Flames Make Moves: Granlund Recalled From AHL

After a bit of an unclear few hours today, the Calgary Flames have announced their roster moves stemming from the injuries they faced last night against Montreal.

Center Matt Stajan has been placed on the injured reserve with a knee injury and is expected to be out for approximately six weeks, per the team’s release. To take his place on the roster, the club has recalled Markus Granlund from the American Hockey League’s Adirondack Flames.

Granlund, 21, was Calgary’s second rounder in 2011 (and is the younger brother of Minnesota Wild forward Mikael Granlund). He played his first year of North American pro last season and was pretty damn good – he had 44 points in 52 AHL games with Abbotsford and 3 points in 7 NHL games before a shoulder injury ended his season. He returned from the injury for the AHL playoffs, though. He’s got 5 points in 8 games this year for Adirondack.

Right now, Stajan, Raymond and Joe Colborne are sidelined. The fact that Colborne isn’t on the IR doesn’t mean he won’t eventually be on it; you’re placed on IR retroactive to when you were injured, so depending on his progression in his recovery, they may just put him on to bring up another AHL body.

Officially, Stajan is gone for 6 weeks (or so), Raymond is week-to-week and Colborne is day-to-day. But anybody who’s followed injuries around the league can probably tell you that those are always subject to change.

  • everton fc

    I have this feeling neither Jooris or Granlund will ever see the AHL again. Jooris fits in perfectly on our 4th line. Granlund should be able to give more offence than Stajan, and he’s a pretty crafty, almost older-than-his-years player. He has leadership in him, me thinks.

    Injuries have probably saved Setoguchi. For now. And I think Jones will still surprise us all.

    • everton fc

      In a small way your comments support an Oiler strategy of discarding established veterans like Stajan in favour of rookies.That get’s you potentially into a difficult situation. Let’s learn from the Oiler failures and ensure a good balance of vet’s and rookies. Although I strongly agree with Granlund being called do not underestimate what a veteran like Stajan brings.

      I can see room on the roster for both players!

      • SavardianSpinorama

        Oh, so Oilers injuries are the reason Hall, Eberle, Nugent-Hopkins (make up your mind kid, are you a mommy’s boy or a daddy’s boy?) and Draisitl are on the Edmonton roster without more development in the juniors?


        • everton fc

          The main reason the Oilers are losers after 9 years and numerous 1st overall picks is that they have mismanaged their roster. They left there young stars with minimal/credible veteran support. They also played the Gagne’s and Eberle’s and now Draisatl far too early without the proper development time required. I won’t even mention the absence of gap contracts!

          I acknowledge you will most likely not understand what I am saying about young players requiring mentorship and support from the vets so no problem.


          • SavardianSpinorama

            Well, I agree with that, but injuries were not the reason how the players I brought up with the Oilers managed to make their way on the roster. A lack of managerial sense was the reason. In the Flames’ case, if one of the call ups replaces a vet (whoever it is) that’s a little different.

      • everton fc

        I never said Stajan wouldn’t come back and contribute. Colborne can always move back to wing. I like Stajan on this team, as the 3rd line centre. For now.

        As for the comment on Sven having an attitude problem, he could learn from guys like Granlund, Ferland, Bouma… Who made it on effort and taking advice, when it was offered. Sven better start putting up points and fixing his reputation.

      • icedawg_42

        Don’r agree withe Oiler strategy at all. However I believe the Flames could have 4-6 rookies on the team and still enough solid vets to lead the way. That would still mean 3-4 more rookies.

        As for Stajan, I agree he is valuable and would not necessarily be the vet losing a spot to a rookie. I think Setoguchi, McGratton and Smid would be at the head of the line for that honour. Beyond that no one has deserved to be demoted, however upgrades are still needed. I would definitely consider trading a useful vet or three for a better-potential young prospect D or two, for instance. We have a long ways to go…

  • SydScout

    I agree 100% with everton…Jooris brings great energy and Jones was physical and crashed the net well…at least last night. Granlund easily has more skill than Stajan, lets just hope he has the same kind of onions.

  • SavardianSpinorama

    Granlund’s best asset is arguably his NHL-quality shot, accurate and quick release. He isn’t afraid to go to hard areas, isn’t shy of physical game and seems to have a knack for being in the right place at the right time. He also has a nicely rounded 200-ft game, responsible defensively. Not the quickest skater and improving overall strenght remains a long-term goal, but he compensates his deficiencies with high ice-Q and good positioning. His projected ceiling is prolly a 2nd line center. 3rd line center slot with a sheltered role should be perfect for his development at this point. Ferland is next in the line, hopefully he gets his call-up soon!

