Flames Sign Jonas Hiller

The Flames were very vocal about the need to add another NHL goalie heading into free agency and they managed to get one of the better options in former Duck Jonas Hiller.

His per year money is somewhat high at $4.5M/year, but the two year term makes that number moot. The dollars somewhat suggest that Hiller will at least be battling Ramo for the starters job, but for the Flames it’s very much a case of “let the best man win” when it comes to their net situation.

The relatively high AAV also gets the Flames a little closer to the cap floor, which is also good news.

Another decent addition from Treliving.

  • You definitely can’t hate what Treliving is doing here. Keep two above average goalies on short term, and wait for Gilles and Ortio to come up through the system. This also opens up the possibility of flipping Ramo at trade deadline if need be and not being completely screwed in net.

  • Howie Meeker

    This is a pretty good signing, Hiller may benefit from a change of scenery. I don’t know if he is the starter but he will certainly push Ramo. Jonas has 4 25+ win seasons and 5 20+ win seasons, he was a top notch goalie at one time.

  • dudeguybro

    Totally agree, the term makes this a fine deal considering CGY’s situation. With these two signings there’s more depth to remain competitive without handcuffing us in the future.

    What does everybody think about one of R. Diaz, J. McBain, A. Benoit, or even J. Pitkanen to round out the day?

  • TheoForever

    This Hiller contract is PERFECT. Short term, mid-high cap hit. Plus, he’s a relatively reliable keeper with above-average talent. Perfect for a Ramo partner and/or Ortio/Gillies stopgap.

    There is nothing to dislike about this one.

    • McRib

      Another plus of this signing is that Hiller plays with a right handed glove, so is our shinny new draft pick Mason McDonald. Hopefully he can mentor him and give him some advice for a right handed catcher at the NHL level.

  • dudeguybro

    Damn, I kind of suspected Engelland for the D target as a right handed face puncher. That third year is cleary the worst but still not Orpik/Fayne level bad in the long run.

    Bring on Connack Hanifylington!

  • beloch

    Jonas Hiller has been right around league average for the last few seasons, but he was elite from 07/08 to 09/10. By a strange coincidence, Hiller and Ramo were both 0.911 last season. Of course, the Ducks are probably an easier team to play for.

    Hiller is good enough to light a fire under Ramo’s butt, but I think Ramo has it in him to be the starter. Hiller’s contract is a bit pricey for a backup, but he’s better than the average backup. I like the two year term, since it doesn’t put the NHL completely out of sight for Ortio.

  • Johnnydapunk

    I will state first I’m a lifelong Oiler fan but I’m not here to be a dick as it’s not my style.

    I just wanted to say congratulations on getting Hiller, I think he was one of the best goalies available and you got him for fair money and nice term to see how he pans out. You got a workhorse for a goalie and what I also guess is that it must say something good about the Flames organisation as I am super sure that Hiller had a chat with Berra about Calgary, and he must have said a lot of good things about the team.

    I really hope he turns into Kipper 2.0 for your team.

    You did well and I also am excited to see what Airxess will do making another Flames goalie mask (Swiss company that makes one of the best masks in the league and have some of the nicest designs out there, they did Berra’s mask)

    If I can see another ultra intense violent battle of Alberta where both the Flames and Oil are successful and take the title of the most feared province/state for teams to visit away from California, I will be a happy man.

    Best of luck in the silly season of signings and trades 🙂