Flames Place David Jones on IR, Recall Josh Jooris

Missing a few bodies already and facing two more games on their road trip, the Calgary Flames called the farm team and called up the most logical candidate.

Scorch! No, not Scorch…

The Flames recalled training camp stand-out Josh Jooris this morning from the AHL’s Adirondack Flames. David Jones has been placed on the injured reserve (retroactive to October 9) to make room, and is eligible to be activated whenever. Coincidentally, Jooris doesn’t require waivers, so the Flames retain a lot of roster flexibility.

Jooris, 24, is a native of Burlington, Ontario. He signed with the Flames last summer after three seasons with Union College. He spent all of last year with the Abbotsford Heat, playing in 73 of the team’s 76 games and amassing 27 points, but also playing a strong two-way game. He was one of the last cuts from Calgary at camp. He’s got zero points in Adirondack’s two games thus far.

Jones, 30, missed a lot of time with injuries last season (he played just 48 games) and has gotta be frustrated with his inability to stay healthy. Brought into the fold by Jay Feaster as a guy who could play a physical style and had decent size, Jones has unfortunately been unable to stay in the line-up and unable to really showcase what has made him an effective NHL player in the past.

But one man’s misfortune in this business is also another’s opportunity.

    • Avalain

      Joking aside and everything, you may need to take a step back if you want a person to catch a life-threatening disease in order to improve a hockey team roster.

      • Avalain

        I agree..and if one player gets the infection, it will spread through the team and your roster will be decinated…..even the simple flu can effect the team badly.

        It is too bad Jones has an IR type injury, but at the same time it is good to see Jooris get the recall!

        • McRib

          Not to mention the rest of Calgary’s General Population (Canada for that matter) would be exposed to Ebola…. I for one hope that the Ebola can be contained in Dallas so that the rest of North America is not exposed to it.

          • RexLibris

            Thank you! That always drives me nuts but I figure I’m just being academic in bringing it up.

            Decimation was a military punishment for mutiny or desertion. A legion or cohort was divided into ten men who took lots. The “winner” was executed by his other nine comrades.

            Decimation was harsh, but not the kind of annihilation that many imagine it to be presumably because the word’s sound in english suggests some sort of onomatopoeaic relationship.

          • SavardianSpinorama

            Holy crap, I had to look up “onomatopoeaic.”

            Who says hockey can’t teach us something.

            Don’t use six syllable words, Rex. It’s really not fair.

        • Avalain

          Yeah, I originally had something along the lines of “do you really want a Flame to get an infectious disease in the middle of a road trip with the entire team?”

    • Mort

      omg, I can’t believe you *honestly think* one of our players, who is a *human being* should catch a life-threatening disease and *possibly die* from it. You are a terrible human being and I hope you die of ebola. /s

      Or maybe it was just a joke and you don’t actually want the guy to contract ebola. I don’t understand how jokes work though, so I don’t think that.

      (And this all ignores the fact that Sven is actually a better hockey player than Bollig, and if he were to take his place, it would benefit the team)

    • This literally made me laugh out loud, particularly when I saw the number of trashes.

      For those of you that think he is ACTUALLY hoping that Bollig gets Ebola… I’m not sure what to say… You’re probably the same people that think Trevor Gillies should be in jail.

      • RedMan

        I’m pretty sure everyone knew the ebola crack was intended to be funny, but, ebola is no laughing matter. Some things are just in poor taste.

        Gillies is an embarrassment to the entire organization if they keep him around.

        reminds me of when the Flames brought in Todd Burtuzzi – made me more then a little disgusted at the management. unjustifiable.

  • The Last Big Bear

    The Flames have a seriously need for what a healthy David Jones can bring on the ice.

    There’s lots of hate for the guy (which I think is mostly just misdirected hate for his contract, TBO), but Jones played the single toughest minutes of any Flames forward last season, had average-looking corsi numbers in spite of it, and scored at a 15 goal pace.

    He’s a big dude, who can play heavy hockey against the best players in the world and still keep his head above water, while chipping in some secondary scoring.

    All from the RW, Calgary’s biggest weakness.

    IMHO Jones being injured is a bigger hit to the Flames than most fans think.

    Unfortunately, he been injured for most of his time with the Flames.

    • ChinookArchYYC

      You are not wrong, too much and unfair vitriol is attributed David Jones, but his lack of footspeed drives me nuts. As for his ability to play ‘Heavy’, I’m not
      sure that’s accurate given the amount of lost time in IR.

    • everton fc

      This is a good, honest post. Jones is this year’s Stajan. He’s a good guy, who plays as hard as he can. I hope he’s not injury-prone, but appears to be. Healthy, he’s good for 20 goals-plus, me thinks.

      Jooris is one of Weisbrod’s “finds”. Perhaps we should have held onto Weisbrod, after dumping Feaster? We’ll see what he does for the Canucks. Gillis was another of his “finds”. Along w/Johnny G. Vam Brabant. (I wonder if he and Conroy had eyes on Hathaway, as ell?)

        • SavardianSpinorama

          I think it was Conroy’s agent from his playing days that steered the Flames in Gaudreau’s direction. Could be wrong. Just seems to me I heard the story on the Fan 960.

