Prospect Round-Up (November 21 2014)

It’s an off-day for your Calgary Flames (12-7-2) after a pretty entertaining but ultimately disappointing loss against the Chicago Blackhawks at the Saddledome.

With a slight lull as the team prepares for the New Jersey Devils tomorrow night, let’s check in with the kids in the system, shall we?


The Adirondack Flames don’t have the same level of offensive punch as the big club, but they’re been quite good lately, winning their last six games and eight of their last nine contests despite missing five forwards on recall to Calgary. They’re 9-6-1 and sit in second place in the AHL’s North Division.

Ben Hanowski and Bill Arnold are now tied with Michael Ferland with nine points for the team lead. Hanowski’s six goals leads the team. Corban Knight, Kenny Agostino and Ryan Culkin are right behind them with eight points, while Emile Poirier, Garnet Hathaway and Bryce van Brabant have seven points each.

Joni Ortio is 7-3-1 with a 3.56 goals against average and .894 save percentage. Back-up Brad Thiessen is 2-3-0 with a 2.27 goals against average and a .927 save percentage. Shockingly, they keep playing Ortio, potentially because he’s the better goalie and the numbers are still wonky from early in the year.

Way down in the ECHL, Curtis Gedig has seven points in nine games with Colorado, while Brett Kulak has two points in five games. Goalie Doug Carr is 4-2-0 with a 2.44 goals against average and an .888 save percentage.


Keegan Kanzig was traded from Victoria to the Calgary Hitmen two days ago and makes his Hitmen debut tonight. He had six assists in 21 games with the Royals, but zero goals.

Brandon’s Eric Roy has nine points in 16 games with the Wheat Kings. He’s fourth on the team in defensive scoring as an over-ager.

Regina’s Morgan Klimchuk has 14 points in 13 games, and also represented Team WHL in the Subway Super Series. He’s going to be in the mix for a World Junior roster spot for Team Canada, but he’ll be in tough to get one. For what it’s worth, ESPN’s Corey Pronman doesn’t have Klimchuk on his World Junior team.

Victoria over-ager Austin Carroll has 29 points in 21 games, second on the team in scoring and the leader among forwards. He’s doing the over-ager thing correctly.

Charlottetown goalie Mason McDonald is 9-8-1 with a 2.78 goals against average and a .913 save percentage. He’s seemingly figuring it out.

Oshawa forward Hunter Smith has 22 points in 20 games. He also has 44 penalty minutes, leading his team in that category.


Tim Harrison was scratched for Colgate last weekend, but he still has five points in 11 games this season.

Over in the Big 10, Michigan State’s Matt Deblouw has two goals in 10 games after being in and out of the line-up and barely putting up any points last year.

Providence College’s Mark Jankowski has five points in seven games. John Gilmour has two assists in seven games. Jon Gillies is 4-5-1 with a 2.26 goals against average and a .927 save percentage.

Over in Boston, BU defender Brandon Hickey has 3 assists in 8 games. For the curious, teammate Jack Eichel has 15 points in the same number of games.


Rushan Rafikov captained Team Russia to a Subway Super Series win – they won four of the six games in the tournament. Rafikov had three points. Back in Russia, he has 12 points in 17 games with the VHL’s HK Ryazan. He’s a virtual lock for a World Junior spot.

Adam Ollas Mattsson has one assist in 14 games in the SHL with Djurgardens. He had five points in 10 games with their junior club before being promoted. He’s a strong contender for a spot on the World Junior team for Sweden, given he’s 18 and playing pro.

  • yomamen11

    AHL Flames have played much better, good to see. Bring up Knight! He seems to dominate faceoffs down there whenever I watch. Does anyone know the faceoff numbers for the Flames in the AHL?

    • Parallex

      Yes, by all accounts he has been dominating the last few weeks, based on watching online I believe his faceoffs for the year are close to, if not over 70%. Last weekend alone he was over 80% I believe. But he is doing more than just faceoffs, he is dominating in all aspects of the game and used in all situations. It is a bit misleading to do a ‘prospect roundup’ and just state points. Points aren’t necessarily the best indicator of how someone is playing. Hopefully he has another strong weekend!

  • Parallex

    Just an FYI on Hockey Prospectus Radio (The podcast from Hockey Prospectus) they were discussing the OHL portion of the Super Series and apparently Rafikov stood out. Sure would be nice if we could get a regular D-man out of a 7th round pick.

    • Parallex

      Yep, if the other NHL teams won’t let the Flames have multiple first round picks with which to draft a generational player, I guess they’ll just have to be satisfied with picking up quality players up and down the order.

