Flames Recall Reinhart, Says AHL Site

Because there are still a few players the team hasn’t seen up on the big club this year, the Flames have reportedly recalled forward Max Reinhart from the Adirondack Flames of the American Hockey League.

The AHL’s transactions website had the big scoop earlier today.

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 8.09.03 PM

As you can see, the site is rarely wrong.

Reinhart, 22, was Calgary’d third round pick in the 2010 Draft. Now in the third year of his entry-level deal, he’s played 19 games over two seasons with the Flames (amassing 5 points), but he has yet to have a break-through performance in the manner of a Josh Jooris or Markus Granlund.

The Flames site currently lists Michael Ferland as on the injured reserve. There’s been no official announcement as of yet, but presumably it’s retroactive to his injury on October 31 in his NHL debut.

Here’s a revised Flames injury list:

  • Joe Colborne [wrist] injured versus Montreal on October 28, on injured reserve; last official estimate was day-to-day, but he’s traveling with the team
  • Michael Ferland [head] injured versus Nashville on October 31, on injured reserve; last word was day-to-day
  • Matt Stajan [knee] injured versus Montreal on October 28, on injured reserve; last official estimate was 6 weeks
  • Mikael Backlund [abdominal] presumably stemming from his reported off-season issue, on injured reserve; last official estimate was week-to-week
  • Mason Raymond [shoulder] injured versus Washington on October 25, on injured reserve; last official estimate was week-to-week
  • Sam Bennett [shoulder] had shoulder surgery last month, recovering, on non-roster list (it’s for injured players that weren’t injured in-season)

Upside: presumably some players are getting healthy soon…and most of the players who have been recalled so far (Jooris, Granlund, Ferland) have been quite good. Except for Sven Baertschi, who has been adequate.

  • everton fc

    I agree that Sven either needs to be sent down or given a seat in the press box. Not ready to give up on him yet, but it wouldn’t hurt my feelings to see him come out of the lineup if that means one of Jooris, Granlund or Reinhart stays in.

    Getting real tired of Setoguchi. Even with PP time he isn’t scoring. Yeah, he can block shots, and he did well last game, but we to start seeing some points out of this guy.

    Another thought, I’ve been gradually getting more and more frustrated with Paul Byron. I love the kid, I do; he has heart. He’s fast. But he just can’t finish. Tons of breakaways, missed chances, he needs to score on those. Also, this last game against Florida, Giordano’s goal should’ve been Byron’s goal. Al Montoya was down, out of position, wide open net, and Paul Byron literally shoots the puck at the goalie before good ol’ Captain Reliable banged her home. I guess this can partially be attributed to some bad puck luck, but you can’t blame that forever. C’mon Paul!

    • everton fc

      Byron seems to be in a bit of a slump. But he’s started every game.

      Another problem Sven has “on paper”; he’s -4 in 4 games. Never a good thing, “on paper”. Setoguchi’s – 5. Two worst on the team.

  • beloch

    Baertschi and Granlund are the most likely kids to spend a night in the press box so Reinhart can have his cup of coffee. Hartley shouldn’t have too much trouble selling the press box seats to either of those kids with Gaudreau’s example so fresh in everyone’s minds. I’d wager that Baertschi sits first.

  • Big Ell

    Old Rene Bourque was put on waivers and cleared. I guess that was a big win for Feaster. Unless Fucale ends up a starter.

    To the Flames: Mike Cammalleri, Karri Ramo, 5th Round Pick in 2012 (Culkin)

    To the Canadiens: Rene Bourque, Patrick Holland, 2nd round Pick in 2013 (Fucale)

    I guess his 3.3 million contract until 2016 scared everyone off. I am hopeful that Setoguchi is on the waiver wire when the injured guys get back.

  • everton fc

    I am still blown away with what Hartley’s has accomplished with this group. Optically, “on paper”, they still have a smidge of an expansion look, i.e. Byron on left wing, Reinhart at centre. But they continue to find ways to win, and they are scoring goals.

    Remarkable job by Hartley and his staff. Feaster hired him. Wise move. Ditto the Bourque trade.

  • RedMan

    Flames are running a rookie laden group – definitely a rebuild-squad.

    So much for all the anger during the first week from everyone who grumbled about the lack of rookies in the line up.

    Yes – the team has performed anywhere from great to horrible this season (mostly good++) but that variation is expected in general over a season, even more so with all the young guys.

    Flames are fun to cheer for once again.

    tonight predict: 4-3 in overtime (flames)

    • everton fc

      Good post. I feel the same.

