Flames Name Jordan Sigalet Goalie Coach

After a bit of a search, the Calgary Flames got their man. And, as luck would have it, they didn’t have to look all that far to find him. The club has officially named Jordan Sigalet to the position of goalie coach for their NHL team.

If the name sounds familiar, it should: Sigalet’s been the goalie coach for the AHL’s Abbotsford Heat for the past three seasons, and was tabbed to continue that position with the Adirondack Flames prior to his promotion to the bigs. In his capacity as goalie guru in Abbotsford, his work contributed to the NHL appearances of Danny Taylor, Leland Irving, Reto Berra and Joni Ortio. Of those four, Ortio is arguably the brightest spot, and his emergence as a bonafide NHL option is probably a huge positive on Sigalet’s resume and the prospect of working with Ortio in the NHL was probably a nice bonus for him (and for the club, most likely).

Sigalet’s a great hockey story. He was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis while a collegiate netminder with Bowling Green just two years after being drafted by the Boston Bruins in 2001. He was undeterred and got to play in an NHL game for the Bruins on January 7, 2006, after being recalled to replace the injured Hannu Toivonen as back-up (granted, it was 43 seconds of ice-time in a 6-3 Bruins win, but NHL appearances are NHL appearances). He played three seasons with the AHL’s Providence Bruins and retired after a 2008-09 campaign that saw him putter around Europe a bit. He spent the 2010-11 season as goalie coach for the WHL’s Everett Silvertips before being hired by the Heat in August 2011.

      • redricardo

        Because we have allot of young goalie prospects and need a respected coach with a proven track record of developing top notch NHL goalies. Experience coaching Taylor, Irving and Berra and one 43 second spell as an NHL goalie shouldn’t earn you a promotion to the big leagues. I guess common sense isn’t so common any more…

        • piscera.infada

          Who would you have hired? Sounds like you have some names…

          I don’t know about you, but I know very little about either the complexities of being a goalie coach, or who the respected goalie coaches are. Please enlighten me, I’d be very interested in your take on this.

        • T&A4Flames

          Some people are better teachers and coaches than players. I don’t think his time in the NHL should be a big concern Sigalet’s shown good work with our young guys to date, he could very well prove to be that well respected coach with a provwn track record in the future. Then you can praise BT for having the foresight to hire him when he did.

    • redricardo

      Do you have any basis for your detailed comment? I have been searching your comment for any sign of intelligence but cannot find any…can you provide more insight to your analysis?

  • One could argue that Leland Irving was hot garbage in the AHL before the Flames brought in Sigalet specifically to work with him. He got him to the NHL.

    Barry Brust and Danny Taylor were unimpressive journeymen. Sigalet helped them become AHL All-Stars.

  • beloch

    “The biggest thing I’ve been impressed with has obviously been his consistency and his calmness in the net,” said Sigalet.

    “It kind of reminds you a little of Danny Taylor with how calm he is in there. The biggest things we’ve been trying to work on has been his rebound control. Just getting better with his stick and not relying on his pads as much. You know, when he gets in trouble, he’s kicking pucks back out to the middle. But he’s a pleasure to work with. So is Joey. I’ve been spoiled here for three years having good guys and good goalies to work with, which makes my job a lot easier.”

    –Sigalet on Joni Ortio

    As a product of Turku, Finland, Ortio was probably brought up with a heavy focus on stick-work, staying on his feet, and rebound control. This quote says to me that Sigalet is smart enought to play to Ortio’s strengths, which also happen to be strengths characteristic of the most successful NHL goalies. I’d be a lot more worried if he had said something like, “Durr… Well, Ortio just doesn’t get down into butterfly fast enough!”.

    Clint Malarchuk is a tough act to follow. He did a lot for Berra and Ramo. He didn’t accomplish much with MacBackup, but hey, nobody’s perfect! His personal story is the stuff of sport-writers’ wet dreams and his willingness to bust Torts a new one (when he so richly deserved it) would have been enough to endear himself to fans even if he’d been a hot mess as a coach.

    People are generally resistant to change. I don’t know why Treliving/Burke think Sigalet is now the better choice, but they must have had their reasons. The timing worries me a little. i.e. Sigalet wasn’t immediately promoted, which suggests another coach was being pursued but didn’t pan out, and Sigalet was the back-up. It’s pretty useless to speculate about this though. Only time will tell if this change pays off.

  • piscera.infada

    Listened to an interview with Sigalet and although knowing very little about him, I was very impressed. He relates well to young goaltenders, has only recently left the game and has an attitude of working within the goaltender’s skillset rather than changing him. Impressive and refreshing. My take was a good, young and innovative hire. Something like Burke’s hire for GM.