  • Parallex

    I must say I am pleased to see Hanowski, Agostino, Cundari, Poirier and Klimchuk playing well.

    This means the returns for Iginla and JBo were not as bad as I originally thought!

        • RedMan

          Your basically getting Klimchuk, Poirier and Augostino for Iginla and JBo.

          I have my fingers crossed on Klimchuk and hopes he develops as expected. I believe Poirier and Augostino will be great Pro’s!

        • smith

          2 guys trending towards being career AHL players, 1 who may be a bottom. 6 energy guy, a terrible goalie who burke somehow got a 2nd for, and 2 youngsters, 1 of which will hopefully be a top. 6 player. For an Olympic winner post trade and a player still playing top 6 minutes elsewhere. Iggy was a tough trade but J- Bo could have gotten us way more. Eyes rolled right back at you

          • Kevin R

            Canada would have won a gold medal with or without JayBo in the lineup.

            We could judge JayBo by his track record in the playoffs, except he doesn’t have one. The Flames got a fair return for a guy who has never shown up when it mattered the most.

            Jaybo is a solid 3rd or 4th defenseman, that’s it. He could be a lot more than that, but he’s a disappearing act far too often and most of his giveaways stemmed from trying to avoid getting hit in the defensive zone.

          • Kevin R

            And you know for a fact Detoit would have upped the anti on JayBo?

            Kulikov is about seven years younger than Bouwmeester and his one season of junior he accumulated 62 points (one better than JayBo’s best season in the Dub). So it would make sense that Detroit would be willing to throw in a first rounder for a much younger player.

            My initial response was generated because you’ve twice alluded to Bouwmeester’s inclusion on Canada’s gold medal team. Yes, the guy can skate like the wind, and because it was the Olympics and a larger ice surface, it was an ideal situation for a guy who goes out of his way not to get hit.

            How relevant the stats I am about to write here are up to you:

            His last full season in Calgary he was tied with Tim Jackman with the worst +/- on the team.

            He’s played 12 career playoff games in the NHL, all with St Louis. He has two points.

            He played 18 playoff games with the Chicago Wolves in 2005. He had no points.

            He played four seasons in the Dub. He never saw playoff action.

            He is presently tied with Laddy Smid with one point this year. Deryk freaking Engelland is outscoring him.

            I will never argue Jay Bouwmeester’s skill set. But he doesn’t have another gear when push comes to shove. He is one of the softest players I have ever seen suit up in a Flames’ uniform.

          • Kevin R

            Yes, Detroit was willing to up the anti. He was their Plan A. And, they wanted a more veteran puck mover than Kulikov. They wanted a finished product for their veteran team. He is more sought after than you realize. He is a mobile shutdown defender who can skate or pass a puck out of pressure situations. Our Olympic head coach used him in that role as I’m sure he would have in Detroit.

          • Kevin R

            Show me a link where Ken Holland admitted as much, and I will have no problem happily admitting that you are right and I am wrong.

            As for Bouwmeester, no issues with his skill, as I said. But he’s not tough and he’s on the wrong side of thirty. I don’t care about his ironman streak because he goes out of his way to avoid the areas of the ice that might put him on the IR.

            The Flames are a much better team without him, even though he would look okay on a second pairing with Russell or Wideman now that the team has two bona fide number one defensemen who are also “mobile, shut down defenders who can skate or pass a puck out of pressure situations.” The difference is, Gio and Brodie are vastly superior to Bouwmeester offensively, and with those two in front of him, at least JayBo could play sheltered minutes.

          • Kevin R

            There’s no link as this was a personal conversation with someone other than holland. The whole argument from me isn’t about whether he is good or not. It’s the fact that Feaster botched this opportunity.

          • Kevin R

            Well, I’m sorry, but then your statement just becomes a rumor that can’t be verified.

            St Louis was (and is) in more of a win-now mode than Detroit. Secondly, I could see why Detroit would include a first rounder for Kulikov (who’d have been 22 at the time) but not for JayBo (who was approaching 30).

            Either way, I was not disappointed when the Flames traded Bouwmeester. Perhaps the Flames could have got more for him, and they may have been smarter to hang onto him heading into the draft, but who knows?

            As someone mentioned earlier, the trade deadline isn’t what it once was and teams are a lot more careful about tossing draft picks and prospects away for expensive veterans. We got a first rounder for Bouwmeester and a couple of mid-grade prospects.

            And St Louis still hasn’t made it out of the first round in two tries with Bouwmeester in their lineup. Just saying.

