Report: Flames Settle With Colborne

Because nobody ever really wants to go forward with an arbitration hearing and publicly bury one of their players, the Calgary Flames have reportedly come to terms with center Joe Colborne on a new deal.

The deal sounds about right. I mean, if I’m Colborne’s agent, I go into the hearing and say “Hey, you’re paying Brandon Bollig $1.25 million.” And that’s probably my entire argument.

Colborne played 80 games for the Flames last season after being acquired from the Toronto Maple Leafs for a fourth round pick rather than the Leafs risking losing him on waivers for nothing. Splitting time between being a depth center and a top-nine right-wing, Colborne put up 28 points – double Brandon Bollig’s 2013-14 total – and was actually pretty great as a shootout specialist because of his freakish reach.

The Calgary Sun’s Wes Gilbertson recently got an update on Colborne, who mentioned he’s up to 220 pounds via some muscle gain, which should help him in those corner battles.

We’re awaiting official confirmation from the club on the deal, as everyone else is.

  • Jeff Lebowski

    Well, I think the moral of this whole JC debate is that the kid needs to step up next year and become the player that got him picked in the 1st round & a 2 year contract yesterday. At age 24, this is pretty well it & whatever happens, big Joe is driving his own destiny. We have many many kids at these crossroads coming up. Good signing, low risk & I think all Flames fans hope he has that breakout season next year. For us to be a playoff team in 2-3 years again, we “have to” have at least 1 kid have a break out year like Backs & Brodie have done. McRib, I think for the kids sake he puts on that extra 20pounds of muscle. At 6’5″, he could be a beast if he does. If he doesn’t, well, I think we’ve all heard that one before.

  • Jeff Lebowski

    I lied. 1 more thing:

    I think JC is going back to centre because he’s got more utility there but also, as I’ve stated to mass trash, that Bollig will play there. I think that because:

    -It explains to me their moves and words. It wasn’t a 83rd overall for Bollig. BT determined the value of 3RW for 83rd. Also, the comments about more to give from Bollig lead me to believe that means on the ice.

    They want the young players (when they say this they really mean Johnny) to feel comfortable. They won’t put the protection of JG in SM and JC hands, and rightfully so. What good is it to have deterrence on the bench? JG is the crown jewel.

    Is it a stretch for Bollig? What does he have to do? Aside from the obvious policeman, if he just goes to the net and allow JG and SM to play a 2 man game in the quiet ice plus the odd can’t-help-but-score goal off JG feeds – that’d be plenty.

    All these moves were for Johnny IMO. Obviously the others but you know-he’s tiny.