Help Me Help You


It’s the dregs of the offseason, friends, and as you know, that means content is coming at a premium. I don’t like it anymore than you do, but short of inventing a real, working time machine, there’s really sweet bippy any of us can do about it.

So while I do have a lot of material stored inside the cavernous depths of this dull, otherwise empty brain, I thought it would be a good idea to give you, the listless, dead inside jerks who read our work and we love so much an opportunity to get their say. Because what good are we if we don’t have you around to read our words (actually incredibly good, you’ll just have to believe me on that one)

Which is what I’m doing today. Give me suggestions in the comments section for what you would like to see me write about as we try to fill the time during the periods of the day where we would otherwise have to be doing work, and I’ll see what I can do about it.

Ground Rules

  1. I accept bribes
  2. The limitations here are that the topic should be something along the lines of a thing I lknow about and can write. For while I’m willing to do research on any given topic, I’m just not very good at it.
  3. It should probably be at least marginally related to your Calgary Flames.
  4. I don’t have the ability to get naked pictures of Joni Ortio (yet)
  5. I can probably get you Bearcat Murray nudes
  6. As far as what I choose to write about based on your suggestions, I’ll pick what I would consider the most interesting, unless there seems to be a theme that stands out as pretty popular among the whole lot of you. Hell, if there’s a lot of interesting ideas, I’ll probably tackle a couple. OR MORE. 
  7. (probably not more)
  8. as far as #fancystats go, please remember that this is not my field of expertise. I suppose I could convince say a Kent or a Justin to take a look at something you have a burning desire to read about, or I can attempt to tackle it myself, but please keep rule #2 in mind.

I think that’s it. Please remember rule #1. Otherwise, get your thinking caps on and let me totally twist and ruin your incredibly good idea.


  • Tommynotsohuge

    While we have plenty of time left in the off-season. How about we start laying down rules for our very own flamesnation hockey pool. I’m sure quite a lot of us readers and writers are poolies. We could easily start up a free and fun Yahoo or office pool league. Keep the other nations out of it and start our own little gem. Any thoughts on this?

  • JC333

    I am not sure if this has been done recently (if at all).

    A list of “The best players ever to wear #____ in a Flames jersey starting with #1 and continuing throughout the month of August.

    Maybe ranking the top 5 for each number (if there are that many).

  • EugeneV

    46 comments and you haven’t hit the most important topic yet to be discussed: “Hot Flames Women”. Wives, girlfriends or both of the players including full pictorials. Athletes always have good looking wives so this is a must see.

  • cunning_linguist

    I would be very interested in a series of articles that speculate / extrapolate our prospects into what they might become at the peak of their careers.

    Also love anything that deals with wild speculation on what the Flames lineup looks like in the coming years as we rebuild, especially how one might envision our prospects slotting in.

    Some content on the outlook for our CHL/NCAA prospects for the coming year (ie: what the Frontenacs would look like for Bennett this year vs last year, how it might influence his role/usage/stats).

    Finally, a look into other NHL teams that have successfully developed high draft picks (in the same vein as Monahan, Baertschi, Bennett etc..) with regards to minutes, usage, ZS% and how and in what way those young players started to show progression and development outside of just counting stats.

    Any of these would be awesome!

  • KiLLKiND

    you could potentially write about other decently high draft picks for 2015 other than jack and connor because I just donèt see the Flames being able to grab one of them without luck from the lottery

  • Rockmorton65

    Actually what I would like to see is a series of articles from the writers on their philosophy of the game and the strategies they would employ to make this organization a competitive organization in 2-3 years.

  • 25cent

    Might be interesting to know where the FlamesNation writers get their “expertise” and “insight” on the game. Maybe each of the writers could provide a brief summary of their hockey history (Junior, Pro, Europe) or their background in the game that they base their articles.

  • Matty Franchise Jr

    What about a discussion on Scouting for Dummies, anonymous tips from scouts on how to best scout players. Allowing us that only get a chance to briefly see prospects evaluate properly their potential?

  • This is terrific.

    I have taken notes, and there’s about 30 different ideas here I could conceivably write about (possibly less because a few of them definitely do mesh together), as well as at least two ideas I’m going to make others write about, and at least 4 ideas for a roundtable of some sort.

    Some of these ideas ultimately will not come to fruition but I’ll try to tackle a bunch of them. Some of them seem like long term over the course of the season pieces, which was not really the intention, as this was supposed to be stuff to get us through this damn offseason, but I will take note of those too, because they’re all interesting.

    Some of you had dumb ideas I discarded immediately.

    And there were two suggestions for things to be penned from the perspective of Burke’s Hair, which had led me to some pretty wild ideas, and I need to let that evolve into something for now. But rest assured, it’s going to be big.

    Keep your eyes open, this stuff will churned out in the coming days/weeks