Post-Game: Out-Gunned

After a win in Edmonton on Thursday, the Calgary Flames hit the road in earnest on Saturday night when they visited the St. Louis Blues at Scottrade Center.

The road hit back.

The Flames dropped a rather one-sided game by a 4-1 score. The Blues didn’t give the Flames much, and took advantage of their chances. Given the fact that the home side got the lead 48 seconds into the game, on the very first shot of the game, the outcome was never in doubt and the Blues never really seemed too impressed or concerned with the visitors from Calgary.


The score got lopsided early, as Joakim Lindstrom was the beneficiary of some really nice passing involving Paul Stastny (who’s really good), ending with Lindstrom getting a tap-in past a sprawling Jonas Hiller. The Blues controlled the play from then on. Matt Stajan took a tripping penalty, leading to a David Backes power-play tip-in goal that made it 2-0 mid-way through the period. From then-on, the Blues merely kept the Flames to the outside, despite the Flames generating two zone entries per minute. That sounds nice, but it also means they spent very little time in the offensive zone per possession – which speaks to the Blues’ defensive structure. The Blues led in shots by a meager 9-8 margin, but remember score effects.

The second period was also mostly the Blues. After a shoving match ended up with Deryk Engelland in the penalty box, Alex Pietrangelo scored off a big end-boards rebound from a wide angle to beat a sprawling Jonas Hiller and make it 3-0. Mid-way through the period, Vladimir Tarasenko made it 4-0 off a gorgeous set-up from behind the net that found him all alone in the slot. That made it 4-0, all on goals poor Jonas Hiller had very little chance of stopping. Shots 19-7 Blues, and the Flames had much fewer zone entries and the Blues had much more time in the Flames zone.

The third period was similar to the first; the Blues seemed content to play keep away and not run up the score. Their power-play was prime example: they tossed things around the horn, but seemed content to run down the clock and not embarrass the visitors. In a game where Brandon Bollig and Brian McGrattan were dressed, Deryk Engelland got involved in the first Flames fight of the season.

The Flames finally broke the potential shut-out with a power-play marker from Curtis Glencross late, but the game ended with the Flames losing 4-1. The Blues out-shot the Flames 11-9 in the third, despite two Flames power-plays and the Blues playing catch all period.


They weren’t nearly as good as the Blues at even-strength, as the Blues are a very stacked, very structured team. The Flames tried, but missing Jiri Hudler – one of the team’s key offensive cogs – they couldn’t generate a heck of a lot.

Also, their penalty kill continues to be not that great, and they took too many penalties against a really good Blues power-play.


T.J. Brodie was all over the place. Stopping odd-man rushes, generating zone entries and doing his best to create scoring chances. On a night where the Flames were out-matched, Brodie did his level best to try to make it a game.

Paul Byron also had a pretty strong night, albeit in a losing cause.


Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 11.53.24 PM

Team Period Time Note Home Away State
Home 1 19:12 Lindstrom goal 1 10 19 20 22 26 1 6 8 13 15 21 5v5
Away 1 17:38 Glencross 1 5 9 33 42 74 1 5 7 11 17 20 5v5
Home 1 15:38 Stastny 1 10 19 20 22 26 1 6 15 22 23 32 5v5
Away 1 13:57 Glencross 1 9 19 27 40 1 5 7 20 22 23 4v5
Home 1 12:19 Pietrangelo 1 10 20 26 27 28 1 15 17 18 29 32 5v5
Home 1 11:46 Deflection 1 20 22 26 42 91 1 5 7 11 17 5v4
Home 1 11:16 Backes goal 1 12 17 19 27 74 1 6 15 22 23 32 5v5
Away 1 5:12 Raymond 1 12 17 27 28 91 1 5 7 8 13 21 5v5
Home 1 3:56 Stastny 1 10 19 20 22 26 1 4 22 23 29 32 5v5
Home 1 3:54 Steen 1 10 19 20 22 26 1 4 22 23 29 32 5v5
Home 1 3:27 Tarasenko 1 12 17 27 28 91 1 6 15 16 18 25 5v5
Away 1 3:05 Gaudreau 1 5 12 17 33 91 1 5 7 11 13 20 5v5
Away 1 2:03 Smid 1 27 28 32 40 75 1 6 15 22 23 32 5v5
Home 2 16:17 Lapierre tip 1 5 9 33 40 74 1 6 11 15 17 20 5v5
Away 2 15:28 Byron 1 10 19 20 22 26 1 4 6 22 23 32 5v5
Home 2 14:27 Oshie tip 1 5 9 33 42 74 1 6 15 16 18 25 5v5
Home 2 13:00 Deflection 1 12 17 19 22 91 1 4 6 17 22 23 5v5
Home 2 12:50 Tarasenko goal 1 10 20 26 27 28 1 11 15 20 29 32 5v5
Home 2 12:36 Stastny 1 10 20 26 27 28 1 11 15 20 29 32 5v5
Away 2 11:54 Colborne 1 19 20 22 26 1 5 7 8 21 4v4
Home 2 11:30 Tarasenko 1 12 27 28 91 1 4 6 11 20 4v4
Home 2 11:25 Tarasenko 1 12 27 28 91 1 4 6 11 20 4v4
Home 2 10:28 Schwartz 1 5 32 33 40 75 1 15 16 18 25 29 5v5
Away 2 9:13 Raymond 1 9 19 22 42 1 5 7 8 21 4v4
Home 2 8:44 Stastny 1 20 26 27 28 1 5 7 23 32 4v4
Home 2 7:27 Tarasenko 1 5 9 33 42 74 1 11 15 17 20 29 5v5
Home 2 3:36 Stastny 1 17 26 27 28 91 1 6 15 16 18 25 5v5
Home 2 3:34 Tarasenko 1 17 26 27 28 91 1 6 15 16 18 25 5v5
Home 2 3:33 Stastny 1 17 26 27 28 91 1 6 15 16 18 25 5v5
Home 3 18:38 Stastny 1 10 19 20 22 26 1 4 8 13 21 29 5v5
Away 3 17:48 Byron 1 5 12 17 33 91 1 6 11 15 17 32 5v5
Away 3 17:46 Byron 1 5 12 17 33 91 1 6 11 15 17 32 5v5
Home 3 13:30 Steen 1 20 22 26 42 91 1 15 17 18 29 5v4
Home 3 11:38 Bouwmeester 1 10 12 19 20 27 1 5 8 15 21 29 5v5
Home 3 8:37 Lapierre 1 5 22 40 42 1 5 7 8 13 21 4v5
Away 3 6:22 Bollig 1 19 22 32 40 75 1 6 15 16 18 25 5v5
Away 3 5:24 Backlund 1 9 27 28 42 74 1 5 7 11 20 32 5v5
Away 3 4:54 Bouma 1 19 20 27 42 1 5 7 11 20 23 4v5
Away 3 4:14 Glencross goal 1 17 19 27 74 1 5 7 11 20 23 4v5
Away 3 3:27 Smid 1 28 32 33 40 75 1 6 15 16 18 25 5v5
Home 3 3:06 Scrum 1 10 19 20 26 27 1 4 7 17 22 23 5v5
Home 3 2:54 Lindstrom 1 10 19 20 26 27 1 4 7 17 22 23 5v5
Home 3 0:27 Lindstrom 1 10 19 26 27 74 1 6 8 15 25 5v4
# Player EV PP SH
1 HILLER, JONAS   12 24   3 1   0 3
4 RUSSELL, KRIS 14:16 1 8 04:12 0 0 01:29 0 0
5 GIORDANO, MARK 15:20 6 2 04:49 3 1 01:04 0 1
6 WIDEMAN, DENNIS 17:03 6 12 04:01 0 0 01:05 0 1
7 BRODIE, TJ 15:26 6 3 04:21 3 1 02:33 0 1
8 COLBORNE, JOE 10:18 3 3 03:37 0 1 02:11 0 1
11 BACKLUND, MIKAEL 13:33 5 6 01:42 2 0 01:14 0 1
13 GAUDREAU, JOHNNY 10:16 2 2 02:06 0 1 00:00 0 0
15 SMID, LADISLAV 17:59 5 15 00:04 0 0 02:16 0 2
16 MCGRATTAN, BRIAN 08:45 2 6 00:18 0 0 00:00 0 0
17 BOUMA, LANCE 11:53 3 6 00:01 0 0 02:02 0 2
18 STAJAN, MATT 09:14 2 7 00:59 0 0 01:35 0 1
20 GLENCROSS, CURTIS 12:27 3 6 04:29 3 0 00:00 0 0
21 RAYMOND, MASON 12:05 3 3 04:16 0 1 00:41 0 0
22 SETOGUCHI, DEVIN 10:40 2 7 01:51 1 0 00:00 0 0
23 MONAHAN, SEAN 13:03 2 8 03:42 3 0 00:00 0 0
25 BOLLIG, BRANDON 09:52 2 6 00:34 0 0 00:43 0 1
29 ENGELLAND, DERYK 13:16 0 9 00:04 0 0 01:11 0 1
32 BYRON, PAUL 12:52 5 8 02:34 0 0 01:12 0 0
Period Totals EV PP 5v3 PP SH 5v3 SH
1 5 8 4 7 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0
2 3 13 3 13 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
3 7 7 5 4 2 1 0 0 0 2 0 0


Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 12.02.04 AM

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 12.02.17 AM

A note on Gaudreau – the majority of his entries came in the first period when he had four in a single shift and didn’t generate much of anything. He had just one in the third period, and I’m reasonably sure his ice-time was greatly reduced then, too.

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 12.03.34 AM

Bouma and Brodie had a good night in terms of zone-entries, though.


The Flames drop to 1-2-0 on the season. They get two days off to lick their wounds – and hopefully get Jiri Hudler healthy – before heading into back-to-back games. They face Nashville on Tuesday in the Music City, then head to the Second City to face the Chicago Blackhawks on Wednesday evening.

Out of the frying pan, into the fire, eh?

  • Southern_Point

    Brodie and Giordano have been playing out of their Skin so far, both have been very good.

    I noticed Gaudreau posted his third straight game with positive posession numbers, a real nice sign especially on a night where the flames were out shot as bad as as they were.

    • T&A4Flames

      Good post! Your comments are based on the positive and player development. Most of the other comments are upset hockey fans because Flames have not won all their games given the nature of sports and wanting your hometown team to win.

      They don’t get it! This is a team in early rebuild and focus should be on player development especially when there are for sure 2 and possibly 3 generational talents waiting to be drafted in 2015.

      I have always said there is no value in showing improvement in the standings and finishing 25-20th. Then you lose on McDavid, Eichel or Hanifan and we can painfully enjoy these players on the Oiler, Panthers and Sabres rosters for the next 15 years!

      What this team desperately needs is improvement in players development throughout the 82 game schedule and a 30 – 29 finish! Suck it up and look at the big picture!

  • the forgotten man

    All things aside, one can’t look at the Flames Starting forward lines and wonder why Sven can’t be slotted in there…like seriously, can he be any worse than 4-5 of those guys? Just don’t get it…either find out what he’s got or ship him out. Burke put him through the mental grinder and buried him in Abby last year – point proven BB. I know we have harped on the Flames scouting dept for some atrocious work these last 25 years, but we seldom harp on the Flames Org ability to actually develop young forward talent…if I am a young forward and look at the Org’s track record, what I mainly see is a place where young forward careers go to die…Hartley has so far shown me zero ability to cultivate and grow young forward talent.

    • SavardianSpinorama

      Hartley is playing the hand he’s been dealt by management. It’s a little unfair to say he has “zero ability to cultivate and grow young talent.”
      He did, after all, take a pretty lousy team in Atlanta to the playoffs one year.

      Complaints go up the ladder. He can’t bypass Treliving and talk to Burke.

      The guy has won a Cup. Sure, it’s easy enough to say he coached a stacked team (which he did), but to automatically assume he doesn’t know how to handle kids is a little unfair given his work with Monahan, Colborne, Brodie and even Bouma.

      Secondly, it is one thing to have a stacked team, it’s another thing entirely to take it through four playoff rounds. It’s a tough gig, and anyone who watched a pretty good Flames’ team flounder in the early 90’s playoffs would remember as much.

      Sven’s a kid. His play has improved. But who did he beat out? The fourth line (which he isn’t going to play on, ever) and maybe a couple of guys on the third. Sven’s done dick in the AHL thus far. If he can’t raise his level in a lesser league, he doesn’t deserve to be here right now. Sven needs to do some “talking” at the AHL level. Silence is golden when it comes to call-ups. Let’s get off the Sven bandwagon for a couple of days. He is a prospect. It’s up to him to show the big team he belongs here.

  • everton fc

    I am not so positive this evening. Then again, I didn’t see the game this evening, having spent the balance of the afternoon and evening working on domestic chores. The wife and kids is happy, but I have a few questions, perhaps even concerns:

    1. Gaudreau’s not had a shot on goal in 3 games, I believe. Is he in over his head?? The positive possession #’s aside, I am wondering if he should he spend some time down on the farm to learn to pro game, or am I simply jumping to typical Flame-fan conclusions after so many years of “dismal”?

