Flames Sign Devin Setoguchi

In a bit of an odd-ball late August move – odd in that nobody of note usually gets picked up in August – the Calgary Flames announced that winger Devin Setoguchi has signed with the club.

A native of Taber, Alberta born on New Year’s Day in 1987, Setoguchi was picked 8th overall in 2005 by the San Jose Sharks. He’s been a consistent 30-40 point scorer in the NHL (with 20 goals and 20 assists) aside from his second year in the league, where he scored 30 goals and 65 points. That was clearly an aberration, but he’s got good speed and a decent nose for the net and doesn’t take a lot of dumb penalties. And he’s not tiny, either, listed as 6′, 200 pounds. He had 27 points in 75 games last season with the Winnipeg Jets.

And at $750,000, he’s either a good complementary piece….or if he’s awful, he’s a player the Flames can bury in Adirondack without his deal counting against the cap while a younger player takes his spot. In essence, Setoguchi inherits the “local boy in top 9” spot vacated by T.J. Galiardi when he left town to go to Winnipeg (where Setoguchi came from). Weird.

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We’ll have a Reasonable Expectations piece for Mr. Setoguchi up later this week.

  • BurningSensation

    A no risk move with limited up and downside. He has a nose for the net and has always been a goal scorer, albeit below expectations when he was drafted. I think he’s an upgrade on Galiardi who had million dollar legs and ten cent hands but my expectations are minimal.

  • King Quong

    Setoguci and Galiardi are pretty similar players. Both speedy guys with decent shots who had decent success in San Jose and of course the obvious local ties. Hope Devin has better luck finding his scoring touch again than T.J. Did. I think Setoguci is a little more offensive minded than galiardi is. Sad to see T.J. Go but I’m excited for another local boy in the line up.

  • BurningSensation

    I like it’s a low risk signing, but we need some more RW. Hope he can find some of his scoring touch again. He was one of the guys I was hoping the Flames would be targeting. Maybe he can be a resurrection project.

  • RealMcHockeyReturns

    Yes here comes Thornton as Darryl Sutter whispered to Burke that those Monahan, Baertschi and Granlund kids are overhyped so sending them to SJ for Jumbo Joe is a steal.

  • RexLibris

    Good move for both sides. He adds professional depth and makes it so one of the kids has to take his job from him, rather than just hand them the roster spot.

  • BurningSensation

    I would’ve much preferred Mueller, but Seto was second choice on right wing (if we were gonna pick up another contract). Cheap asset which might bring in some gravy at the deadline.

  • BurningSensation

    Devin Setoguchi is the worst case scenario for prospects like Sven and Klimhcuk, an undersized speed winger clinging by the skin of his teeth to 3rd and 4th line roles.

      • Jetflame

        Because your statement raises questions on all counts. A signing like Setoguchi is the best thing that could happen to Sven and Klimchuk which is complete opposite of what you are suggesting.

        Sven has not proven a thing and could spend another year in the AHL other than infrequent call-ups. Klimchuk is 18 yrs old and would benefit with another year in junior and is perhaps 3 yrs away from competing on the Flames on a regular basis.

        The Flames are in rebuild and a Setoguchi provides the veteran support these young guys need while they develop in the minors.

        Let’s not follow the Oilers model of ineffective player development and failure!

    • KiLLKiND

      I don’t think that should affect Sven or Klimchuk much especially on a one year contract and undersized speed winger sounds pretty similar to Sven could be an interesting third line. I personally think that he will end up getting the same role as TJ did and doing a slightly better job with it.

      • BurningSensation

        Yeah, I didn’t mean to suggest or imply that Setoguchi’s arrival would negatively impact either Klim or Sven. Just thinking out loud that Setoguchi (a former 1st rnd pick) has the same kind of tools and size they do, but yet, never solidified a top 6 role.

    • The Real Slim Brodie

      My speculation is that people are trashing this because they think that you are suggesting that this move is the “worst case scenario” for the team. I read your post to mean that guys like Sven and Klimchuk are less likely to make the team as we now have a veteran NHL forward who is likely going to take a top nine spot. That is difficult to disagree with. I would say that it is factual.

      Having said that I am curious about your reaction to the signing. To me it seems pretty low risk with possible upside. Best case scenario he rediscovers form and we can flip him at deadline for a prospect/pick…

      I just hope that the team continues to have room for rookies who are making a case that they deserve a look. Based on Burke’s comments about development I think that rookies will slowly be groomed. Monahan seemed to go against Burke’s better judgement about how players should be developed. I’d be shocked if BEnnett makes the team, no matter how he plays in preseason/ first nine games…

      • BurningSensation

        Hmm, no, I was saying that Devin Setoguchi is the kind of player that represents the worst case scenario for how Sven and Klimchuk might end up development wise.

        That said as ‘worst case scenarios’ go, one-time 30 goal scorer is not bad.

        • The Last Big Bear

          Also, Jaysus, what’s with the trashing of Burning Sensation?

          His statements are pretty clear and non-controversial.

          Setoguchi is a good signing, and Sven and Klimchuk will also be at least as good as Setoguchi has been.

          How can you trash that?

  • FeyWest

    I thought this would have been a good pickup awhile back, much like others are saying limited upside/downside non-risk move. Provides the depth we need at RW and he’s a guy Ive liked over the years, should be interesting to see how he plays under Hartley’s system!

    If he flourishes we can either re-up later or trade for assets at the TDL.

  • The Real Slim Brodie

    I don’t believe the signing of Setoguchi affects Sven or Morgan at all. Sven, if he comes to camp prepared and with the right attitude, should have at least one more chance at sticking with the big club this season. He has all the tools and has already spent some time in the AHL; now is his season to show us whether he belongs in the Flames organization or not.

    Klimchuck, on the other hand, is far from a lock to make the club. There are several prospects ahead of him that are poised to make the cut, whether that be out of camp or as an injury depth call-up. I personally believe he is best served developing his game and honing his skills for another season at least.

    My final point would be that Devin Setoguchi will be playing right wing while both Sven and Klimchuck play left wing. Setoguchi should be a lock to make this club out of camp, and unless he is outplayed, don’t believe he will be taking one of Sven or Klimchuck or anybody else’s spot. In my opinion they’re not really affected and you’re just trying to find some bad in pretty decent signing by the Flames.

  • Jetflame

    I don’t understand how ANYONE thinks this a bad signing in ANY way? Even of he scores 40 points. He plays both ends of the rink, he fights, he’s skates fast a booming shot. (you don’t score 30 goals by accident in this league). For 750K…who cares. It’s also going to be all the more depth for our team. Someone please explain to me HOW that’s a bad thing?

  • MattyFranchise

    How is it that everyone is misunderstanding BS’s post? He was saying–as he later clarified–that Setoguchi represents Baertschi and Klimchuk’s floor. As in, they will be at least as good as him in their prime.

    • Jeff Lebowski

      Agreed, now that everything is parsed a bit better. So NOW, no problem. Originally it sounded like he was saying that Setagouchi was taking a spot that others (prospects) might otherwise fill, but of course the prospects aren’t even the same position. So instead of asking for clarification its easy to Trash it. Great that BS asked for reasons and the ensuing discussion has been good, and generated a lot more posts than otherwise might have happened on the thread.

  • The Real Slim Brodie

    Cant wait for penticton young stars…..7 more days of work …then 21 off..its going to be a long wait to watch calgary dominate and see the gaudfather introduce himself for good in the nightmares of canucks and oilers fans…just not sure what number to put on his jersey…13???