          • Kevin R

            A team with kronwall, daytsuk, zetterberg, Howard and franson was looking to win now at that deadline. Plus, they even gave up a first for Kyle Quincy. Feaster failed at the deadline

          • Kevin R

            I cannot automatically agree with your comments nor your “source” if you are simply going to make a blanket statement that you are privy to information that wasn’t made public.

            Think about it.

            If I said to you that “so and so said such and such” without backing up the claim, how willing would you be to take my word for it?

            If you are going to come on here and tell us that you have information none of us have or had, it leaves some questions, no?

            I don’t like nebulous information that is open to judgement. Either state your source and verify the information or don’t bring it up at all.

    • RedMan

      Cundari will never play for the Flames he is simply not good enough given his age and where he is at with his development.

      I believe we should have received a lot more for JBo other than what will turn out to be Poirier. Although Poirier will be great player we should have received more for a world class defenseman! JBo had a year remaining on his contract and Feaster should have not panicked!

  • Kevin R


    I don’t really understand what the hate is about the diminishing returns on those two trades. We should always consider the circumstances and the market at the time in context to properly evaluate those two trades…

    First, as much as I loved Iggy, he was under-performing at the time and despite not having a NTC, tried to exercise that right and handcuffed Feaster. Feaster probably could have still pulled the trigger on the Boston trade and dodge the scrutiny of the fans and the media and the whole thing would have been over quietly. But he chose to respect the longtime Flames hero and got a slightly underwhelming return on Iggy, compared to what Boston was reportedly promising. Can’t really blame him for respecting a classy guy, the team owed him at least that much.

    Second, if I remember correctly, the fans’ consensus around JayBo was that he was a terribly mediocre player who was not outstanding at anything, including the offense aspect which was the expectation when he was acquired from Florida. A lot of people wanted him out for whatever returns they could get, and the truth is, Flames were probably selling low on that asset. I admit this one hurt a little bit, considering that he wasn’t going to be an UFA, but he was also getting paid 7mil to skate in pretty circles and not score points. So again, a little underwhelming, but I don’t think it was completely off.

    Another thing to consider is that the TDL market is changing. This is no longer the the time when playoff rentals held premium prices, as teams started to realize that trying to acquire expensive and major assets more than halfway through the season doesn’t always work out to extend the playoff run. The whole trend is that major TDL deals are becoming less extreme and less frequent and that’s not Feaster’s fault.

    And lastly, the acquired assets from those two trades have turned out fine. Berra turned into a second rounder, Poirier is looking like a steal, Klimchuck is going to be a solid two-way player, and Hanowski and Agostino are going to be fine depth options.

    The man brought in the assets and picks that are turning out solidly, as our current record shows. Criticize him for some of the questionable trades he made, but give credit where it’s due.

    • Peplinski's Thunderbird

      The Iggy trade can be dismissed as bad trade due to the Org’s desire to send him where he wanted to go. There’s no such excuse for the J-Bo deal. If there wasn’t a market for him, Feaster should not have traded him at all, with a year left on his deal. Feaster may not get enough credit for his drafting success (Janko notwithstanding), but his trade record was horrible.

    • Peplinski's Thunderbird

      J- Bo was not a diminishing return as witnessed by his performance since including an Olympic gold. Plus, there was no hurry. He was traded 4-5 days from the deadline plus he still had a year left on his contract. He was Plan A for Detroit who were willing to part with one of jurco/jarncrok plus oulette plus a first which would have still netted us Poirier. That trade could have been so much more

      • Rockmorton65

        The Detroit deal fell through because they wouldn’t include their first, as I recall. There was a rumour that Feaster asked JBo where he wanted to go, and he said Detroit or StL. Feaster wanted to send him where JBo wanted to play more than just getting the best return. A bad choice, hockey wise, but shows where Feaster’s priorities were.

        • Kevin R

          Feaster didn’t show patience. When J-Bo fell through 5 days before the deadline, Detroit included their first for Kulikov who was their plan B. I wonder what a patient Feaster could have received?

  • scoopz

    What’s the deal with Hanowski? is he just a finisher? Sounds like a guys that gets to good areas of the ice for good looks. Wonder if he might be someone to try with gaudreau at some point…

    • RedMan

      Hanowski will never be a regular NHL’er. He is simply not tough enough physically to play bottom 6. He is big and not really a big goal scorer. Yes I know he recently scored a hat trick.

      He is well past his prime given his age he will be in tough…IMO!

  • RedMan

    1)______ is is just me, or does Glencross look like he has lost a lot of his speed?

    2)______ Also, does Glencross seem to be out of sync a bit with the others?

    curious as to others impressions, not to hate on Glenny cause ive always liked him, but… just seems to my eye…

    • smith

      100% agreed.

