Post-Game: Honky Tonk Victory

The Calgary Flames continued their epic six-game road trip tonight in the Music City, with a match-up at Bridgestone Arena against the Nashville Predators. After a hard-fought, fairly-even 60 minutes of hockey it all came down to the shootout, and the Flames left Tennessee with a 3-2 victory. Their record for the season has been evened-out at 2-2-0.

Here’s how things went down tonight in Nashville.


The first period was marked by a pair of odd-angle goals. Filip Forsberg (no relation to Peter) scored on Karri Ramo from an odd angle on a one-timer, giving the Predators a 1-0 lead. T.J. Brodie answered back almost immediately, with #7 going into the offensive zone on a rush and chucking the puck towards the front of the net, where it bonked into the twine off a Predators defender. Shots were 7-6 shots for Nashville, despite the Predators having a pair of power-plays that didn’t generate much of anything.

The second frame was another entertaining end-to-end stretch of hockey. Mark Giordano put Calgary up briefly via a nice one-timer on the power-play, but Mike Ribeiro evened it up later in the period off a weird play. The puck was put on net but kind-of knuckle-balled; the rebound went right to Ribeiro and he put it home. Shots were 11-6 for Calgary, the difference being a pair of Flames power-plays.

The third period was really two periods; the first chunk was en extension of the first 40 minutes of end-to-end play. The latter stages featured both teams really not wanting to engage and desperately clinging to their regulation points. Nobody scored, and there were far fewer scoring chances than in the prior periods. Shots were 9-7 for the Flames, likely a reflection of their one power-play in the third. Lance Bouma went into the boards awkwardly while colliding with Paul Gaustad, and left the game.

Overtime solved nothing, and Joe Colborne scored the only goal for either side in the skills competition to give Calgary a 3-2 win.


The Flames worked hard for 60 minutes and most importantly, they worked harder than the home team. They were a little bit better in every area than they were against St. Louis – better start, better at face-off, better at the penalty kill, better on the power-play – and it was enough to win on the road.

Also, Karri Ramo was better than Pekka Rinne.


Karri Ramo. Flat-out, Ramo robbed a couple Predators players – Gabriel Bourque point-blank on a Giordano bobble and Colin Smith on a cross-crease save – that basically cemented the regulation point for the Flames. Without Ramo’s heroics, this is a completely different contest.


Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 2.10.23 AM

Team Period Time Note Home Away State
Home 1 18:12 Jarnkrok 4 13 14 19 33 35 6 8 13 15 21 31 5v5
Home 1 18:08 Jokinen 4 13 14 19 33 35 6 8 13 15 21 31 5v5
Home 1 11:16 Forsberg goal 4 9 14 15 21 35 4 8 13 21 29 31 5v5
Home 1 10:32 Nystrom 6 24 35 41 59 63 6 15 17 18 20 31 5v5
Away 1 9:42 Gaudreau 4 13 14 19 33 35 5 7 8 13 21 31 5v5
Home 1 3:00 Smith 3 9 15 20 21 35 6 15 17 18 25 31 5v5
Away 1 2:45 Glencross 6 18 33 35 59 63 5 7 11 20 31 32 5v5
Home 1 2:03 Forsberg 4 9 14 15 21 35 4 5 11 24 31 32 5v5
Away 1 0:32 Colborne 6 19 35 41 57 59 5 7 8 13 21 31 5v5
Home 2 18:51 Neal 4 14 18 33 35 63 4 8 13 21 29 31 5v5
Home 2 18:50 Wilson 4 14 18 33 35 63 4 8 13 21 29 31 5v5
Home 2 17:51 Jokinen 6 13 19 35 57 59 4 8 13 25 29 31 5v5
Away 2 17:33 Bollig 6 13 19 35 57 59 6 15 17 18 25 31 5v5
Home 2 16:11 Smith 6 9 15 21 35 59 5 7 11 20 31 32 5v5
Away 2 14:42 Giordano goal 6 24 28 35 59 5 7 22 23 24 31 4v5
Away 2 10:26 Wideman 3 9 15 20 21 35 6 15 22 23 24 31 5v5
Away 2 10:24 Hudler 3 9 15 20 21 35 6 15 22 23 24 31 5v5
Away 2 10:02 Setoguchi 3 9 15 20 21 35 6 15 22 23 24 31 5v5
Away 2 7:57 Giordano 6 24 28 35 59 5 7 22 23 24 31 4v5
Home 2 4:51 Ribeiro goal 3 15 20 33 35 63 6 15 22 23 25 31 5v5
Home 2 0:13 Bourque 6 13 19 35 57 59 5 7 11 20 31 32 5v5
Home 3 13:48 Gaustad 6 15 24 28 35 59 4 6 11 25 31 32 5v5
Away 3 13:13 Monahan 3 9 15 20 21 35 5 22 23 24 29 31 5v5
Home 3 12:52 Smith 4 9 14 15 19 35 4 11 22 24 29 31 5v5
Away 3 12:33 Byron 6 13 18 19 35 59 6 11 15 20 31 32 5v5
Away 3 10:06 Setoguchi 6 9 15 21 35 59 4 11 20 29 31 32 5v5
Home 3 9:33 Smith 6 15 21 35 59 5 7 23 24 31 4v4
Home 4 3:29 Smith 4 14 15 21 35 4 6 11 31 32 4v4
Away 4 1:57 Raymond 4 18 19 35 59 4 6 21 24 31 4v4
# Player EV PP SH
4 RUSSELL, KRIS 23:07 2 8 00:56 0 0 00:05 0 0
5 GIORDANO, MARK 22:21 4 4 03:21 2 0 02:27 0 0
6 WIDEMAN, DENNIS 16:13 6 7 01:52 0 0 00:05 0 0
7 BRODIE, TJ 22:13 3 3 02:25 2 0 02:27 0 0
8 COLBORNE, JOE 15:50 2 6 01:20 0 0 00:48 0 0
11 BACKLUND, MIKAEL 16:11 3 6 00:51 0 0 01:28 0 0
13 GAUDREAU, JOHNNY 12:12 2 6 00:37 0 0 00:00 0 0
15 SMID, LADISLAV 11:37 5 5 00:00 0 0 01:28 0 0
17 BOUMA, LANCE 06:26 1 2 00:00 0 0 01:34 0 0
18 STAJAN, MATT 09:25 1 2 00:00 0 0 01:08 0 0
20 GLENCROSS, CURTIS 16:29 3 3 01:50 0 0 00:00 0 0
21 RAYMOND, MASON 15:45 3 5 01:20 0 0 00:29 0 0
22 SETOGUCHI, DEVIN 13:34 4 2 01:08 2 0 00:19 0 0
23 MONAHAN, SEAN 16:15 4 2 02:06 2 0 00:19 0 0
24 HUDLER, JIRI 15:48 5 3 02:23 2 0 00:00 0 0
25 BOLLIG, BRANDON 08:17 1 4 00:25 0 0 00:00 0 0
29 ENGELLAND, DERYK 17:59 2 5 00:00 0 0 01:28 0 0
31 RAMO, KARRI   11 16   2 0   0 0
32 BYRON, PAUL 16:53 3 5 00:51 0 0 01:55 0 0
Period Totals EV PP 5v3 PP SH 5v3 SH
1 3 6 3 6 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
2 6 6 4 6 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
3 3 3 3 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
4 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0


Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 2.17.09 AM

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 2.17.33 AM


Not much physicality here, so here’s some crushing disappointment in Toronto as the world gets teased with an absolute great tilt that didn’t happen.


The Flames went into Nashville’s barn and got two points via a strong 60-minute effort, some great goaltending, and some shootout heroics from Joe Colborne. They’re back at .500, and hit the road immediately to face the Chicago Blackhawks tomorrow evening. The puck drops at 6pm MT on the main Sportsnet feed (I believe it’s Sportsnet West, and it’s a national game).

  • ChinookArchYYC

    I didn’t mind the Bollig/Stajan/Bouma line while it lasted.

    Ramo was really good and through his 2 starts is sitting at a 92.7 sv%. Small sample but he looks to be extending his late season work from last year.

    If the Flames can establish a true #1 and #1a goaltending tandem this season, we could see a nice return for one netminder at the trade deadline. Plus an extension for the guy the Flames decide to keep.

