Prospect FGD: Flames vs. Dinos (7pm MT)

The Calgary Flames look to close out prospect camp on a positive note. They’ll have their hands full when they return home and visit Father David Bauer Arena to tangle with the University of Calgary Dinos, arguably Canada’s second-or-third-best university team.

The Dinos are preparing to begin their season, while the Flames won two of three in Penticton, including laying down a whupping on the lowly Vancouver Canucks. Now they face their latest challenge, facing the team from the university that churned out graduates who write for this site. (Go Dinos!)

I’m 80% sure the only way to watch this game is live, as I don’t believe the Flames or Sportsnet are broadcasting it.


It’s the final day of prospect camp, and there’s a good chance that many of the try-out kids are about to get cut. Some of them probably get into a game here – goalie Matt Mancina, defender Carl Neill and forward Brendan Bell all haven’t played yet.

As for the rest of the roster, I’d expect a rookie-heavy roster here, as the Flames probably give their key kids (the ones challenging for NHL jobs) a chance to relax before the push for jobs begins on Thursday.

Lines, courtesy of Aaron Vickers:

Hathaway – Elson – Smith
Wolf – Magee – Van Brabant
Klimchuk – Jooris – Carroll
Agostino – Arnold – Padakin

Sieloff – Kanzig
Culkin- Kulak
Gedig – Fram


So Mancina, Neill and Bell all get shut out of game action, while David Wolf and Doug Carr (who has an AHL deal) make their pre-pre-season debuts. No Gaudreau, no Granlund, no Ferland and no Bennett. McDonald plays the first half tonight, Carr the second half.


The Dinos were really good last year, going 21-4-3 and having their season derailed by the dastardly University of Alberta team that ended up winning the University Cup. There’s no shame in being beaten by the best, but I bet the Dinos are smarting.

Coach Mark Howell has a pretty strong team, despite losing six regulars (including captain Brett Bartman) to graduation. The club is led by goalie Jacob DeSerres, who went to the Memorial Cup twice in back-to-back years – representing both the WHL’s Brandon Wheat Kings and the QMJHL’s Saint John Sea Dogs – winning the whole shmozz in 2011. He was named the CIS’s Goaltender of the Year last season. Fellow WHL alum Chris Connor led the Dinos in scoring last season and was named Canada West’s Rookie of the Year. The Dinos are chock full of WHL alums, including new recruit Cain Franson, formerly of the Vancouver Giants.


It’s the last day of prospect camp! The guys on the fringes will be doing their darnedest to get on the coaching staff’s radar, or at least trying to create some kind of impression before getting sent home.

It should be an interesting test for both teams. And after this game, the stakes get raised as we head into the ruckus of main camp.

    • prendrefeu

      The organization can probably gauge how Gaudreau and Bennett faire against “men” during the pre-season games. Taking this last game off just before the fitness days and training camp is a good strategy, it allows them to rest while the more-likely AHL-bound players can get in another strong competition match before heading to the Heat camp and AHL pre-season.

      Any word on Émile Poirier? Will he be at Training Camp?

    • Parallex

      Is this sarcasm?

      If not I feel compelled to point out that…

      A: Gaudreau and Granlund already have multiple years playing against men in higher calibre adult leagues (The NCAA and SM-Liiga respectively).

      B: Ferland has already played some adult league games.

      C: Pretty sure the average age of CCIS teams is probably only marginally higher then the prospect tournament they just finished.

    • SavardianSpinorama

      There are probably a number of reasons for these guys not playing, beginning with health both Johnny and Bennett had scares last game,and Ferland is recovering still from major knee surgery last year. Secondly I belive there are only so many games both vets and prospects can play and is it not a better assessment tool to see all these guys play against the next level guys in NHL preseason. Also it is important to see some of these guys play without the stars of the prospect tournie, disappointing from both a fans and Dino’s perspective but understandable. Guess most of us should try and get tickets for Sunday.

  • McRib

    I am actually fairly suprised Cain Franson didn’t get a look this season with at the least an offer from an AHL club. Maybe he wanted to retain his CIS Scholarship (more than respectable), but still regardless considering he had six more points than Austin Carroll last season and will likely be playing on the Dinos second or third line it goes to show how strong this team is.

