Inaugural (AHL) Flames Sked A Great Improvement

The American Hockey League released its schedule for the 2014-15 season today, and in a great big shocker, the schedule of the Calgary Flames’ AHL farm team was greatly improved by taking all that money from the city of Abbotsford and moving closer to the rest of the league’s teams.

The Adirondack Flames play the same 76-game schedule that the Abbotsford Heat did in 2013-14, though the composition of the season has been tweaked to a large degree.

Team NHL Parent 2014-15
Albany Devils NJ 2 (1H/1A) 0
Binghamton Senators OTT 2 (1H/1A) 0
Charlotte Checkers CAR 0 4 (2H/2A)
Chicago Wolves STL 2 (1H/1A) 4 (2H/2A)
Grand Rapids Griffins DET 2 (1H/1A) 4 (2H/2A)
Hamilton Bulldogs MTL 8 (4H/4A) 8 (4H/4A)
Iowa Wild MIN 2 (1H/1A) 4 (2H/2A)
Lake Erie Monster COL 4 (2H/2A) 4 (2H/2A)
Lehigh Valley Phantoms PHI 2 (1H/1A) 0
Milwaukee Admirals NSH 2 (1H/1A) 4 (2H/2A)
Oklahoma City Barons EDM 4 (2H/2A) 8 (4H/4A)
Rockford Ice Hogs CHI 4 (2H/2A) 4 (2H/2A)
Rochester Americans BUF 12 (6H/6A) 0
San Antonio Rampage FLA 4 (2H/2A) 8 (4H/4A)
Syracuse Crunch TB 4 (2H/2A) 0
Texas Stars DAL 2 (1H/1A) 10 (6H/4A)
Toronto Marlies TOR 8 (4H/4A) 2 (0H/2A)
Utica Comets VAN 12 (6H/6A) 12 (6H/6A)

The Baby Flames don’t play (and didn’t in 2013-14 either): Bridgeport (NYI), Hartford (NYR), Hershey (WSH), Manchester (LA), Norfolk (ANA), Portland (ARI), Providence (BOS), Springfield (CBS), St. John’s (WPG), Wilkes-Barre/Scranton (PIT) and Worcester (SJ).

Goodbye Charlotte, a team it didn’t make sense to visit anyway. And say hello to Lehigh Valley (who played in Adirondack last year), Albany, Binghamton, Rochester (12 times!) and Syracuse. For the most part, trips to Texas and Oklahoma have been replaced with trips to New York State. The Heat played 16 games in San Antonio, Cedar Park and Oklahoma City in 2013-14; they visit them a combined 5 times in 2014-15.

As you’d expect, and I’ll bold this for emphasis: TRAVEL IS A LOT BETTER THAN IN ABBOTSFORD.

The Adirondack Flames still play 38 road games, but they’re organized in a less crazy way. The biggest gap between home games for the Baby Flames this season will be 18 days, corresponding with a 5-game road trip in November. They have another 5-gamer in March/April that spans 14 days, and a 4-game road trip in February that spans 17 days. That’s it. In 2013-14, they were away from home once for 20 days (6 games) and three times for 19 days (7, 6 and 5 game trips).

In short: more, shorter road trips for the Adirondack Flames that will take them less frequently to the American Southwest and more frequently to New York State (and Ontario). For our friends in Ontario, be prepared for a bunch of visits from the Baby Flames in 2014-15, including a very convenient three-game sojourn through southern Ontario that runs March 4-7.

  • McRib

    “In short: more, shorter road trips for the Adirondack Flames that will take them less frequently to the American Southwest and more frequently to New York State (and Ontario).”

    There was an interesting article on this subject a few months ago and rumors have been flying that the AHL is seriously considering merging some Western ECHL Teams with the AHL, so that Western NHL teams affiliates are closer to parent organization and won’t have to have as insane travel schedules. This is what one writer from SB Nation purposed. By the sounds of it which is interesting some ECHL teams have as good or better attendances than AHL teams. The Flames would move to Idaho in the coming years under this purposal, although like everyone I am happy we have moved out east in the time being for a much more relaxed travel schedule. Even if last minute callups to the Flames from Adirondack will be rushed in the coming years.

  • McRib

    Rick Ball is a slight improvement over Rob Kerr… Like most I was not a fan of Rob Kerr, but must say that the Sportsnet Pacific Crew missed a major chance to snap up Ball who is a big time improvement over their current homer team in place starting with John Shorthouse. I watched a couple Sportsnet Pacific broadcasts this past season and they were talking like the Canucks were going to win the Stanely Cup.. It was hilarious, never in my life have I heard a more biased broadcast in sports. Rob Kerr would actually be an improvement over John Shorthouse for Sportsnet Pacific, at least we got the better Vancouver guy (who was actually behind Shorthouse on the Team 1040 for years)!!!

    • piscera.infada

      Don’t even get me started on Shorthouse… A man can only listen to another man talk about hotdogs when he should be talking about hockey for so long… It’s good to be back home.

      • piscera.infada

        The funny part is Shorty’s the talent in that duo… The best part about him talking about hot dogs is it means less time that Garrett can be talking about anything! John Garrett is the biggest homer in sports. His comments are absolutely ridiculous.