      Thank goodness Feaster picked Hartley as the one behind the bench for this rebuild. Good to see the Lightning hired him back, albeit in a lesser role. Good to have an income!

  • Parallex


    The Flames have room for 14 forwards.

    Here are the players I think are guaranteed to stay:

    Backlund, Bollig, Bouma, Byron, Colborne, Gaudreau, Glenx, Hudler, Jones, McGrattan, Monahan, Raymond.

    That’s 12 spots. I think these three others players have the inside track to remain, at least for the time being: Granlund, Jooris and Ferland. Whoever gets sent down I will be very sorry to see go although they should be back next year if not sooner.

    Solely on “earned not given” McGrattan would be waived, but I don’t see that happening. He may seen as necessary also for when we play LA, Anaheim, San Jose. Setogouchi seems much more expendable.

    That means when healthy bodies return Baertschi and Reinhart will go back to Adirondack.

    As soon as Colborne and Backlund are healthy there will be decisions to make. When Stajan returns there will be yet one spot less for Granlund, Jooris, Ferland. Will Treliving do something surprising like trade a vet? Calgary is very much in the hunt so far for 8th, so that could be risky for this year. Glad I’m not the GM.

    Am curious who other readers would keep and send back when the time comes?

    • everton fc

      Jooris isn’t going down. Probably ever. He’s the 4th line RW for good, me thinks.

      Granlund’s only challenge is in the face-off circle. Otherwise, he’s played adequate and lead all forwards in minutes vs. Florida. But Jooris is in a more secure spot than Grandlund.

      Ferland may have to go back down to see how he responds post-concussion. But he’ll be back, and may be the best of the bunch.

      McGrattan’s role in the league really doesn’t exist anymore. He is a waste of a roster spot, in my opinion.

      Is Setoguchi also hurt? Whatever the case, I think he’ll stick.

      Baerstchi needs to go down and prove himself via a full season in the AHL. Reinhart’s getting a look, which is good. He’ll be back on the farm when one of the aforementioned forwards returns.

      I’ve posted this before; I’d like to see Ferland on the right wing over Setoguchi. Ferland can also play on the left-side, as he’s a left-handed shot, but Byron will roll left when Colborne and Backlund return. Raymond’s return is missed in the above comment; he’s likely back as soon as Backlund. So with Jooris sticking, it’s probably Ferland going down, as well as Baertschi and Reinhart. Or Ferland stays and Setoguchi is waived.

      Glencross could also be moved. Move him for a defenceman. Or a prospect/pick.

  • ChinookArchYYC

    Good for Maxwell! I’m looking forward to seeing what Reinhart brings this time round. There’s noting wrong with a responsebly smart player that can provide some dependable minutes. I hope he gets more than a few shifts, if they do play him tonight.

  • Bean-counting cowboy






    IR: Stajan






    I feel like Granlund has earned a spot but I can’t see room for him when healthy (besides Staj).

    I think next years roster will have alot of youth and Glencross and McGrattan will move on and its more than likely that there won’t be room for players like Setoguchi and Byron. Even though I like Byron, its difficult to argue that a couple of Bennett, Granlund, Poirier and possibly Baertschi and Ferland won’t be ready for fulltime duty by then..

    • Bean-counting cowboy

      Regarding not having room for Granlund… many posters have talked about waiving Setoguchi. Not many have mentioned the possibility of waiving McGrattan. Grats “team guy” personality and tough guy approach may be what keeps him on the roster, but I think with the lack of games he is getting in, BT may consider waiving or trading the big fella. One can hope anyways (and I like Grats as a team guy and as a person – just not as a hockey player).

  • RedMan

    Bennett Should be approaching the halfway mark of his rehab, not? wont be long and we will get the pleasure of prognosticating about his debut and ceiling, etc.

    • RedMan

      I got 4 trashes and 3 thumbs-up on this?

      well, at least 3 of the trashes came from the same guy running different accounts…

      haha, oh well, i guess some people are easily entertained. 😀

  • RKD

    Colborne should be the closest to coming back, Seto left the Florida game with an upper body injury but he’s not listed as being injured. However, maybe Seto sits tonight. If Barts was being sent back we may have heard by now.

  • everton fc

    Tonight is Johnny Hockey night!

    – He picks up three points (1g 2a).

    – He goes +3 for the night.

    – He passes Forsberg in rookie +/-, rookie points, and rookie assists. And becomes top 5 in rookie goals.