Weekend Open Thread: Calm Before The Storm

Good news, everybody!

Prospect camp opens on Thursday! The Flames join Edmonton, Vancouver and Winnipeg in Penticton for the Young Stars Tournament beginning on Friday, so this time next week, we will be talking about hockey. Real, honest-to-goodness, actual hockey.

For now, let’s enjoy the calm before the wonderful hockey storm!

Which players are you most looking forward to seeing play the Young Stars Tournament? Emile Poirier? Morgan Klimchuk? Sam Bennett? Somebody else? Heck, a prospect from another team?

Disclosure: I watched a lot of the Calgary Hitmen over the last few years; I’m curious to see how Jake Virtanen stacks up.

  • The Real Slim Brodie

    What ever happened to mathew gaudreau? Just wondering if he is still playing hockey and when he is eligable for the nhl draft. I know he lacks the skill his brother has…but does he have the talent to fill a role in the future. I watched a few highlights and he seemed to pull a few of his brothers moves off but not near as often

  • The Real Slim Brodie

    The player that compares to gaudreau right now is gaudreau! He has fought long and hard as a smaller player to get where he is…Give him respect for what he accomplished people have doubted him at every level and he has persevered. Despite being a smaller player he has put up amazing numbers…I only hope that the teams he plays against expect as little as their fans so i can see them pull their surprised looks out

  • Jeff Lebowski

    I’m actually looking forward to Wolf tearing to shreds any opponent who even looks sideways at Gaudreau (the assumption being JG and the prized prospects even play).

    I’m doubly looking forward to Kanzig and Van BamBam adding to this.

    I’ve seen all I need to see from JG and the pure skilled guys.

    What is more important is to see how Burke’s truculence can play.

    Actually, that’s a lie. Whether they can play is immaterial in this tourney – ability will be determined throughout the year.

    In conclusion, I’m most looking forward to:
    Wolf, Kanzig, Van BamBam, Hunter Smith asserting themselves. Any increased confidence that imbues on CGY skilled guys will be of note as well. A test of the Burke hypothesis.

    • everton fc

      Van Brabrant’s an interesting prospect and a good kid with a good head on his shoulders. But I don’t see him as a pugilist. Wolf seems to be. But Ferland would be the ideal linemate for Gaudreau, as he has what appear to be NHL-caliber hands and touch. I also think he’d wallop most of the guys on this list, with the mitts off. Would even give Kanzig a good bout. He seems the perfect Burke-type player. If his knee holds up and he matures…

      Interesting, and positive Conroy speaks of Ferland first. Conny would be a good mentor for the kid.