News and Notes – December 1 2014

Some rapid-fire news and notes for your Monday afternoon!

  • Flames captain Mark Giordano had been named the NHL’s First Star for the month of November. The blueliner had 4 goals and 12 assists in 13 games (the Flames went 9-4-0).
  • Flames goalie Karri Ramo has been named the NHL’s Third Star of the week after winning three consecutive starts and having two consecutive shut-outs.
  • Ramo will be starting against Arizona tomorrow night.
  • Matt Stajan returned to practice. He’s working on getting back into game shape, in a similar manner as Michael Ferland did once he was medically cleared. Mason Raymond is reportedly close to joining the main group, as well.
  • Morgan Klimchuk was invited to Canada’s World Junior camp later this month. Fellow Flames prospect Rushan Rafikov has been invited to Russia’s camp.
  • Jon Gillies got a shut-out on Saturday against Boston College. Mark Jankowski had the assist on the only goal of the game as Providence College beat the Eagles 1-0. Gillies was named Hockey East’s Defensive Player of the Week for his back-to-back shut-outs, as he also blanked Army on Tuesday.
  • Orpo

    Woah… by my crude estimate if calgary flames play .500 hockey for the next 50 games they’ll (most likely) clinch a wildcard spot or better and there will still be seven games left!

  • Orpo

    Woah… by my crude estimate if calgary flames play .500 hockey for the next 50 games they’ll (most likely) clinch a wildcard spot or better and there will still be seven games left!

  • Orpo

    Woah… by my crude estimate if calgary flames play .500 hockey for the next 50 games they’ll (most likely) clinch a wildcard spot or better and there will still be seven games left!

  • RKD

    Gio is out of this world, nice to see some recognition by the NHL. According to Treliving all the injured players except for Backlund should be back before Christmas. Some big decisions to be made, the first two guys to go down will be Knight and Barts. Then they have to decide on what to do with the others. I don’t think they should send down Granlund or Jooris. Stajan will be harder to move given his contract. The clock is ticking on Glencross, it’s Dec. 1 and he doesn’t have a new contract and I think the Flames will have Hartley’s deal done before Christmas. I just can’t see Treliving giving GlenX a 5 year deal at $5 million with a NTC. Burke didn’t trade Cammy and we got nothing while he signed for $25 million. Don’t make the mistake with GlenX.

    • Burke didn’t trade Cammy because he was offered magic beans for him (ie a third or fourth round pick). Sometimes a team has to take a stand, but yes, I agree, trade Glenny, but don’t wait until the trade deadline. It doesn’t provide the bounty it once did.

      • Unless the player you are trading is in high demand. But in this case you’re right, GlenX will most likely not fetch such a bounty at the trade deadline vs. being traded any other time. Hopefully someone somewhere is working on something.

      • Kevin R

        I would still make that trade, even if it wasn’t fair value. Given the circumstances, flames were not going to make the playoffs that year, Cammy was going to sign else where regardless of what we did, so any extra picks would be a bonus. The flames would have gotten more youth that could potentially become NHL players in the future. All by trading someone that wasn’t going to impact the team in the future. I’m still disappointed the flames didn’t get anything or make a trade.

        • supra steve

          If BB took whatever he could get for Cammi last season, would he still have got a 2nd rounder from Colorado for Berra? Word was they were reluctant to pay that price but eventually did, when it became clear that BB was not budging on his asking price.

          And when the 2015 trade deadline rolls around would other clubs KNOW that as the clock ticked down, the Flames would budge from their asking price and eventually take whatever they can get for whatever assets we have available?

          Would have been great to get an asset for Cammi, but to take whatever is offered could come back to bite you on the ass in future dealings. I respect the stance that was taken.

    • McRib

      Cammy and Glencross are not even in the same realm. As for Stajan he lacks the skill but he goes out there and plays by Hartleys system and doesnt complain about his 4th line minutes. I wouldn’t want to send Jooris or Granlund down for him but I’d much rather have Stajan in the lineup then letting Glencross slug around the ice for 12 minutes a game. He just looks down right lazy.

    • McRib

      If Tristan Jarry was having a good season he would have forced Hockey Canada’s hand to replace Fucale… Oh wait, he was just named WHL Goaltender of the week to go along with a 0.920 SV% on a below average Oil Kings team after they graduated so many players this offseason, at least Comrie made it hopefully they make him the starter. We all know where Fucale got us last year.

  • everton fc

    I think Knight and Baertschi definitely go down. That allows you to bring back two of the three on the shelf.

    I don’t see Backlund back before mid-January. So one player is left to either go down, get traded, or waived. And I think it should be McGrattan. But it will probably be Ferland.

    Don’t worry about Jooris being sent down – he’ll never play another minor league game. And I don’t think Granlund’s going anywhere. Which really leave you with Ferland or McGrattan. Really. One of these two needs to be in the press box most nights. And it won’t be Ferland. Tough on this kid, who is my favourite Flame prospect. But the 4th line will be Bouma/Stajan/Jooris. Where else can you play Stajan? Unless you move Granlund to the wing, which still doesn’t help Ferland.

