Setoguchi to AHL, Knight Re-Recalled

Some minor Flames roster news for your afternoon.

  • Devin Setoguchi cleared waivers.
  • Devin Setoguchi was assigned to the AHL’s Adirondack Flames.
  • To fill Setoguchi’s vacated roster spot, Corban Knight – sent to the AHL yesterday – has been recalled (again) from the Baby Flames.

The Flames sit at 23 healthy bodies right now. Mikael Backlund, Joe Colborne, Matt Stajan and Mason Raymond remain on the injured reserve, while Sam Bennett is on the non-roster injured list.

  • everton fc

    Seto still young enough and in his prime. Hopefully he will be able to get his game back in Addy. Easy to bash him but I personally hope he can put his game together and can help sometime in the future!

    Knight is in tough unless he can get some top 6 minutes. He is a finesse player and can win face offs. I like this kid!

  • RedMan

    hope seto finds his mojo again or at the very least doesnt interupt the positives on the farm… its gotta be hard to stay positive under such condition… i feel for him.

  • beloch

    The gooch’s contract is one-way, so he’ll be making ten times what his linemates in Adirondack are. Maybe that will spur something. Maybe the fact that not one NHL club wanted him on their active roster will force him to realize he needs to work hard if he wants to play even one more game in the NHL. If he doesn’t turn it around in Addy, he’s probably done.

  • beloch

    Most agree he was worth a shot. Too bad it didn’t work out, but it’s not an albatross contract. Hopefully, he goes down to Addy in a good frame of mind and helps some of the younger players where he can. If he’s a good soldier and works on his game and figures out what went wrong, maybe he’ll be back up or another team will take a chance on him next year. Looking at some of the players Edmonton is currently dressing, he’d probably be an upgrade up north.

  • RKD

    Seto’s career has faded like Cheechoo and Wellwood and Dany Heatley. It’s only a matter of time before the Gooch is out of the AHL. Some people may disagree but Knight looks invisble out there. For a guy who was supposedly coveted by a lot of teams he looks ordinary out there. I had much higher hopes for Knight but frankly he’s been outshined by a lot of other players. You can’t just be a face-off guy. Granted it’s only been two games but he hasn’t shown me anything to indicate he’s moving in the right direction. Let’s see a bigger sample size to know for sure.

    • Burnward

      For one, you can just be a faceoff guy and make a career of it. There have been plenty of guys do this. But more importantly Knight isn’t just a faceoff guy, he has a great offensive upside and is a very intelligent hockey player in the offensive and defensive zone. He has not been afforded the same opportunity as a guy like Jooris or Granlund( minutes, pp, pk), for whatever reason. Despite his limited minutes(less than 7 min/game) this season, he has been good in those games, spending a lot of time in the offensive zone, creating chances, and winning face-offs at a clip of 82%, what more do you expect from a ‘fourth line player’?. If you were to see Knight on a consistent basis with consistent minutes he would be that player the fans are hoping for. As management/coaching staff you can’t expect a player to have an impact in the limited situation he has been given. Let’s hope that changes sooner rather than later because he is the type of player that can be a BIG help for Calgary in the future.

  • Burnward

    Would like to see Knight afforded the same ice time, role, and leash that Byron (47 games, 14 min. TOI/gm, 50 5v5CF%) and Colborne (80 games, 14 min. TOI/gm, 45 5v5CF%) were given last season; that’s a pretty good, long look. I believe his abilities will translate well to an NHL centre that can play up and down the lineup. The ‘seasoning’ in the AHL has helped, and now is the time.