    2. Setoguchi was -2. What a bad way to start his career in Calgary. Wonder how long that career lasts?

    3. Is there any reason to have McGrattan on the roster? He was obviously dressed to deal with Reeves. I personally think Ferland could deal with Reeves, and score 15 goals this season. On our 2nd or 3rd lines. (Bouma’s a 3rd/4th line player who should get a letter next season)

    4. I always hoped we’d make a play for Paul Stastny when Iggy was here. We never did. Ryan’s comment (“He’s really good”) should have this addition: “He’s only 28”

    5. Could I be nuts to think we may lose Gio and Brodie because they don’t want to suffer through this rebuild? Perhaps Gio would like to play in his hometown, and Brodie w/his boyhood team, the Wings??

    6. Adirondack not only got spanked, but ended the game with a meaningless line-brawl. Why is Trevor Gillies employed in the organization? He’s worse than PL3. Really.

    7. Our PK needs help.

    8. Byron is becoming one of my favourite Flames. He works hard for every shift he gets.

    9. I hope our young guys get a look soon. But what if they are over-rated? I shutter!

    Needless to add, I have very little faith this evening, in the organization. We have the look of an expansion team. Where will the offence come from?????

    Perhaps it’ll get us the #1 pick in the draft. And another 2 years of waiting….

    • everton fc

      Let’s not get too disillusioned here. Yeah, the Flames played a not-so-great game, but look who we were up against. The Blues are a favourite to win the President’s Trophy, while our Flames are favourites to win the draft lottery.

      I say give the team a few games. If the tires continue to fall off we could see some recalls.

    • T&A4Flames

      Let’s not start sounding like the Oilers fans. It’s game 3 of the season, we knew it was a really tough road trip to start the season and we just entered year 2 of the rebuild.

      Bright spots:

      Brodie was fantastic, as was Gio.

      Colborne is growing up. His confidence seems to be gaining strength. He even had some push back when physically challenged.

      Hey, Smid has looked decent compared to last year.

      ……..that is all.

    • SavardianSpinorama

      The Flames could have offered Stastny 8 million per season, he’d have still signed with the Blues, and even if he hadn’t and decided to join the Flames, people here would gripe because a) his stats would obviously drop and b) what good is he to a team in a rebuild?

      All Stastny would do is rob this team of a higher pick in the 2015 draft. Adding him to the Flames’s roster would still not get the Flames into the playoffs.

      All Paul Stastny would be to the Flames is the same thing Iggy and Kipper brought us. Good enough to (barely) compete but not quite good enough to actually accomplish anything.

      Screw that!

    • T&A4Flames

      Generally of a similar thought as you, with a few added comments.
      1. Gaudreau played OK and certainly I don’t think he is overwhelmed. My thinking with him is that Hartley is still experimenting with line mates and Gaudreau’s getting shifted around quite a bit. I believe once they find a combination that works, i.e. size, speed and smarts and they play together for a bit things will improve. Gaudreau’s definitely been one of the better half of players every game…

      2. Setoguchi played fairly well last night too. The first -1 was at 30 seconds in when he got tangled up with another flame on the boards, they both fell resulting in a St Louis 3 on 1 and a quick goal. Bad luck. He was hustling fairly well all game.

      3. Yeah, I see that coming over time. I think there’s a good chance he gets traded later in the season to a playoff team stocking up…

      4. oh well, coulda, shoulda, woulda… let’s move forward.

      5. Can’t see it. Last night St Louis played fast, motivated and disciplined. We were overmatched. They’re probably in the top 3 in the league. Shows where we need to go.

      6. Bad couple of days for Adirondack. Gillies should be released, terrible on hi and terrible on Flames if they don’t make a strong statement about it. That, the mascot fiasco and getting destroyed in their first game not the best way to build fan support in a new city.

      7. Amen.

      8. Yes, he is, and seems to be really trying to step it up offensively too.

      9. Hopefully soon.

      I realized yesterday that I’m not as excited to be watching the Flames again this year, versus last and realized its mainly because of the vets/prospects situation. This year we have Gaudreau new, versus Monahan, Colbourne, Byron and Bouma (essentially) new additions. Plus last year TJ, Backlund and others really made strides. This year I’ve got to tolerate shifting through these vets for who knows how long before we get the new guys in so I’m kind of subdued and waiting. Severql kay injuries isn’t helping much either (Bennett, Poirier…).

      On to the next game.