    • everton fc

      If Colborne has to go on IR Ferland will be next guy up…If i was GM Seto would be on waivers and Ferland up…but Flames may need extra bodies before this season is over…comes with the territory of playing hard!

  • Skuehler

    Granlund seems to have NHL talent and upside. Need to develop that asset. Might be interesting to see him play with Johnny

    He’s got good vision, good hands, strong on the puck and goes hard to the net.

  • SydScout

    Apologies in advance, these are notes from the Adirondack Flames home opener a few weeks back. Chinookarch asked for feedback and I went a little overboard. Skip over this very long post if not interested (have been waiting for a prospect specific update to post this in for weeks).


    Acolatse has a sweet shot and a great hard pass but was positionally poor with low skill on the puck.
    Jooris was a face off beast especially on the PP. Was a cerebral player, not as naturally skilled but positionally strong without amazing anyone through skill. NHL potential assuming he has a great coach. On the top line.

    Cundari is a hard working player. Got caught out reaching for picks in d zone, find yourself wanting him to do something special as he is so likeable. But kept kinda messing up, wasn’t safe with the puck.

    Yonkman looks like everyone’s dad out there. Little skill but a big unit!

    Arnold had a scratchy start with a couple of poor position plays but last half of first worked into his game nicely. Beautifully wheel around the D, getting a weak but nice shot off near side. Seems like he was looking for a little Mighty Mouse who would be in the right place at the right time…. Wonder who that would be…

    Reinhart is bigger than I thought! Definitely comfortable out there at this level… nice play without standing out. Showed bursts of high skill.

    Sven pleasingly went looking for work. Chucked a few handbags in a ‘fight’. Beautiful play for a tight shot on goal half way thru first. Overly skilled but seems a little lost. Chemistry with teammates lacking? Best positional player of the first period.

    Granlund is big and skilled! Best part was how hard he worked. Nice chemistry with Ferland and Jooris on top line.


    Arnold reads the plays really well.

    Elson showed some slick passing skills.

    Top line starts in D zone at 5 into period. They were totally hemmed in for a minute. Then between the 6th and 7th minute it looks like opposition was on the PP. Poor D efforts, grouped together like eight year olds playing soccer.
    Reinhart and Arnold looked great on PP. Arnold has a great end to end game, sometimes appearing to be on defense while a defender rushes up ice. Responsible.

    Flames PP goal: Playing against a disorganized defense, particularly around the net. Net opened up for Kulak, who buried what he had to. Not the prettiest goal.…

    Stevenson and Yonkman were open way too many times. Its like the opposition had done their homework and let them be open, as they did precisely nothing with any opportunity.

    Acolatse had a couple of plays that worried opposition. Made them think twice. Didn’t do much otherwise (I’ll bet he is a coach killer, so frustratingly good and bad!)

    Reinhart, Arnold and Sven were on the second line. Looked to have decent chemistry and communication on the ice by the end of the second period.…


    Kulak positionally excellent with nice poise

    Dunno why punchers called energy line. Top line was full of beans. Little chemistry though, trying too hard.
    Amn Reinhart is smart. Positionally great. Breaks up play. No wonder he’s on the PK.

    Elson set up Granlund nicely for the second goal…but it was almost all Granlund’s positional play that was the reason for the goal.
    Ortio had four amazing saves between 8th and 10th minute before opposition’s fourth goal. Flames defense was poor allowing so many ten bell chances in succession before that goal.…

    Sven just looks like he has lost his mojo. But occasionally has a pretty play that reminds you of his talent…like on ten min mark prior to goal.


    Very glad Johnny Hockey isn’t in AHL it’s very agricultural at times. Yonkman and Stevenson looked like heavy bodied lumps. Ineffective but noticeably bigger.

    The Flames defence was very poor at times. I wonder if this will effect them if they get to the playoffs. But I suspect they will have a few games where their crazy skilled players make a meal of the opposition.

    Shot numbers deceptive. Opp had best chances they buried in first two. Third they buried one Joni bobbled after an initial shot. First and fourth weren’t pretty

    Chemistry lacking all night but they kept at it. Seemed confused at times occasionally tripping over each other. Style and skill set may not be great during playoffs once they get it and they will get it!

    The Venue…

    4 Calgary Flames jerseys. 8 hats. Plenty of newly minted Adirondack jerseys shirts and hats. Even a couple of beer mugs being carried around, that the bar staff will fill up for you!

