Sunday Open Thread: Go Stamps Go


It’s Grey Cup Sunday, so we – like the rest of the city – are taking today off to watch football. The big game starts at 4pm MT on TSN. Have fun everybody, and we’ll catch up with y’all on Monday.

  • prendrefeu

    This was the first season I watched CFL…

    and to be honest, CFL is far superior to the NFL. Sure the money is higher in the NFL, there are more teams, and it’s more commercial… but for how the game is played, the CFL is by far more exciting to watch.

    • Canucks Suck

      I don’t know who trashed this because he is totally right. I like both games but the CFL is just a far more exciting league. In the NFL if you get ahead by 2 touchdowns the defense comes on and locks up the game. The CFL has comebacks and all sorts of unpredictability. I hate it when people rip the cfl, they are two completely different types of football.

      and back into lurking I go.

    • playastation

      I can’t agree. The on field product, especially this year, has been nothing short of brutal. The east had 3 wins total as a conference 4 weeks into the season. The leading rusher for the entire league only played 9 games. The first east playoff game had one team up 55 – 0 at some point, and the first west playoff game had the winning qb finish with 49 yards passing.

      The NFL has teams running vastly different offenses all the time. The read-option is relatively new with a new crop of young fast qb’s. Chip Kelly is running a play every 30 seconds. The pocket passing qb’s of old are still having amazing seasons, and kickers are hitting from 55 plus yards with regularity.

      The NFL is just much more interesting and the talent level of the players allows it to be so.

      • piscera.infada

        Couldn’t agree more, and that doesn’t even touch on the structural differences between the leagues. The beauty of football is the chess match, and that is severely limited in the CFL.

  • RKD

    Awesome! As a Stamps fan, it feels great to win the Grey Cup. Cornish a decoy? Not so sure, he took a couple of big licks. Maver took a massive hit on a block. If not for the penalty, Banks would have had the TD and probably the Grey Cup. The Stamps left a lot of points on the table but so did the Cats. The stop on Grigsby was massive. The real star is Bo Levi Mitchell, 16-2 as a starter, kudos to Tate for the 2 TDs on the short yardage plays.

    • I laughed when he called himself a decoy too. He was way more cloak and dagger than he was in the western final, but I mean he still had some useful touches. It’s true that he is somehow able to get 3+ extra yards as he is falling down.

      “I’ll take dat doe.”