  • Burnward

    Flames fans…hope you enjoyed your victory and the emergence this year to a 25-21 place finish in the standings…that will get you absolutely nothing in the draft and Bob Hartley a contract extension!

    Enjoy your midland pick while your provincial archival “inept” Oilers will be drafting one of generational franchise changer Connor McDavid or Jack Eichel……enjoy the pain for the next 10-15 years.

    Gerard (not an Oiler fan!)

    • Scary Gary

      Even if the Oilers drafted one of those players, they would find some way to screw it up..


      I noticed Giordano had a few blips last night.. but again, where would we be without Giordano and Brody!?

      • Rockmorton65

        And Backlund. those three are the team’s backbone, not counting goaltending.

        By the end of this season I hope to see Glencross, Bollig, McG, Jones, Setogucchi and Engelland all gone because they are all terrible at playing the hockey. Though I will admit Setogucchi had a solid second half last night.

    • piscera.infada

      “Midland” pick?

      When trolling, one must at least attempt to make themselves impervious to counter-trolling. Or else, you know, you just kind of come off as incompetent. Or a twelve year-old. Cheers.

  • Burnward

    Oh Flames fans…I forgot to mention….there is only ONE way to build a winner and championship team…THROUGH THE DRAFT!

    The Penquins, Blackhawks and Bruins figured this out years ago…and where are they now??

    GO Flames GO!!!!!

    • icedawg_42

      Ah, so Gerard is a “tank on purpose” kinda guy apparently. Heart and soul of a loser. You SHOULD be an Oiler fan, you fit their mold. Did I mention..LOSER?

    • Scary Gary

      Armchair GM Gerard has all the answers! But alas no patience or positivity.

      Both the penguins and hawks benefited from some drafting luck (Crosby, Toews) after wandering the desert for a while, and the bruins are constantly retooling while benefiting from picking up a Norris defenseman in his prime as a UFA and multiple Toronto draft picks (Seguin, Hamilton and Knight).

      Would you honestly prefer we rebuild like the oilers?…

    • playastation

      I’m not sure I understand?

      This is probably the worst team we’ve ever iced.

      Have you seen the first 3 games?

      We’re getting a lottery pick dude.

        • piscera.infada

          Not to mention, that to be bottom-2 bad generally takes one (or both) of horrible luck (injuries, etc.), or extreme skill at being bad. To me, it’s not a surprise that you generally see a cluster of teams in the bottom-3 year-in, year-out. Some of them get lucky and draft great talents, some just stay stuck, languishing down there in perpetuity. There has to be a way to “rebuild” without being “that” bad.

          I won’t put up a fuss if it’s a McDavid/Eichel season for the Flames, but the bottom scares me. It’s a lot harder getting out of the bottom than just “turning it on”. Moreover, being that bad is anathema to me. It essentially means no one took a step forward.

        • playastation

          It’s such a weird thing. The games against Vancouver and most of Edmonton were SO hard to watch. You don’t want them to be unwatchable. But… yesterdays win was great! But you want to get a good pick this year. But you want them to win.

          Life’s hard.

      • piscera.infada

        I agree, realistically the Flames might steal the odd game, but I think everyone is expecting them to finish last in the Western Conference. However, you can bet Florida and Buffalo will be pushing hard for those lottery picks too.

        • Rockmorton65

          That’s the potential problem, isn’t it? Florida, Buffalo and Edmonton aren’t even trying to get better anymore. And with Carolina on the verge of a rebuild, even a bad team that is even remotely competitive is going to be in tough to snag a high draft pick

    • Rockmorton65

      Monahan, Bennett, Gaudreau, Baertchi, Ortio, Gillies, Reinhart, Wotherspoon, Poirer, Klimchuk….correct me if I’m wrong, but I think those are all draft picks in the system. You don’t need a decade of first overall’s to become a contender. One more high draft pick and a few smart moves for prospects and the Flames will be in the mix.

    • Burnward

      That is what the Oilers thought too…3 Number 1 picks in a row plus a number 3 and they still look lost in the wilderness!

      Here we go oilers, here we go!…down the ice and out the door…no hockey anymore in Oiltown!

