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Carter Ashton suspended 20 games, Oilers and Flames moving in opposite directions, Canucks sustaining success, prospects, porn and more in this weeks Roundup

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Are the Jets turning it around?



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  • ChinookArchYYC

    Even bob Mckenzie is suggesting Eakins get whacked.

    Eakins has to go for return trip back to Rexall if this franchise and it’s owner has any value in the fans or integrity.

    Alternatively I silently hope for a very early Christmas present where Eakins and all his marlie groupies are gone by end of the month.

      • The Real Scuba Steve

        6 Rings is firmly cemented as the head crony for the forceable future, He will only step down if a full on fans and media witch hunt happens and I will supply the torches. It will never happen.

      • Burnward

        And Mactavish, and Howson, and Stu as well as all of his scouting staff, Semenko,the Sutter in the bowels of Rexall. Did I miss anyone? A full purge is needed starting at the top. I do not want anyone of this group of clowns making any roster decisions. The team is better than it’s results. And Mr Messier, please flee Edmonton before i have to look down on you with disdain like the rest of the cronies from the bygone era.

        • The Real Scuba Steve

          I’m willing to bet my life that they asked Gretzky to join in some level in the organizantion then towards coaching for the Oilers, I haven’t seen him at any Seattle football games with Kazts and co, although POHO needs to be replaced badly.

      • ubermiguel

        13 games in and they’re still making so many basic errors. MacT needs to sit and watch his key employee (Eakins) in action…I’m talking on the ice in practices and near the bench in games; if Eakins is not coaching properly then MacT needs to coach-the-coach, if he doesn’t improve then it’s time to fire Eakins. MacT was a good coach, he knows good coaching, I wonder if he’s giving Eakins too much rope. Maybe MacT’s observed Eakins already and discovered it really is the players. If MacT has not directly observed Eakins in action then MacT is to blame.

          • ubermiguel

            Agreed I’ve made a few previous posts that I’m convinced the buck ultimately stops with Katz. That said anyone of the guys between him and the product on the ice is culpable for their own actions/inactions.

  • bazmagoo

    Where to start with changes ? The Gm is responsible for quality control , so he should be first . However , the person who hired him and Tams is equally responsible and I doubt you would want that person making another Gm hiring after last two misses . Coaches can only do so much with a roster such as ours and are third on totem pole perhaps for going .

    I am not comfortable allowing MacT. and Lowe to do any more trading or juggling of our club going forward ( lost any faith in their ability to do so expediently ).Get them out before they do any more permanent damage . Perhaps the new fella (forgot his name) in upper management above Lowe can step down in the interim and search out a new managerial team . Do that first and then evaluate the coaching and players simultaneously , while still clearing out areas in management that are fruitless to teams results being so bad .

    • pkam

      Anyone think hiring of MacT is Katz’s idea?

      Remember near the end of 2008, fans were calling for MacT’s head? Who came out to tell the fans that MacT was not going anywhere?

      MacT wasn’t fired, he resigned. Katz probably already promised MacT the GM before he resigned.

      Tambo looks to me like a temporary placeholder for MacT’s return. When MacT was hired as the vice president of hockey operation, Tambo’s days were numbered.

  • mk

    I like how every Nations-wide post always becomes a discussion about how bad the Oilers are and what they should do to fix it (fire and trade everyone apparently, except Hall).

    It really warms the hearts of all the fans of other teams, especially Flames & Canucks fans.

  • Torcida

    Really wonder how Hall feels about all this. Probably wishing he went second overall. Could of won a cup by now and been on a competitive team, play meaningful hockey in November. You have to feel sorry for him right now. Only guy trying his a** off.

    • bazmagoo

      Won’t be an easy decision for him, but you have to believe that it’s crossed his mind that he needs to get out of EDM.

      The question is, what is the tipping point. Is it this season, another one down the drain before December? Is it this off-season, when MacT/Lowe make no material improvements to this circus?

      I hate to say it, but he’s an excellent player. If we can’t give him the support needed to win a Cup here, we should trade him to someplace he has a shot at it. I’ll gladly watch him wherever he goes, and I won’t even hate him for asking for a trade, because I think everyone here can understand his motivation

  • bazmagoo

    According to Bob McKenzie a trade is more likely than Eakins getting canned, ugh. Do we really have to deal with these incompetent clowns getting fleeced via trade before MacT corrects his “bold” move.

  • bazmagoo

    I see it a bit differently: If Lowe was hung from a crane downtown, justice would be served but the team would be no better. In Calgary, their motto is “Always Earned. Never Given.” In Edmonton it could be “If Not Given, Then Next Game…”. Where I differ from many is I think Mac knows it. The problem is other GM’s know it too, so he’s always dealing from weakness. He’s rolled the dice a few times for lack of options, but like most gambles, the winning % is not great. So, the Oilers are in a position of having to trade key players when the return will be low. A shitty position with no clear quick solution. If we burn down the organization, we’d feel good, but we’re still stuck with the same bunch of pansies. For lack of a better option, let Mac have more time…

    The other thing is I think Eakins has been dazzled by advanced stats so now it’s a great thing when Yak shoots with no one in front and the goalie’s crest makes a good save. Go back to basics and start whipping the pansies…

  • The Real Scuba Steve

    Why don’t the Canadian teams all pack it up it obvious none of them are ever going to win the cup again.

    Find a new hobby people. The game is boring now.