Alert: Devin Setoguchi On Waivers!

As the Calgary Flames prepare for a game tonight in San Jose, some news came down the pipeline.

If Setoguchi is not claimed by 10am MT tomorrow, presumably he’ll be sent down to Adirondack of the AHL. However, if he clears, he can be sent down anytime in the next (a) 30 days on NHL roster or (b) 10 NHL games played, whichever comes first.

“Gooch” has 0 points and a minus-7 rating in 12 games this season. He made the team out of camp. For comparison, here’s how the call-up kids have done.

  • Josh Jooris: 9 points in 16 games, +1
  • Markus Granlund: 9 points in 12 games, +2
  • Sven Baertschi: 3 points in 10 games, -4
  • Michael Ferland: 1 point in 4 games, even
  • Max Reinhart: 0 points in 4 games, -3
  • Corban Knight: 0 points in 2 games, even

You can make a pretty compelling argument that any one of these guys have earned NHL minutes with their effort so far more than Setoguchi. Based on the move this morning, Flames management agrees with that assessment.

  • Parallex

    It was bound to happen sooner or later.

    I still think he was a good signing… he cost the NHL minimum and had he bounced back he would have been a delicious trade chip but he didn’t bounce back and at this point his only value is that he can be a spare forward that you don’t feel bad about sitting more often then not.

    • Captain Ron

      Yeah! He flew under the radar for 12 games..must have been Hartley pounding on Treliving’s office door to get rid of this lazy bum that did it!

      Can the Baby Flames put him on waivers too?

  • The Last Big Bear

    I’ll be honest, given Colborne’s past history, I’m VERY concerned about his injury.

    I think there is a real chance that this is a career-limiting injury. T

    The problems he’s had with his wrist may be part of the reason the Leafs were willing to cut bait on an otherwise extremely high ceiling player.

  • piscera.infada

    Is Baertschi next to be dealt with?
    Baby flames haven’t lost a game since Sven got called up, and their goals against is way down as well.
    Wonder if the Oilers would consider Seto and Baertschi for Yakupov, two early first rounders for one, haha…

      • playastation

        Yakupov was brought in too early, as per usual with that team, and, well, he’s an Oiler. Everybody sucks there, it seems. Had he been drafted by, say Detroit, he’d look much, much better. In fact, look at his rookie season; he’s only gotten worse. What does that say about the Oilers?

        That said, what’s with everyone wanting to trade with those losers? I hate that that tradition was ever broken and would prefer it be reestablished.

      • RKD

        Horak is a 6 foot centre, 23 years old and has 15 goals in 29 games in the KHL this a qualifying offer from the oilers before he abandoned ship, so will be oiler property if he returns to the NHL…why did the Flames trade him?

      • Rock

        Horak is a 6 foot centre, 23 years old and has 15 goals in 29 games in the KHL this a qualifying offer from the oilers before he abandoned ship, so will be oiler property if he returns to the NHL…why did the Flames trade him?

  • BurningSensation

    If the Oilers come calling I’d send them Granlund or Jooris for Marincin.

    The big Slovak is a gem, 6’5″, over 200lbs, and the corgis mostly run the right direction on a team where they typically flee at the first sign of trouble.

    Getting a potential top 4 defender like him for either Granlund or Jooris (who I both like just fine thanks) would be a coup.

    Personally, I hope all the Oilers making a trade smoke results in them sending away Perron and Petry for Jack Johnson.

  • playastation

    JMK wrote:

    Any word on who’s back from injury (I assume) or perhaps called up in his stead??

    I believe that only David Jones travelled with the team. Waiting for tonight’s lineup being postred on Flames website.


  • Parallex

    Appears Corban Knight also been sent to Adirondack… probably only a paper transaction to clear the 23man until Setoguchi is either claimed or demoted.

    I hope so Knight was solid on the dot and looks the part for 4th line C (obligatory SSS disclaimer).

    • Rock

      Big EM gives character to the room and is good with the young players and willing to sit in the press box you need players like that. All you have to do is look north and you will see how a team fairs without a tough player or two

  • RKD

    It’s about time! I was skeptical about this signing but I had some hope he was just going through a rough patch. Sadly, like many of us we were mistaken. It became apparent when he had a poor training camp and pre-season not to mention being a healthy scratch numerous times that this guy was being out-competed by AHL players. I’m sure he’s a good guy but if you don’t want to work to earn your spot then you sure don’t deserve it.