    • SavardianSpinorama

      I seem to have forgotten:

      Did Burke re-up Phaneuf and Kessel, and spend a pile of dough on David Clarkson?

      There’s the other thing.

      You Burke bashers forget the guy is pretty darned smart. I am not defending him, but all anyone seems to remember is the Leafs, and the team was a gong show when he got there.

      If the Leafs had done things differently the day they let Burke go, maybe they’d win some hockey games.

      And no one would be bashing Burke right now if the Leafs hadn’t capitulated against Boston in the third period of a playoff game in the spring of 2013.

      I am so tired of Burke bashers and Hartley Bashers and Sven this and Sven that.

      Give it a rest.

      We are fans. If we were all that smart, we’d be sitting in Brian Burke’s chair, or running practices for the Flames.

      • redricardo

        We are fans and we have the right to complain as much as we want that is the purpose of this blog. If you don’t like it stop reading, no one is forcing you to do so.

        As for the Burke bashers and I am frequently one they can do so, as for the Burke apologists which it seems you are one you can voice your opinion as well. Talk about giving it a rest I am tired of Burke as {pretty damned smart)

        my concern is not that they lost last night StL is an elite team, My concern is that the baby flames are not playing up to potential, but it’s early.

      • redricardo

        Is anyone else getting tired of reading the old “Burke works for an Nhl team, he’s smarter than you, therefore you should just accept what Flames management does because ultimately they know better than you. ”

        Burke isn’t infallible. And the guy can make mistakes. He’s made a few in his time in the league.

        We are all fans of the team. We have the right to criticize Burke’s moves, just as you have the right to defend them. But lets shelve the argument that since we’re only fans we can’t question management because we don’t know better than them. That would be incredibly boring.

        And that’s one thing about hockey. It’s very rarely boring.

        • SavardianSpinorama

          The issue is that it’s always the same old, tired argument.

          The Flames have put together a pretty good staff with Treliving, Conroy and Pascall.

          No one commends the staff for keeping Gaudreau on the team. Instead they point at the Bollig acquisition like he’s the only reason Sven’s not here. Well, Bollig didn’t keep Byron from making the roster, did he? And sure, it could be argued Ferland should have had Bollig’s spot, but Ferland was a huge question mark heading into camp because he was on the shelf most of last year.

          Even with the additions of Engelland and Bollig, the Flames are still the smallest team in the league. While it’s true that Chicago is almost as small, they have gathered some elite talent that comes from being a door mat for a few years. The Flames aren’t at that stage yet. I just can’t see Baertschi and Granlund succeeding against big western teams right now. Maybe some of you see it differently, so be it.

          There is some good young talent down in Adirondack, but after being outscored 11-2 in their first two games, who deserves to be called up after those two debacles?

          For all the complaints, I didn’t notice any posts or author comments here about how the Flames were going to defy all odds and put together some kind of monster season. The expectations were realistic, mainly most people figured bottom five or six for the Flames.

          Aside from what happened last year, this year’s version of the Flames is typically what a bottom six team looks like.

      • jeremywilhelm

        I would suggest the Flames don’t sign a notable sieve like Engelland and maybe not trade for Smid and then maybe also not dress Wideman and trade him for anything they can get for him.

        2 of those things would have been easy. There were much more capable Dmen in FA that we could have put Engellands garbage contract towards.

        Then again, if this is all in an attempt to tank, well then kudos, because they are doing it the best they can.

        But don’t come out and talk about being a competitive team when you are icing a line up with 4 #7 defensemen.

          • jeremywilhelm

            There is a list of about 30 defensemen that signed this offseason that are better players than Engelland, who was one of the worst defenders in the NHL last season.

          • RealMcHockeyReturns

            Ok send the list and let’s see if we agree with you. Remember some were small (but we also got Diaz on PTO over Detroit), many were overpaid (dumb is not in Flames DNA), many wanted to stay in the low-travel East, many wanted to stay in the low-tax USA, so for a professional (?) journalist you make a really poor case for your assertions which you think are so “God-touched” with smartness. We know you are a pro-Edmonton troll so suck it Wilhelmina.

          • Southern_Point

            I can name Seven off the top of my head:

            Anton Strahlman,

            Tom Gilbert,

            Christen Ehrhoff,

            Raphial Diaz,

            Mark Fayne,

            Matt Niskanen,

            and Andrej Meszaros

            Engelland is pretty indefensible I’m not sure why any cares so much when someone rightly calls him terrible.