        • icedawg_42

          So doesn’t this beg the question about which city has the more unrealistic hockey expectations: Edmonton or Toronto?

          Toronto seems to think they can go from being a possession nightmare to a playoff team in a single offseason with largely the same personnel. Edmonton seems to think they will make the playoffs with no strength up the middle and their best possession defenceman last season back in the AHL and no one better to replace him.

          Frankly, I think the fan base on both is smoking something special. The question is, who inhaled more deeply?

          • Burnward

            Toronto isn’t even close to as bad as Edmonton. The Leafs are in the playoff conversation out East with some solid goaltending. Will probably finish just out, but they’re not horrible.

          • Rockmorton65

            While appearing similar, the difference between the Oilers and the Leafs is quite different.

            The Leafs are like a moderately talented B-movie actor who walks around town acting like a movie star and is genuinely shocked when he doesn’t win the Oscar every year. Delusions of grandeur for sure, but salvageable. Lower your expectations and get a good coach and you might get lucky.

            The Oilers organization, however, is like a clogged toilet after a night of double cheese nachos and strawberry daiquiris. You gotta get your hands dirty, get rid of the clog and flush the whole thing. Clean the bathroom and start fresh. Too bad they keep trying to flush. Eventually it’s going to overflow and it will get ugly.

  • CutterMcAwesome

    This is stupid. Its way to early to know what is going to happen. Calm yourselves and wait until the end of december. Then we’ll have a slightly better idea.

  • icedawg_42

    As much as it will suck to see a generational player be drafted somewhere else, as long as our prospects and rookies are progressing and learning what it takes to win against good and elite teams in the league, then I’m ok with missing out on the lottery.

  • smith

    It really looks like Giodano and Brodie will make sure we do not get McDavid. These guys are worth quite a few points. Without an injury I do not see us in the bottom 5.

    • Kevin R

      That organization is a ticking time bomb for a complete blow-up rebuild. Another year like last year & I see players & Management scattering as far as Medicine Hat from the detonation. Buddy can talk about how Pitt & Chicago have built their teams through the draft, well 3 years after “3 first over alls” is even more than what those teams had & they were already starting to show the pedigree. 3 first overalls in a row!!! It couldn’t get any better if you are rebuilding but they don’t get any better. I’ve never seen anything like it.

      As for us, it’s a long season. We are going to have good games & well some games we are not. Being in as many 1 goal games as last year was a bit of an anomoly. I don’t expect that, I see us just under the .500 mark again, maybe a little higher than last year but not by much 76-78 points maybe. I just hope we see some more young players progress & the ones last year continue to be the foundation of the new Flames. Certainly Brodie & Backlund & Ramo appear to be on target. I don’t know where to put Gio in the scheme of things. He’s not really the future core but more the site supervisor in the build & critical to making the build go on schedule. I guess it will all depend how quick we get there. There’s a long road to go.

  • T&A4Flames

    Ramo was spectacular! IMO, he was and is the #1 until Hiller takes it.

    Setagouchi had his best game so far as a Flame. Good effort tonight.

    Our captain is awesome at hockey!

    Love watching Colborne use that wing span in the shoot out. Mad skills on that kid.

    Love Johnny but he was invisible the last 2 periods.

    Hope Bouma isn’t hurt. I’d say it’d be a good chance for a call up but it’ll just mean Gratt’s gets back in. The 4th line was a good 4th line.

    Oilers lose again. There’s no fixing stupid.

    • Burnward

      Agreed across the board. I just hope we aren’t going to start ripping on Johnny already. To me, he’s been solid in the limited ice time he’s had. If he gets PP/4-on-4 time and still struggles putting up points, then I think we start worrying.

      • MattyFranchise

        He’s made a few excellent plays but just hasn’t been rewarded for them. Not everyone can get off to a flying start like Monahan.

        He’ll get there, I’m not worried.

      • icedawg_42

        Yeah – I agree here. We all gotta remember, this kid is 5 games into his NHL career. Jumped straight out of college. He’s not gonna be a gpg/ppg guy right out of the gate, give him a chance to adjust to the size and speed of the NHL.

    • Burnward

      It’s going to be tough with Johnny and calls like that. He’s so small that it’s hard for refs to tell what’s over the line and what’s just size differential.

