
    I have NO idea how this gets refuted. The Truculence crowd seems to be blind followers. Treliving is off to a terrible start. We lost this draft, make no mistake. We always make fun of the Oilers for picking Bob McKenzie’s top guy and then crapping the bed. This year we are the pot and the Oilers the kettle.

  • Derzie

    From and earlier post on Ollas Mattsson I was really surprised to see his birth date was July 30, 1996. This makes him a pretty young 2014 pick. Hopefully this works in favor of his development,especially considering is size.

  • Franko J

    This years draft I felt like with another new GM in place and the scouting staff given a whole new mandate, there were bound to be some letdown. It appeared that last years draft Button and his staff were given a little more free reign to make selections. Outside of the Bennett selection, it felt like that BT and management wanted to place their own “stamp” on the team and there was little synergy between management and the scouting staff.