          • Burnward

            Why do people constantly think Tom Gilbert can play hockey well at the NHL level?

            We signed Diaz, Fayne has been crap so far in Edmonton, Niskanen was never coming here, Stralman got a lot of money for little track record, Ehrhoff stopped trying two years ago, and Meszaros can’t stay healthy.

            It’s not quite so cut and dry.

            And Engellend had a tough game last night, but he was pretty solid in the first two.

          • redricardo

            The numbers don’t back up that Engelland was solid in the first 2 games.

            The first game he had a 50% OZ start, and only managed a 30% corsi for.

            For some reason, the coaches decided since he was so good at bringing the play backwards, in the second game he got a 20% OZ, but only managed a 15% corsi for.

            So far he’s been very awful, exactly as advertised.

          • redricardo

            Why do you say not awful? Just an eye test sorta thing? Or do you have some examples of things you’ve seen that I missed.

            Not trying to sound disrespectful or be a dick, genuinely curious.

          • Burnward

            Eye test. He’s better than a face puncher, but isn’t going to set the world on fire. I’m not expecting much more than that from him. If he stays out of the box he’ll get his job done this year.

          • redricardo

            Well, the underlying numbers say different than the eye test, but we’ll see how things progress this season.

            I’m sure the truth is somewhere in the middle.

            Edited because my iPhone is on crack

          • Southern_Point

            You’re hilarious. If you honestly think Engelland is a better hockey player than Tom Gilbert then log off please. I now understand why Whilhelm is here trolling so often, I wasn’t even trying and I got that brilliant observation.

          • redricardo

            Mark Fayne was Hitless and -3 in the game versus the Flames. He does NOT hit anybody! For a D-man you would think he would just bupo into somebody once in a while!

          • SavardianSpinorama

            Engelland will find himself either in the press box or in the minors if his poor play continues. He did, however, provide the Flames with two things: getting the team to the cap floor and room on the roster if the team decides to call up Wotherspoon, Kulak or Cundari. No one will pick up Engelland’s contract, and it is for that reason it was a flexible signing. The Flames have plenty of cap space.

            As for everyone’s insistence all Burke and Treliving want is truculence, one wonders why they re-signed Paul Byron and let’s not forget Burke and Conroy went out of their way to bring in Johnny Gaudreau and burn a year of FA eligibility by allowing him to play one game last year. I don’t think Rafa Diaz is the biggest player on the planet, either. And while the Setoguchi signing hasn’t worked out so far (and may never), no one is ever going to mistake the guy for a goon (as his three fights in 460 career games would certainly attest).

            There is not one contract on the Flames that handcuffs the team. At least not one that came after Burke was hired.

            The team has all the flexibility in the world when such time comes that Baertschi, Granlund, Wutherspoon, Bennett and Ferland are ready for a bigger role with the team.

            In the meantime, the Flames are re-building. What’s the rush? If the team added some of the players everyone thinks they should have, they’d have less cap flexibility, probably finish 22nd or 23rd overall, and people would then be complaining Flames’ management are idiots for losing out on an excellent opportunity at landing a generational player.

            You can’t have it both ways.

          • Brent G.

            I agree with this entire post. It is hard to read all of the whining and negativity that consistently pervades this blog. I get that fans are unhappy in the early going but what did you expect? It is really early, they will have good stretches of games and bad ones and undoubtedly finish bottom 5. This needless criticism like anyone on here legitimately thinks they could do better is almost sad really…

          • Rockmorton65

            Sorry, dude you lost me. What list? The Flames were looking for a very specific type of defenceman.

            He needed to be;

            a) Big, physical defenceman with experience
            b) Strong character
            c) Willing to sign for 3 years or less (only Stajan is signed beyond the next three years – I don’t think that’s an accident), at a reasonable cap hit.
            d) Willing to sign on to a rebuilding team

            So, of your list, who fits that description? I’m genuinely curious.

          • Kevin R

            Yeah I agree. Too much crabbing going on here by experts that know more than anybody, especially Flames Management & Coaches but work in some office job in an unrelated field. We are going to lose a lot of games this year, even if we get better goal tending this year. The fact Addy has struggled out of the gate just reinforces the fact they had to sign these sloppy seconds veterans from other teams & we are getting the dregs because we just started a rebuild. It’s disturbing to see the infighting & negativity toward everything after just completing 1 year of the rebuild. My God! We haven’t even bottomed out yet. That will probably happen this year & the timing is perfect. I hope we don’t have bitch sessions about how bad BT & BB & Hartley & I’m sure King will get dragged into this somehow after every loss this season. Gonna be a long year then.