    Respect to Glens Falls / Adirondack. Really keen fans, loads of NY Rangers and Detroit Red Wings (old farm team from last year)


    Side note: I had far too many beers with a bunch of the front office staff after the game (they loved that there was a dedicated Flames fan, from Australia, there for the home opener). Unfortunately I heard from a couple them that Sven has an attitude problem. He completely hates being in Glens Falls, demoted to farm team. Not a good sign…

    • Byron Bader

      This is great. Thanks for the write up.

      It’s a shame about Sven. I heard he was in really good shape this summer and was really focused on getting stronger. It seems any sort of adversity kills the guy though. Has he been one of those guys that’s always been so much better than everyone else he’s played with that he’s never had to go through any sort of hardships? He does know the odds of making the NHL, right? He’s right there. Man up and just play hockey in Glen Falls. He’s still making a good 70,000 to do so and he’s inches from the NHL if he plays like he’s capable of.

      Johnny: Oh I’m too small for the NHL … I’ll force you to change your mind, real fast.

      Sven: I’m not good enough yet … I guess that’s it then. Glen Falls … FML.

      • Kevin R

        Bryon, I have been posting my concern since that Herald interview & I’ll say it again, I don’t care how disappointed he was to be one of the last cuts, if I was Treliving, I would be very concerned about his statement in the media. I was a big cheerleader in hoping Sven would come out of camp & will his way on to the team. He was close. But you don’t put out the defeatist attitude of I did everything they asked & did well in camp & preseason. I don’t know what it will take. Way wrong answer as Harry Stamper would say. I wanted to hear, I worked hard & thought I did well in camp but obviously I have to work that much harder & get that much better, I’ll be back, as the Terminator would say.

        Not long after are the stories of his Dad & Agent in Switzerland. You heard it here first. I cannot see Sven signing a 2 way deal come July at the end of his ELC. It’s coming, he’s going to hold out Turris style & force a trade. I say pull the trigger & try getting a young Dman in return & that will free up the possibility of moving one of our vets on the blue line while the market is hot. I know everyone is sick to death of this issue but it just keeps rearing up & where there is smoke there is fire. BT has seen this story before.

        • SydScout

          The fact is, the Flames are woefully short of blueline propsects. So, given everything else, it just makes more sense by the day.

          Had he put up numbers he might’ve been called up to replace Raymond. Instead, move Gaudreau bacl to LW and call up Granlund. Though they skipped over Ferland too, so moving Gaudreau back to his natural wing may have been the preference from the start. I just wish Sven would put together a nice 10 game streak so that his value is upped.

          Also, while I get all the arguments about Sven whining, and I agree with them, his development really was poorly handled. From an organizational standpoint, the team has to look at that and assess what could’ve been done better at every stage (the initial recall, BB’s idiotic public comments, sending him down last year part way through the season when his numbers were respectable, being cut in camp this year).

          Just balming it on the kid is fruitless, ignorant and arrogant. There are lessons to be learned. While do I agree he needs to be tougher mentally, think of where he started in the org and where he is now. Prospects are supposed to be put on a ladder or progression, with Sven it’s been the exact opposite. Every instance has been a demotion. He started as superstar call-up, then big hype at camp, then the comments, then the demotion, then cut from camp. He’s been moved backwards at every step. It’s weird. He shares blame, but that is not a great method to develop players.

          • Kevin R

            I am right with you about how things went down with Svens development & yes I think this kid is going to have a career in the NHL. I just don’t think he will ever reach his ceiling as a member of the Calgary Flames. He was a victim of circumstances, new Management & questionable decisions & mostly not his fault. But what is done is done & we cant get into the Delorian & change things. The kid to me has turned the internal switch off of Flames Management & the coach. Through his eyes, I am sure he sees greener pastures elsewhere. I really don’t blame him either. We can make the best of things & help the kid & help our team & make an astute trade. Or we can continue to play hardball with him all year, force his game in the AHL & teach him hard economics negotiating the next contract. Recipe for a holdout in my opinion. The longer he sits in the AHL which I think everybody will agree that he is very unhappy about, the greater the chance he will holdout for a 1 way contract with the Flames come July. But who knows, maybe Im wrong about this.

      • SydScout

        @Chinook, Byron, icedawg…

        Pleasure folks – I’ve been soaking up comments as much as articles on this site for years so nice to give back a little.

        One thing I neglected to mention was another comment from the Addy staff. They all said Svan has insane skill in practice. They reckon he does stuff that no one else can just mucking around with the puck. But stands out because of attitude. In a small town its hard to hide you hate the place.

        Oh, Ferland and Granlund are evidently top blokes. Really. They didn’t say much about Max, keeps pretty quiet but I think they said he is a hard worker (foggy 2am beery memory disclaimer).