          • piscera.infada

            John Weisbrod was hired June 27, 2011. John Gaudreau was drafted June 25, 2011. So unless there was some sort of collusion or idea-sharing pre-hiring, I doubt it. It’s not entirely out of realm of possibility though, as he was director of collegiate scouting for the B’s. I am sceptical, however as to how hard the guy would push for a specific player when he wasn’t currently hired by the team.

            The story that seems the most believable was that Gaudreau was widely regarded among scouts to be one of the most skilled players in that draft. There was an unspoken gentleman’s “understanding” (among scouts and GMs) that he would be drafted in the 5th-7th rounds by someone as a flier. The Flames pre-empted everyone, and snagged him a round early.

            Also, on a very interesting note, I had no idea he (Weisbrod) was a GM in the NBA prior to hockey. His results, to be kind, were horrific.

  • RKD

    Man when is Jones not injured? I have a hard time seeing him return to his 20 goal form from his Colorado days. I have a feeling that he and Setoguchi will be deadweights on this team as the season progresses. On the other side if those two were gone later this year or scratched more often it gives Baertschi and Bennett when he gets a healthy some more time on the top 2 lines.

    • Mort

      Bring him to Cowtown.We’ll adopt the little devil.We’ve managed the Hitmen for 20 years without upsetting the authorities.I can understand how some people would have been upset by Sorches antics but come-on he,s harmless .

    • SavardianSpinorama


      So he danced around a downed-fireman. Maybe poor taste or maybe people ought to grab a sense of humour and stop with all this political correctness. Any number of video games on the market are a lot worse than that was.

  • ChinookArchYYC

    David Jones should have been a buyout this summer. I had suggested that many times on FN but obviously BB/BT did not agree with me…..haha…having a right hand shot or maintaining the cap floor should not have been excuses for keeping this guy. We could have creatively done so by other means.

    Hopefully this will be dealt with shortly..this guy is always injury prone and when healthy does not show results.

    • everton fc

      This, too, is an honest comment. Looking at Jones career stats as I type (sort of!). Minus the strike-shortened season, he played back-to-back full seasons w/the Avs, scoring 20+ goals each year. 08-09 – 40 games. 09-10 – 23 games. Last season – 48 games.

      He seems to be a tad fragile. Ferland would give us more, on the right-side, but we’d have to take on some salary to be above the cap-floor, would we not? Would this be a creative opportunity to eat Pronger’s salary for a #1 pick? Or is that even possible?

      • Kevin R

        I don’t know if Flyers can trade Prongers contract or would be willing to do so. He signed a similar one to Savard (that over 35) that if he retires the team that signed that contract would have to eat the cap hit anyway. Probably the reason Boston hasn’t been able to dump Savards contract either. Neither will give you a 1st with a chance that they have to eat the cap hit anyway if either of those guys retire. Chances of them retiring though are remote seeing they are on LT Disability. Both teams just live with being hooped on the cap until the regular season starts & they move the cap hit to LTIR. Nice thought however.

        Another note, the Ebola post was just in very bad taste & as much as the majority realize JW was just being a smarta$$, it was not an appropriate post. You let that kind of stuff slide & then where do you draw the line with future posts. Nip it in the bud early. I love the passion of the different hockey opinions & it can be comical to read.

        Enjoying reading how Yakapooh may be on the trade block. Should the Oilers trade him for Yandle if that deal was on the table? I see Larson on New Jersey has been healthy scratched a lot, is he a project we should pursue? Wonder what it would take to acquire him.

  • RedMan

    Is it possible that David Jones is responsible for everything bad that happens in southern Alberta? I mean, I don’t want to blame everything on him, just most everything, floods, storms, poverty etc.

    • RexLibris

      Like any largely paid athlete he is responsible for results. Can you name them for me since he has become a Flame??

      Don’t bother using his injuries as an excuse! Looking forward to your answer??

  • RexLibris

    For Baertschi to be called up I would think the Flames would need a similarly skilled player to become unavailable.

    If Bollig were to be injured I think you’d be far more likely to see someone like Van Brabant, Knight or Ferland recalled in his stead.

    Bollig is there to play the tough ZS, penalty kill, and engage physically. Van Brabant can do one of those things, Knight another and Ferland another after that, each one to varying degrees but none can cover the extreme ZSs with which Bollig is familiar.

    For Baertschi to get recalled one of Gaudreau, Raymond or Setoguchi would need to be unavailable, and even then he would have to have made a case for recall through his play on the farm.

  • Slowmo

    If you ppl think baertschi will ever get called up I highly doubt it he will be traded before we see him playing in the bigs and it will be with a different team there are a dozen better players in ADF. I’m afraid berts is a lost cause. And making a comment on ebola is nothing morew than a joke of course please ppl don’t take ppls comment so frigen seriously

  • I kinda feel bad for David Jones. Always had potential as a productive 2nd/3rd liner but is probably going to have to consider early retirement from the league.

    However, it is a positive move for Jooris and the organization as a whole. He, no doubt, has a higher ceiling than Jones, and is definitely a safer option. Knowing that Jones only puts up meddling production, you can’t do much worse with Jooris, who was spectacular in the preseason. Here’s hoping Hartley tries to use him instead of burying him on the 4th line or healthy scratching him.