  • yomamen11

    Brodie was superb yesterday! I wish we can clone him 🙂 Gio, Smid, Russel, Backs, Byron, Colborne were OK. The rest of the team was meh at best.
    On the other side Seto dont deserve to make cut from camp and thats it. There are plenty of players (Jooris, Ferland, Sven, Hathaway was far more better than him)that deserve to make this cut instead of him. Engelland was disatrous aswell. Bollig and McGrattan are just taking place from real players in this team. Poor Matty with those wings. Lance isnt offensive minded player and he was lost in offensive zone for whole evening. He is decent 4th (maybe 3rd) line and PK specialist with great shotblocking ability (I believe that he also blocked at least 3 shots on STL netminder last night unfortunately) but let him play 1st or 2nd line is stupid. And the biggest question mark is above GlenX. How it is possible that this gritty, fast and solid player from last couple of seasons became so weak and so slow on skates. He regulary lost every puck battle or sprint with anyone on ice. How is that possible? Is he lazy in gym or is he just getting so old so quickly?

    Anyway it was just a 3rd game of season and agains really really good team so no shame of lost for our beloved Flames.

  • redricardo

    I put this on the other thread, but I’ll repeat myself on the post game thread where it belongs.

    After 3 games, we have yet to outplay the opposing team. That’s bad, and frustrating.

    But, at the start of a 6 game road trip, the Flames are .500 with a win against the Oilers and a loss to a powerhouse. That’s about all you can expect.

  • Burnward

    I imagine we’ll see some deals made by Treliving fairly quickly this season.

    He was pretty quiet this off-season as I imagine he actually wanted to see this team play with his own eyes before shaking things up.

  • Burnward

    Glass half full: We’re going to need small wins this season guys and there’s already a few of them.

    Colborne looking studly is a good win. Gaudreau being able to play at the NHL level is a good win. Ramo looking like he can hold the reigns until Gillies/MacDonald arrive is a good win. Gio/Brodie being dominant is a good win. Russell taking a step forward is a good win. Bouma being a force again is a good win.

    We know that guys like Stajan, Wideman, Smid, Jones etc are placeholders for now. It’s how Treliving manages them that will be most interesting to see.

  • Southern_Point

    I am a little surprised at where the special teams are this year. By any measure pp/pk suck. There is no point in playing teams to a draw even strength on the back of hard work and improved goaltending if you are just going to give up your advantatage on the pk or fail to capitalize on the powerplay. That, I think, is what I find most disappointing so far; fortunately, it’s early.

  • redricardo

    I like to think of FlamesNation as being a little more educated.

    One could come on here and say “Engelland sux why would anyone employ him, Burke is a looser!” And use all sorts of combinations of bad spelling and lack of punctuation.

    Or, one could say “Look at those scoring chances! Engelland was on the ice for zero chances for, and 9 against!!? The man was a sieve, I don’t care how good someone is in the room! If he’s going to bleed chances like that, I hope he gets the “Weidman treatment” and sits next game!”

    Opinions are always better when backed up with facts.

  • redricardo

    Meanwhile, last night Engelland had a 19% CorsiFor, and McGrattan had 17%. Gio and Brodie were both around 60%.

    Talk about the cream rising to the top!! There’s some players that better pick it up soon, or the season’s gonna be a wash.

    Colborne, Raymond and Gaudreau all started 80% of their shifts in the offensive zone. So we have proof that the coaching staff isn’t clueless. Well done sirs.

  • SavardianSpinorama

    One more word on Flames’ management:

    I would think Brad Pascall had plenty of opportunities presented to him when he decided to step down from his role as vice-president for Hockey Canada. I am sure the conversation between him, Treliving and Burke went something like this:

    “Hey, Brad, we are going to put a team of dysfunctional hockey players together whose only attributes are fighting and skating around in their own end like chickens with their heads cut off. You in?”

  • I noted in the off-seaosn the Flames blueline was bad after the Brodie/Gio pairing. First 3 games suggests I was wrong – it’s not merely bad. It’s terrible.

    What’s extra baffling is that Smid and Wideman played more ES minutes yesterday than Gio/Brodie. Even though they were obviously underwater every time they touched the ice.

