Prospect FGD: Flames vs. Canucks (6:30pm MT)

The final game of the Penticton Young Stars Classic tournament for your Calgary Flames will also be the final game of the tournament as a whole, as they face-off against the host Vancouver Canucks (6pm MT; Fan 960 and webcast).

Hopefully there’s no line brawl..

The Flames split their two games thus far, with a 6-4 win over the Jets and a 4-3 loss to the dang Oilers. The Canucks have yet to win a game at their own tournament, with a 4-3 overtime loss to the Oilers and a 5-4 overtime loss to the Jets. The Canucks are desperately going to try to get a win to save face, while the Flames would love to make up for a penalty parade that cost them their game on Saturday night.


The Flames have gotten goals from Johnny Gaudreau (2), Michael Ferland (2), Sam Bennett, Josh Jooris, John Ramage and Markus Granlund. Joni Ortio and Mason McDonald have split the two starts.

Keep an eye on Johnny Gaudreau tonight, but also on Markus Granlund, who was superb against the Jets.

Lines, care of Pat Steinberg:

Gaudreau – Bennett – Carroll
Hathaway – Elson – Smith
Ferland – Granlund – Jooris
Klimchuk – Arnold – Van Brabant

Gedig – Ramage
Kanzig – Kulak
Sieloff – Culkin



The Canucks have gotten goals from Curtis Valk (3), Hunter Shinkaruk (2), Dane Fox and Brendan Gaunce. Austin Lotz and Jackson Whistle, a pair of WHL goalies, have split netminding duties so far.

They have a pretty decent stable of prospects at the tournament, though many of their key kids are on the shelf. Cole Cassels and Jared McCann have mono, while Jake Virtanen is recovering from shoulder surgery. But the group that’s healthy still includes Shinkaruk, Gaunce, Bo Horvat, Jordan Subban, Nick Jensen… It’s not a bad group!

They just haven’t had any darn luck, is all.

Per Steinberg: The Canucks are dressing their (healthy) big guns, including a Shinkaruk – Horvat – Jensen line.

Update: Canucks lines tonight per the Flames’ site’s Torie Peterson:

Fox – Horvat – Jensen
Shinkaruk – Valk – Zalewicki
James – Gaunce – Wilson
Bellerive – Revel – Martin

Cederholm – Humphries
Stewart – Corrado
McEneny – Blain



Pride is on the line for these two clubs! Can the Canucks get a win in their own tournament? Can the Flames go home with a winning record? Can the Flames avoid penalty trouble against another bitter rival?

We’ll find out tonight!

    • RexLibris

      Watching the replay it looked like Corrado wanted to line up the shoulder to the chest and when Gaudreau pulled up ever so slightly Corrado closed the small gap with his forearm.

      Not a clean hit, certainly, but not a premeditated headhunt either.

      Glad Gaudreau is alright.

      • MichaelD

        Fair comment, that’s one of my fears for Gaudreau. I hope he doesn’t get a accidental headshot because of size or because he tries to get out of the way.

        • RexLibris

          He’s going to be targeted. Players that arrive with fanfare always are. Especially when they haven’t proven anything at the NHL level yet.

          Its a stupid machismo thing.

          His height is a disadvantage in that many NHL defensemen are going to be able to tuck their arms into their bodies and still target his head.

          He’ll need to be very aware of his surroundings and position himself accordingly.

          If they hit him in the head, at least make it apparently intentional rather than circumstantial.

          Honestly, he’ll get his hits from defensemen and I wouldn’t get too worried about it. They are trained to hit and check and take players out without necessarily being dirty.

          Its the opposition forwards I’d be more concerned with. There are many more agitators and marginal forwards than defensemen and they aren’t trained to check the same way as blueliners. Look over the suspensions given for head hits and it tends to carry more forwards than blueliners.

          They are also more likely to approach from the blind side and behind by virtue of their position, when the targeted player is more vulnerable.

          • MichaelD

            Yeah that’s true I’ve never really broken down into defenceman and forwards, but blindsides are an issue regardless of size. I’d say I’m more concerned if he tries to deke off of the half boards or out of corner, and one way or another something happens

            That being said I fully believe he has the skill, speed and ability to succeed, and as a flames fan I really hope he does.

  • MattyFranchise

    By the way: Earlier when I said Lindbohm, I’m pretty sure I was looking at Cederholm.

    I’m not sure if Lindbohm actually exists or if I just fabricated him.

  • MattyFranchise

    Lotz was pretty good in net for the Canucks, Macdonald was way better than he was against Edmonton. You could tell he was a lot calmer tonight.

    No one really stood out to me from the Canucks aside from Shinkaruk and Horvat. Ferland had a hell of a game and an excellent overall tournament. The Granlund line was beastly.

    Hopefully the Bennett injury isn’t too serious and he is good to go later this week when main camp starts.

    Next game looks to be against Edmonton on the 21st. Can’t wait!

  • RexLibris

    Well, I’m going to have to eat my words a bit on that “all close games” thing I said earlier. Oops.

    My three stars for the Flames:

    1. Turner Elson
    2. Michael Ferland
    3. Mason McDonald

    Canucks, I’d say:

    1. Austin Lotz
    2. Jonathon Martin
    3. Anton Cederholm