    Honestly if I am the U of C Coach Mark Howell and see Calgary is without Gaudreau, Granlund, Ferlund or Bennett I am basically expecting a win. Wish more people attended CIS Hockey it is such great Hockey. Kevin King, Walker Wintoneak, Taylor Stefishen, etc all broke 65 Points in the WHL and all could be contributors in the ECHL worse case. Kevin King has more AHL experience than most of the Flames roster. These guys are not pushovers at all.

  • beloch

    David Wolf is one guy playing tonight who might make the Flames out of camp. This will be the first chance most of us have had to see Wolf play because he was too old to participate in the Young Prospects tournament.

    I’ll be overjoyed if Wolf is anywhere near as good as his NHLE of 35.5 suggests, although that is based on a conversion factor for the DEL that may not be very reliable. He’s likely to have more rust on him than the other prospects, so I wouldn’t count him out if he doesn’t impress tonight. It’d be great if Wolf turns out to be an enforcer who can actually play hockey!

    • Big Ell

      Sweet sweet function toughness, him and Ferland could both be filling that role. It sure would be nice to have tough guys that can play unlike the Kevin Westgarths of the world.

  • RedMan

    I must say that it is pathetic that the flames aren’t at least broadcasting this game on the radio.

    I am currently driving from Edmonton to Lethbridge and forced to listen to the Edmonton versus dinos game

  • beloch

    David Wolf just got credit for a goal. I didn’t get a very good look at it because the feed I’m getting resembles minecraft more than hockey. Hopefully highlights will pop up somewhere in better quality!

  • ChinookArchYYC

    David Wolf did not disappoint. . I am very excited to see him hit camp and seize his opportunity. Whether that lands him on the farm initially or not I believe he is going to be good for the organization

    • seve927

      I was there. Overall – came away wanting I guess. Wolf was laughable at the start of the game. He was all over the place, out of position. I don’t remember particularly why, but I remember thinking often – this guy will never play in the NHL. All things considered though, I probably wouldn’t go that far, as I think it was his first actual game in months, he was apparently extremely nervous (he looked it), so I’ll wait to see him in some preseason games, but I still think there is no way he doesn’t spend significant time in Adirondack at the very least.

      I was quite excited about the Fram invite to camp, but he had about as bad a game as you can have. He made two terrible passes into the slot in the defensive zone (Ramage made an even worse one), and was a liability on anything but the power play, where he still wasn’t great. Hope he has a better main camp.

      Elson really seems to be trending in the right direction. If he can bring that effort every night, he’s got enough skill to be a very effective player I’d say. I’ve always liked him, he seems unbelievably solid on his skates for an average size guy.

      Carroll looks very good. He can skate, he throws his weight around, and seems to be reasonably responsible.

      Gedig really started to impress later in the game, jumping up in the play and creating chances. I think he’s moved ahead of Fram in my hopes for camp invitees.

      One other odd observation. It was very strange to see on several different occasions 4 RHS on the ice at once. Lots of right shots playing their off side.

      I’ve liked the way they have seemed to get stronger as games progress; in all 4 games (as best I can recollect) they have started to take over in the third.

      God it’s good to be talking about live action again rather than rehashing statistical trends of the last few years and ‘reasonable expectations’ (no offense to the site writers, it’s just time for the real thing)! Excited to see the other youngsters like Sven, Reinhart and Knight at main camp.

      • seve927

        Bear in mind that Gedig is almost four full years older than Fram.

        Still, he’s probably worth an AHL deal, at least. The only thing that isn’t at least decent about him is his skating IMO.

        • seve927

          I know nothing of him beyond what I saw last night. And as always, very little can be gleaned from one game of this type. He just looked good is all. They will both get more chances to impress.

  • McRib

    I thought Hunter Smith made a nice heads up pass on that Gedig goal, which I belive is the fourth or fifth point he has gotten between this game the Summer Camp and Pentiction Tournament.

    He has some offensive tools to work off for certain and he always seems to maintain effective offensive zone positioning, however he must add at least another step to his stride if he wants to be more than a fighter (more than obtainable considering he is coming off a massive spurt and an injury plagued season) I see why some people were so high on his upside this year out in the OHL.