  • T&A4Flames

    This is just sad and somewhat pathetic reading all this negativity. We wanted a rebuild, we got it. We are 3 games into the 2nd season of that rebuild and the whining is unbelievable. Let me ask, how are some of you going to feel when we hit year 3 or even 4 of the rebuild and improvements are very slight with the start of the season looking like another bottom 5 finish. If this is a sign of things to come, I may not be reading FN in those years.

    We’re rebuilding, we’re losing a few games, get used to it.

    • redricardo

      I see what you’re saying, and God knows I’m tempted to agree with you.

      How do you define “fan” vs “realist” I guess is the question. I love this team, I’ll watch every game, I’ll cheer every chance I get, I think they’re capable of being better, but I’m willing to be a realist, look at my “eye test” and the possession numbers and say “it’s gonna be a long year”.

      Again, I don’t think that’s “the sky is falling”, I think it’s realistic.

      I am excited about the rebuild, but willing to admit that my team, the team I care about, is really bad right now. It would be easier if I didn’t care, rebuilds suck.

      Again, I can’t speak for anyone else on here. And I really respect you, you’re obviously an active fan, and your comments are well thought out and show a great take on things. But realistically, I’m not sure if one should get frustrated because people are willing to point out that an obviously bad team is bad.

      • T&A4Flames

        Thanks for the nice comments. I, like you, will always cheer for this team, good or bad. I just get frustrated over negativity that happens on here sometimes. Some have made reference to the Oilers blogs and particularly the post game after CGY beat them. So much frustration over there and understandably so, after several years and seemingly poor direction. Like I said, we all screamed for the rebuild and a few good picks and positive forward steps by those prospects and some are ready to declare the rebuild over. The rebuild needs to be embraced and bad games expected in bunches for a few years. Maybe not Oiler years but a few more than 1 year.

        I want to look at the positives and yes, to a degree, losses are a positive for now at least. Mony and Colby both look lie they’ve improved in certain areas. They’re both stronger and bigger and showing more confidence. Brodie looks to be taking another step. Guys like Engelland, Smid, Jones, are a means to and end. Place holders until the kids are properly developed and ready. I would be more upset if all the young guys that showed some progress in preseason made the team. Judging by the early results in Addy, maybe they’re not ready like some believed. Although I chalk that up to the new system/coach needing implementation time.

        I’ll remain patient and cheer the small victories of progression. Last year was fun because of the new identity taking shape and guys like Colborne improving throughout the year. That’s what I’m watching.

  • RKD

    The Flames are far away from the Blues, they are a juggernaut but I would have like to have seen more push back from Calgary. Let’s ease up on Gaudreau, he’s only played a grand total of 4 NHL games. He’s on the third line with reduced minutes. Hartley wants to ease him in. He’s still learning the game. Having top 4 d-men are nice to add but when I see Toronto or Edmonton struggles defensively that is whole team problem. Sure it would be nice to add guys like Boychuk and Leddy but that doesn’t cure your defensive woes. When the Flames struggle on defense, it’s all five guys chasing the other team. I still say let Sven develop in the AHL, when there is an injury he will be called up. If Setoguchi doesn’t improve then it should be easy for the Flames brass to decide on him. If Wideman starts to become a pressbox regular and they move him, let’s play Wotherspoon and see what he can bring to the table.

      • jeremywilhelm

        They were talking up until this year.

        And as bad as Backlund has started, he is still miles ahead of any of the forwards on the team besides Hudler.

        PS: I love how i am termed a troll because you guys don’t like what I am saying.

        Please refute any of the statements I have made, and not just with biased eye test testaments. Because when I hear “Colborne is a stud this year” comments, I want to smack my head on my desk.

        I have no problem admitting when I am wrong, look into my past posting and you will see more than a few times where I publicly stated a statement was incorrect.

        So please, prove this troll wrong.

  • RKD

    Guys, it was a team effort! Adjustments will be made before the next game…

    Give this team at least a month….can’t make big decisions in 3 games…we should either be close to a playoff spot or in the running for number 1 draft choice…in between is not good! So don’t go asking for reinforcdements in the shape of veterans because we will wind up in the middle.

  • T&A4Flames

    I was in defense of the Engelland signing (not the actually money paid) earlier this year, as he seemed like a good place holder for now. However, in this game alone he caused a goal against (poor pass into Seto’s feet followed by taking him out), took a stupid penalty that led to another goal against, and finally almost cause another goal when he took out a teammate AGAIN (Russell) that led to 2 scoring chances and Hiller standing on his head.

    He could use a benching.