      It was borderline though, for sure.

  • everton fc

    We got three goals out of last evening’s line-up. Incredible. Hartley knows how to get the most out of this group. Brodie/Gio and Ramo/Hiller (if the latter finds his pre-season form) will indeed steal a few games. And a lot of experts keeping tabs on Gaudreau seem to think he is close to finding his groove.

    I actually think it’s been a good thing for Johnny to start the way he has, to simply fit in where he can, and play regular shifts. The pressure on Baertschi, who may never amount to anything in the league (see Zach Boychuk), has obviously tainted the organization’s view of Sven. Gaudreau is simply being allowed to find his way “real time”, like Monahan did last season. I think Gaudreau is more mature, being in the spotlight somewhat in Beantown, a huge sports town. Might have been better prep for him, versus the “W” for Baertschi. Time will tell, of course. Always does.

    I didn’t see the game, and would like to know how Setoguchi looked? Ditto Russell?? The 4th line is certainly one I can live with if the goal is rolling four lines that can actually play. Sitting $4mill Jones every evening needs to end – hopefully they are trying to move him to a team w/cap-floor issues (can’t think of specific teams at the moment). I’d like to see Jones and McGrattan moved so two young guys get s look, at least for a cup of coffee, perhaps some rotation? If Bouma’s hurt, is this Jooris’ opportunity – he’d fit in well on last night’s 4th line.

    Not a bad start thus far, though this is the worst team we’ve ever put on the ice in my years as a Flames fan. And I’m still bot sold on Burke & Treliving.

    • Burnward

      Gooch got better as the game went on. Played fairly physical, which surprised me, and created a couple scoring chances from being a vet. Things like just throwing it on net from weird angles to create bounces. Not bad at all.

      Russell is looking more and more comfortable each night. He was solid and made a potential game saving play on a 2-on-1.

  • icedawg_42

    Gaudreau would do better with more minutes, pp, and smarter line mates, but it’s obvious that they’re trying to shelter him and not give him too much, too soon.

    That said, he has demonstrated 3 vital things so far:

    – He can survive the physical play. He’s taken some lumps, but it’s clear he can play at that level.

    – He is absolutely creating scoring chances. Nothing has worked out so far, but any close examination shows that he generates offence.

    – He is able to do that while playing a very strong two way game. His back checking is superb.

    Gaudreau just needs some more time to decipher the NHL. As he continues to figure it out and gets more ice time, he’ll be fine. I am not worried about his long term future whatsoever.

    Moving him back to LW wouldn’t hurt either. I still want to see him play a full game with Monahan and Colborne on the wing. It’s that type of complementary skill and size that he will thrive with.

    • icedawg_42

      exactly – I’d even go so far as to say he’s survived a couple cheapshots and looks none the worse for wear. (now, 82 games worth could paint a different picture) but so far so good.

  • MattyFranchise

    Agreed wolf. ‘Truculence’ aside, giving Gaudreau some ‘beef’ to play with like Monahan and Colborne (both fairly big guys with skill) will likely benefit him in the long run. And I have a feeling this is what Burke was talking about when he said that.

  • MonsterPod

    Man is that frustrating to watch the linesmen get in the way of a legit fight.

    Nobody wants to see 2 minute goons punch helmets and then pat each other on the back. That was a legit situation where Iggy didn’t like the open ice hit attempt and he was doing something about it. Self-policing, like he has done his whole career.

    Two stars players with a history here in CGY looking to settle a score. That is exactly why fighting is still in the game, exactly why the board has not moved to take it out, and yet these stripes are getting orders from on high to get in the way.

    I wish those linesmen would be reprimanded, but sadly I think they’re doing what they’ve being told. Bettman is golf clapping with his tiny hands that have never been in hockey gloves.

    • MattyFranchise

      I would have loved to see Iginla beat the bloody hell out of a pest like Phaneuf. Apparently he’s good at picking the music in the dressing room, let’s see how far his attitude takes him when he’s throwing down with one of the toughest forwards in the league.

      *may have been an Iginla fan boy response, not gonna lie*

      Also, popular rumor at the time was that Kipper and Iggy got Neon Dion traded because they could not stand his behavior after his rookie season.