Development Camp Open Thread

For us prospect honks, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. The Calgary Flames‘ annual development camp continues this week (until Wednesday) at WInsport, giving Flames fans a rare glimpse with all of the team’s junior and college prospects together at once.

I’ve been in Vegas this weekend, so I haven’t been down yet – Tuesday and Wednesday, here I come! But I’m pretty excited at the pool of players they’ve assembled. The Providence College trio (Jon Gillies, John Gilmour and Mark Jankowski) is probably tops on my list of players to watch, if only because I rarely get a chance to see them play. Beyond that, the big question is how the 2014 picks fare in comparison to the rest of the prospects.

Which players have you seen thus far that have impressed? Who’s disappointed? How have the crowds been? Sound off in the comments!

  • McRib

    Came across an interesting statistic today…

    Sam Bennett’s NHLE this year was 39.2. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins NHLE during his draft year was 37.8… That is all!

    • SmellOfVictory

      Popular opinion has him signing with either Calgary or Florida. I doubt either is really a favourite at this point.

      Caught a bit of the drills this morning:
      -Kanzig is slow
      -Best from Group A were Klimchuk, Arnold, Fram, Zejdl; nobody else really stood out (although Culkin is a quick skater; I’d put him 2nd behind Klimchuk) aside from Allen, who is pretty old balls and rightfully should be ahead of the crowd

      Group A has a looooooooot of flotsam in it. Tons of guys who are too slow or have minimal offensive ability. The few guys who stood out in a positive way did so very noticeably.

    • piscera.infada

      One of the rumours for why he doesn’t want to sign in Chi-town is because they traded his brother to Florida. I would assume more of it is playing time, so Florida or here are both good options. But, if the brother thing is at all true, he probably goes to Florida.

    • SmellOfVictory

      Assuming it’s the same as the drills, there are seats at the end of the rink; you’re roughly five metres back from the glass, and just above the top of it. Definitely worthwhile for some cheap (free) entertainment if you’re interested.

      There were also people standing and watching at ice level during drills. Not sure if that’s available during scrim or not.

  • jeremywilhelm

    You know whats just as good when talking about possession and scoring?

    That when your team has the puck all the time, even if you aren’t scoring, neither is the other team. So who really cares if Backlund isn’t scoring a tonne of goals (even though he had the 3rd most on the team this year in the toughest assignments by far on the team). The other team just isn’t scoring when he is on the ice, because he has the puck.

    Say what you will, but a guy that consistently and effectively prevents the best players on the other team from scoring for 20 minutes a game is just as valuable as a guy that can score a tonne of goals and points but isn’t effective at keeping the pucks out of his own net.