Flames Acquire Brandon Bollig for 83rd Overall

The Flames have acquired winger Brandon Bollig from the Chicago Blackhawks in exchange for the 83rd overall selection, originally acquired for Lee Stempniak. So that trade is now Lee Stempniak for Brandon Bollig.

Bollig, 27, is big and mean. He’s 6’2″ and 225 pounds. The native of St. Charles, MO had spent his entire NHL career to this point with Chicago, where he won a Stanley Cup last year (he barely played but got a ring and is on the Cup). His offense is basically non-existent – 14 points in 125 games – but he also has over 200 PIMs, most via fights. He’s basically a younger version of Kevin Westgarth, who also won a Stanley Cup without playing much (Westgarth at all) in the playoffs. In other news, probably don’t expect Westgarth back. Just a hunch.

Bollig is under contract for 3 more years with a cap hit of $1.25 million. For a fourth liner who’ll probably sit a lot, that’s perfectly fine. This trade is…a move. It’s hard to really get excited or disappointed about it.

  • I don’t mind any of the players we drafted / traded for today……..I mind the round we picked them.
    All of these have 5,6,7 round “take a flyer on a guy” written all over them.

    If I was the owners I would fire both BB and BT TODAY!!!


  • icedawg_42

    Well…the first round pick was a win….but I can’t think of very many people who wouodnt have picked Bennett at 4. Aside from that, this management teams moves all point in the wrong direction. BB has been here how long now? I already f$&!king hate the word Truculence. So much for the great start to the rebuild. Can only hope the pieces already in place can combat the stupid moves being made now.

    • RexLibris

      Button is the constant.

      Burke and Treliving would have had significant input on the 1st and 2nd rounds. Everything after that gradually moves over more and more to the scouts.

      The GMs adjust the rangefinder a bit, but it is still the scouts who put the draft pool into the sights.

      • TheoForever

        Direction, direction and direction……..

        I like our 1st and 3rd picks, don’t know about others. Don’t like the trade due to price only.
        Not hating on Treliving yet.

    • MonsterPod

      Absolutely not. Feaster built the smallest team in the league in Calgary. If Burke brings in a bunch of beef, it just evens out on the ice.

      My problem is we aren’t adding size in our top six.

      • TheoForever

        I’m all for beef, but would be nice if it can play. Adding size in top 6 is very hard thing to do.

        I love the Sam pick, not huge but a gamer in every respect.

        • MonsterPod

          Love Sam. I prefer him to Draisaitl. Yes, the big centers are hard to come by but not every big center is a hitting, fighting Getzlaf.

          Sam’s style of play is awesome. He’s a dynamo. Let’s not forget Giroux is 5’11, 178lbs.

  • TheoForever

    Here comes the truculence BB wants. Bollig is here for protection, this way no can mess with our guys like Baertschi, Gaudreau, Bennett, etc. The Pens didn’t have a guy to protect Sid and Geno and they got pushed around and took a ton of abuse.

  • jeremywilhelm

    Who is Burke/Treliving modelling their franchise after? Seriously? None of the good franchises that have won in the last 5 years drafted as poorly as the Flames did today.

    What a joke.

    • TheoForever

      You have no idea if it was poor, none of us do. The goalie was too early for me but he was a riser, Button had him rated I think #38. Smyth looks like he could be something, showed improvement, I like that. If we can get 3 hits from this draft, Sam and Smyth plus whoever it will be a good draft.

      Explain why it was a joke.

      • TheoForever

        It was a joke because the Flames needed to pick up some RW and some right shooting defencemen. At 34 they could have taken McKeown or Dougherty. Instead, they chose a goalie.

        We don’t need a goalie, not right now. Ortio and Gillies are bother simmering nicely in their respective leagues, if we can believe what management says about Ortio.

        In addition, we burned a pick on a kid that could have been had as a free agent. Who knows why. If it was because he was the only one we had some familiarity with, that’s not good enough.

        And we didn’t need to trade for Bollig. The trade, as noted, was Bollig for Stempniuk.

        That’s why it was a joke. JKE…joke.

        • TheoForever

          Conroy said they didn’t want to loose Carroll, as they had someone else at the camp and he got picked up by another team, so they didn’t want the same situation. I can accept that.

          Stempniak for Bollig is a bad trade.

          I didn’t see why we needed a goalie so early either.

          Hunter smith is a RW and shoots right.

          The Swedish dman could be a good pickup. Rated much higher.

          Hardly a joke.

          • TheoForever

            You’re right. It isn’t a joke.

            The big issue I have is that we should not have picked a goalie with our first second round pick. Honestly, it doesn’t matter who the goalie is, we just shouldn’t have done it. We should have been filling an organizational need. Two perfectly good defence prospects were there to be taken.

            I don’t know Hunter Smith so that might be a reasonable gamble but it has been said the kid can’t skate so he’s a gamble. I don’t know that you want to gamble with that pick.

            The Swede has very limited upside.

            It will take years to find out whether this draft was a bust outside Sam Bennett but I don’t think it looks good.

  • Derzie

    The only word that comes to mind is “b@st@rds” when I think of Burke and his new regime. This was make or break. They broke. This new direction is shite.

      • TheoForever

        So where do you seeing Bollig fitting? Are we going to have another year with a Bollig/???/McG line? Or do we do something else? Maybe Johnny/Backs/Bollig line?

        • MonsterPod

          Apparently Bollig was playing about 10 minutes a night last year with Chicago. Those are generally 3rd line minutes.

          I hope he is used to protect some of our younger kids, like if Monahan is rotating on the third line again, and yeah with Johnny or even Baertschi on the left wing.

        • TheoForever

          I don’t know what they will do. He played 10 minutes a game so he is not a liability. On the other hand limited offensive upside.
          I think he will do time on the 4th line and they will move him up to 3rd and sometimes 2nd line. So, both scenarios that you mentioned.

          I still like Stempniak, before he got hurt he was very good.

      • DragonFlame

        There’s a video up on the Flames’ website. He scored some pretty nice goals last season. Maybe the Flames see him in an expanded role.

        He also scored more than TJ Galiardi last year.

  • jeremywilhelm

    Bollig is horrible. Why the F are you guys talking about him replacing TJ Galliardi?

    If Bollig plays more than 4th liner minute, the flames are in serious serious trouble.

    • Stockley

      The Flames are supposed to be in serious trouble for at least another couple years. They need veteran bodies on the big club to absorb the losing while the kids do their best to win and play meaningful games on the farm. If they want to distract us from all the losing by icing a 4th line of knuckle-draggers, then fine. Enforcers have a reputation for being really good teammates if nothing else; no need to crucify the guys because they don’t score 30 goals. While I think their role is slowly becoming redundant a lot of teams still seem to think they have to have at least one of them in the lineup.

      This was by all accounts a weak draft year and apparently the management team thought they’d use their picks to snatch up some role players. I’m not terribly thrilled with some of these picks but at the same time I’m not livid. They didn’t screw up the first one at least, that’s the one that really mattered in a year when beyond the top 8 it seemed to be a crap shoot.

    • My point was Bollig + Kulemin (or comparable FA) >>>>>>> Galliardi + Westgarth.

      Galliardi isn’t horrible, but he’s a contract we don’t need & takes away a spot on the wing one of our prospects will fill on the 3rd line.