WWYDW: Who Stays/Goes When Jones Returns?

Welcome to the latest edition of What Would You Do Wednesdays, a feature here on FlamesNation where you – the reader – are put in charge of the Calgary Flames.

This week’s edition features a problem that will have to be dealt with by the Flames in short order – what to do when David Jones is medically cleared. Jones practiced with the team yesterday and is likely progressing to a return in short order, perhaps even on this home-stand.

So who gets sent down to Adirondack when he’s cleared?

Is it Josh Jooris, who was recalled when Jones was put on the IR? Jooris has been pretty decent.

Is it Devin Setoguchi, who has been a frequent healthy scratch and hasn’t really factored into any of the games he’s played in?

Is it Jones himself, who would cost NHL money in the AHL but could be a nice veteran mentor for the AHL’s youngsters?

Or is it somebody else? Sound off in the comments!

  • redricardo

    Trade Jones and retain as much salary as needed to remain at or above the cap floor. This will be a great message sent to the kids on the farm and I’m sure they would respond.

  • The Last Big Bear

    Here’s What I’d Do Wednesday:

    I’d send Jooris back to the AHL. He’s done as well or better than anyone expected, and there’s no point in sending him back to Adirondack on a high note (except for that late goal against last night).

    He knew this was an injury call-up, and it’s early enough in the season that he can be confident he’ll get another shot in the NHL. He can head back to the farm with confidence, and that team needs all the help they can get right now.

    My take: “Good job, kid. We’ll be seeing you again soon.”

    I’d put Jones back onto the full-time roster. He’s the only veteran RW we have who can handle hard minutes. He had the toughest of any forward last season, he can play heavy hockey against NHL first liners, and keep his head more or less above water. What that really means is he allows a bigger offensive push for the young’uns.

    My take: “You’re gonna get the tough assignments, Jones. Because you can take it.”

    I’d give Setoguchi spot duty, and let him spell off McGrattan every now and then. Give him about 20 games or so to find his legs. He was a zero-risk acquisition, who isn’t looking like he’ll pay off right now, but there’s no way I can say it was a bad idea to sign him. He pretty needs to force his way into a regular rotation by Christmas, or he’s gone, and replaced by Granlund or Sven (with some LW/RW shuffling).

    My take: “Alright Gooch, it’s time to **** or get off the pot.”

    I have absolutely ZERO concern about holding youth off of this team. There are already three forwards on the full-time NHL roster who I consider “development” players, in Monahan, Gaudreau, and Colborne. That’s about as many kids as I ever want to see on the roster at one time. Otherwise you’re getting into the situation where every line is carrying a rookie/sophomore player, or you have all-rookie lines which is *usually* a bad idea.

    My take: “Three noobs on the roster is perfect. Four is acceptable if things are going well. Five is getting into Oilers country.”

  • RexLibris

    Setoguchi is the obvious one by way of production.

    His cap hit is minimal and there is always the outside chance he gets claimed.

    The Flames are at 46 contracts, so it isn’t as though they need cap or contract relief, but it would open a spot for Jooris to stay on and could make Ferland or Baertschi the first call up options.

  • loudogYYC

    I think it’s still too early in the season to conclude that Setoguchi is done. By sending him down now, the Flames are basically admitting he is a bust and likely killing his pro career and trade value in the process.

    I think Jones and Jooris need as much ice time as possible so when Jones is back, send Jooris down and let both veterans fight out ice time here in Calgary while Jooris gets big minutes in Adirondack.

  • jeremywilhelm

    It’s not like Jooris is excellent right now. He’s a tweener probably at best.

    That being said, he still has shown better than Setoguchi, who has been so mediocre I didn’t even know he had been playing any of the games I watched.

  • Parallex

    This is the way I see it… we currently have 11 wingers with the club, only 8 can play in a game, and only 6 will (or should) get meaningful icetime. So look at the forwards and decide who those 6 are… in my mind it’s Hudler, Glencross, Raymond, Gaudreau, Byron, and Colborne (Who I think should be used at wing).

    Okey, now the remaining wings are McGrattan, Setoguchi, Bollig, Jones, and Jooris (In my scenario Bouma moves to center the 4th line). Bollig is going to play every game from the looks of it so now we’re down to Setoguchi, Jones, and Jooris… two of those guys will be part-time players (because McGrattan will unfortunately play some games). So the question becomes “who?”.

    Jones realistically can’t be waived because if he’s claimed the team is in dangerous territory with respect to the cap floor so we’re left with Setoguchi and Jooris… now the question becomes “are you comfortable with Jooris playing limited minutes part-time?” If the answer is “yes” then Setoguchi hits the wire, if “no” we take advantage of Jooris’s waiver exempt status and he goes to Adirondack for more minutes/games.

  • RedMan

    1) Given Jone’s poor showing in Calgary, do you Honestly think ANYONE would pluck him off of waivers? Who do oyu think would take him and why?

    2) As noted already, Jones can do a reconditioning stint without having to risk waivers. Done.

    3) Flames rolled the dice with Gooch, soon they will have to admit they rolled craps. Sending gooch down will not ruin his trade value; if he can’t keep his spot at the low salary he has now, he has no value in the NHL.

    4) Looks like our best “trade value” among the trade-able guys, if early indications hold up, are Ramo or Hiller.

  • Jeff Lebowski

    Whatever happens, I’d like to see McGrattan stay here. I don’t care what anyone says, I see a continually improving player.

    When CGY play against the Maroons, the Jackmans, the Reaves of the west they need him. Not for fighting but to balance the scales so to speak.

    This is another example of why I think Hartley is the best thing to happen to this franchise. Players, every player, are treated the same. No one is special and everyone is viewed as a student. Just learn and improve. It’s amazing.

    Look at how many players grew their games.

    McGrattan is here because he fits a template: he has relatively high hockey IQ. I can see it. All CGY players do. It’s why they’re here.

    I remember early last year, he hustled back checking and broke up prime chances. On the road ie match ups. There are ways to get him playing and yes producing in the offensive zone. Watch his hands in warmups. He’s got ability.

    I could see both him and Westgarth improving. I want players who want to get better. It’s imperative.

    • everton fc

      This is a good comment. I, too, think and see McGrattan turning himself into a hockey player. And with a Reeves on the ice (no so much Jackman, who has managed to do a bit of the same role-change as McGrattan), you need him, for Reeves is a goon. He’s looking for a fight.

      Of all those mentioned, I’d like to see Setoguchi sent down. Give Jones a chance. And Jooris.

  • Jeff Lebowski

    I think McGrattan can help here:

    A few seasons ago, I would sit in the stands and watch Owen Nolan (RH, RW) set up on the boards in his end.

    When the puck was rimmed around his way, the way he got it out, made a play to the centre, was just … nobody has done it better on this team for as long as I’ve been paying attention. Iggy never did it that well.

    Just, how to shield, using your stick, your feet, when to chip up the wall and out, when to bump it.
    Every time. Professional winger.

    Break out the video and watch it yourself. Its like a clinic.

    CGY is going to need that safety valve, that pressure relief because I see McGrattan being able to be strong on the wall and make a play that leads to entries.

  • everton fc

    Do we advocate icing the best team? Or should we advocate “tanking”, therefore, keeping Gooch and sending down Jooris? Right now, it seems like JJ would strengthen rather than weaken the lineup. If you say they both don’t factor into the club’s wins/losses, then keep Jooris and let him develop up the big and say bye bye to Gooch.