  • RKD

    Let the youth movement being, it will be great to see Granlund in the lineup. The reason Ferland wasn’t called up was because they want depth down the middle first before going to the wings. They will need Granlund to win face offs and distribute the puck. I’m sure Ferland may get called up at some point. Next year we could see a line up with Granlund and Bennett alongside Gaudreau and Monahan. If they move Glencross and/or Wideman it’s going to open up some doors next year.

  • everton fc

    You have to admire Jones’ timing with this one. He came back literally just in time.

    Looking forward to some “Markus Granlund Special”s in the next few games.

  • icedawg_42

    Yes. Finally..Granlunder arrives. So happy for this unfortunately at the expense of Staj though which is really too bad

    So what..10..20 hours before the stats boys arrive with some fancy stats deriding his play and how he’s really not that good? Ticks me off that bulls***

    • Kevin R

      Wasn’t the stats guys that who made Stajan the whipping boy. It was Brent Sutter, who came very close to ending his career.

      Won’t be the stat’s guys who decide Granlund’s career either.

    • Kevin R

      Wasn’t the stats guys that made Stajan the whipping boy. It was Brent Sutter, who came very close to ending his career.

      Won’t be the stat’s guys who decide Granlund’s career either.

  • icedawg_42

    I keep hearing folks throwing around phrases like “Career ending” or “Career threatening” about Stajan’s knee injury – anyone know if that’s really the case? I truly hope not. I like him as a player and a leader, but like him or hate him, you don’t want to see someone’s career come to an end like that.

    • Byron Bader

      I haven’t heard anything about it being that severe but I think it’s quite serious for sure. 10 minutes after it happened the broadcast crew was saying that it looked like Stajan was going to be out for a significant period. Normally it takes a few days before something comes down. The news came out very quickly that it was going to be a long time before Franchise was back. I could see it being even worse than what’s being projected so far.

      Apparently Horton might never play again as well. Scary stuff. It can all be gone in the blink of an eye.

      • piscera.infada

        Knees are generally very tough injuries. However, improvement in understanding of rehab/surgery procedures have made it far less likely for them to be “career ending”. The problem with knee injuries is that they tend to reoccur much easier after happening. Chances are, if it’s an ACL, MCL, PCL, LCL, or Patella tear, he’ll be out significant time. The best thing he can do to recover and mitigate future damage is take the time (generally several months).

        That’s what I expect we’ll see. A long time with Stajan out. That said, it’s not a back injury (like Horton’s) or concussion so I doubt we’ll see career-ending status. Have to hope and pray (to whomever) though for a speedy recovery. Very tough situation.

        • MattyFranchise

          Even with proper rehab the MCL/Meniscus tear that I sustained years ago still will occasionally cause me enough pain that I have to stop what I’m doing, stretch my leg out, and reposition myself.

          From a knee on knee hit I’m not entirely sure what is possible but my dislocation was a nightmare to rehab and still causes me pain 5 years later.

          And I agree with you, this 4-6 weeks business sounds like it’s not as serious enough an injury as it could have been but I hope he does take the extra time to make sure he’s 100%. This team isn’t winning the Cup this year and he still has years left on his contract so there’s no need to rush.

  • Jeff Lebowski

    Listen to the Huska interview on Fan. It can be hard on you if its not going in.

    I’m not worried about Sven at all. People are trying to read minds.


    “The greater the difficulty the more glory in surmounting it. Skillful pilots gain their reputation from storms and tempests.”


  • Bean-counting cowboy

    Perhaps Sven is the sacrificial lamb in the building of the new Flames identity under Burke.

    Feaster was leaning towards the Oiler model of giving the young hot-shots the NHL glory right away based on draft pedigree and junior performance. Burke wanted “earned, never given”. Sven’s problems in the defensive end was in Burke’s mind likely sending the wrong message to the rest of the team.

    Perhaps we can’t argue with the results? The Iginla/Tanguay country club mentality has been completely reversed and it has been a long time since we’ve seen such strong efforts from this team.

    Sven’s development may have gone smoother without being called out by Burke and had he been left in the NHL. But would we be seeing what we’re seeing on the ice right now to the same extent? I don’t know the answer – just surmising here. The only thing I might have done different, is sure send him down… but call him out in private vs. public.

    • Jeff Lebowski

      It will just be a matter of time when Sven will play in the NHL, I don’t think another year in the AHL is going to kill his development in any way.

      Management has told him apparently, that he is part of the future plans to play in Calgary. Sven is in the drivers seat.