      Even though his skating is decent, he seems like he isn’t up to speed with the timing of the play. Then that trickles into everything else like passing into linemates feet, mishandling incoming passes, and generally not being right-place/right-time. Unless he’s parked in front of the net waiting.

  • RedMan

    Nice to see Baby Flames are scoring by committee, just like the parent Flames with key players mising from their line-up, even though for different reasons…

  • Burnward

    That forward depth has to open up some real possibilities for Treliving.

    As much as everyone preaches patience…this gives him some ammo to put together something pretty damn sweet.

    And cap space. Sweet, sweet cap space.

    • Peplinski's Thunderbird

      Flames saving cap space for next year…they gotta pay some of these young stars if they keep developing as fast as they are!

      Maybe get Jeff Petry, soon to be UFA from the Oilers, but contract has tobe lower than Gio and Brodie…

  • smith

    I am very disappointed in the growth of our youngest prospects. It really seams like we drafted very well in the 2010 draft considering where the picks were, very good in 2011, poorly in 2012, good in first round 2013 and again good in 2014 first round. Our depth picks seem really poor in the most recent years.

    I am just not excited about any of the later picks like I was for Brodie, Gaudreau, Ferland, Reinhart, Granlund, etc…

    • Nick24

      I’d like to remind you Jon Gillies was a 3rd round pick in 2012, and he’s pretty amazing! Also, Culkin is having a fantastic year in the American league so far, and I was expecting him to be ECHL bound.

      I will say I’m disappointed in Kulak so far, I was really hoping that he would have a good year, maybe he’ll figure it out though.

    • Kevin R

      Can’t agree. Probably if you waited a couple years to put the new draftees at the same point in their development as the players you mentioned you’d see something different.

  • redricardo

    Glad to hear Rafikov is developing nicely. A 7th round pick that is decent is found money.

    Has anyone heard if he has any desire to come over, or if we’re just going to own the rights to a decent KHLer?

  • redricardo

    Ortio (and coincidentally, Adirondack) have been doing quite well lately. They just beat San Antonio (the team backstopped by Kristers “Good Goalie” Gudlevskis) 4-1. Poirier had two points, giving him a share of the team lead in just 8 games.

    Hell of a prospect, that Rocketskates.

    • Kevin R

      The win was against the Syracuse (NY) Crunch, Tampa Bay’s farm team. And yes, Ortio, Poirier, Vause, Arnold and many others had good games. Adirondack is currently on a 7-game winning streak.

  • redricardo

    Off topic here: Anyone else getting tired of this pj stock guy on tv trashing the flames all the time? What a goof ball know it all! True blue wind bag from the center of our universe TO

    • Kevin R

      PJ & his buddy Healey need to have a 2 by 4 smacked across the head. Maybe Burkie should call SN & file a formal complaint about how unprofessional PJ was the other night. Personally I prefer just smacking him. How do these clowns have jobs is beyond me.

  • Rock

    I was surprised we got anything for Jaybo watching him play was so disheartening never checked a player unless he was pushing him into his own goalie a first round pick for a over paid defenceman what a steal. Our defence is way better without him then it ever was with him.

  • Kevin R

    Man, once players get back our forward depth will be unreal. Somethings gotta give here, there are too many bodies.


    Jones, McG, Raymond, Bollig, Seto, Sven

    Who’s in? Who’s out? Who’s up? Who’s down?

  • Kevin R

    Also, Detroit, sans JayBo, made it to game seven in the second round in 2013. You might say they’d have done better with Bouwmeester in the lineup, and I might say Detroit would have lost in the first round if “Mr Corner Avoider” had been in the Red Wings’ lineup.

    Alas, we’ll never know, except in 30 playoff games between the NHL and AHL, Bouwmeester has a whopping two points.

    • Kevin R

      Fair enough. I’m not willing to say how I know and you have every right based on that to think Feaster got the best return he could. Wonder why he got fired ?

      • Kevin R

        No, I don’t wonder why Feaster got fired. Any number of things. He didn’t get enough for Iggy nor JayBo, then there is Ryan O’Reilly, Mark Jankowski, among other such debacles.

        I really don’t have an issue if you have insider info, but unless you are willing to state who you are and who your source is, it’s meaningless after-the-fact information that means nothing to me.

        I already know you are not Elliotte Friedman, as he’d be too busy to banter back and forth with me.

        Give us all a tidbit no one else knows, and let’s see if it comes to fruition.

        Until then, sorry, you are Clyde, not Eric Duhatschek nor the lowly Steve Simmons. You are a poster on FN who claims to know something the rest of us don’t, but aren’t willing to divulge WHO you are and where your information comes from.