    I’d have to see it more visually, “on paper”, but it seems the decisions won’t be so tough.

    Of course, they could trade Glencross for a 3/4 d-man and Ferland becomes a regular, everyday NHL wing. But I doubt that happens.

    • Jeff Lebowski

      Respectfully, we fans get caught up in a lot of guessing. We don’t have all the info about players, injuries, contract negotiations, team dynamics etc.

      Basically we run with a lot of made up stuff.

      It’s fine because it’s just good for discussion but I think every player makes contributions that are sometimes under-appreciated. Sometimes, I really believe, the players who get slammed the most are the most beneficial to the team ie McGrattan, Bollig etc – Just look at how Hartley went out of his way to praise Brandon for taking it right in the lips!

      All the players on this team are valuable to winning – it’s why you can’t just go by stats or especially fan fiction.

      Didn’t Ferland play great in ARZ? Wow! Hopefully all the Flames keep going and improving. So much fun to watch!!!

      • everton fc

        I never mentioned Bollig, but I hear what you’re saying. Bollig makes McGratta expendable. And I hope Ferland is kept up. He needs this level of competition to grow.

  • Oilers are going to get McDavid. We’re screwed when he gets to his prime. It’s just unfair. I get that we’re going in the right direction, but you just know that the x factor that’ll make game breaking plays and win games for the oilers in crucial situations will be mcdavid. In the future we both teams make the playoffs, mcdavid will give the oilers a better chance at going far.

    I get that teams win cups and not franchise players. But man…them getting mcdavid or eichel just hurts. If it’s any team that needs a player like that, it’s Columbus or us.

    • prendrefeu

      You’re assuming a lot.

      1) McDavid will never have an injury or concussion prior to his “prime” which will affect his abilities to perform to his full potential.
      2) McDavid will not flop.
      3) McDavid will want to play for the Oilers.

      Seriously, get over the whole “we need a generational player” cow feces. It’s been covered before, the model is long outdated. There are too many easy examples to prove the ‘tank for a generational player’ mindset to be naïve.

      • McRib

        I would add that Edmonton is not even guaranteed to draft McDavid…

        In my opinion, if Edmonton does land a top three pick, they would be better off to trade it. That team doesn’t have time to wait for a young player like McDavid or Eichel to develop, and risk losing a guy like Taylor Hall.

        • That’s a good point. They would probably still snare McDavid if given the chance. Letting him fall into the “wrong hands” (ie. any team that can beat them, or 29 other teams) would result in additional guaranteed losses for the Oil each season every time they play against him. But they may want to seriously consider trading their pick if they don’t win the lottery. That Eichel pick would put a couple nice D-men (and then some?) on their dinner table.

      • Rockmorton65

        Exactly. The last “generational” player drafted was Crosby. He’s been in the league 9 years and has one cup to his name. And that’s with Malkin riding shotgun. Gretzky played 20+ years and only lifted the cup 4 times. Even with the best of the best, the key is to build a strong supporting cast.

        Personally, I think someone like McDavid could pull an Eric Lindros and tell the Oilers not to draft him. It’s started with FAs and probably won’t be long until draft picks follow suit.

    • Kevin R

      The Oilers will draft McDavid or Eichel,but will have one hell of a problem getting either to sign a contract.I could see both of these guys telling Oiler management not to bother including them in there future plans.AT that point the Oilers trade said player after picking him or trade the pick..

  • KiLLKiND

    Ya I seem to remember everyone fawning over Taylor Hall, now he’s probably leading the NHL in turnovers that lead to goals. Ovechkin is generational but can’t seem to win when it matters. Great players make a hell of a difference for sure, but great systems and great teachers win cups.

    • supra steve

      Almost as bad (just as bad? Worse?) Ference publicly trashed the youth of the team saying they had no pride or work ethic.

      The Oilers are going to be an interesting case study until the end of time.

      Rex, what have you to say?

      • everton fc

        Good for Ference. He’s right. Perhaps their kids are primadonas, looking for a way out. Not caring, not coming ready to “giver”… A great way to get benched, then moved. Not the answer.

        The answers lie behind the bench, but Eakins has Ference’s support. He says it’s not the coaching staff, it’s the players. Still, a great coach would be able to inspire these kids. And the vets.

        The front office has put together a group that hasn’t, and will not ever “gel”. They are doomed until they punt Lowe and McTavish, and Eakins. All have to go. Move Bylsma in there. Bring Botterill from Pittsburgh with him. They know one another. Botterill’s a local boy with no ties to the Oiler organization.

        To me, Ference is a good captain who has also been tuned out by the players he’s leading. Not his fault. Move Yakupov. Move Schultz. Do what the Flames did and reward some of the kids on the farm. Start there. What do you have to lose? Games?? That’s already happening.

        Ference will someday make a good coach, me thinks. He’d actually be a far better 5/6 with Smid. Good for the kids. Good role model. But it is interesting he seems to toally support Eakins, the staff, and their system. But when the coaches can’t inspire players, when they are perhaps under pressure from the top to treat the kids w/”kid gloves”…

        You reap what you sow.

  • Erico

    Let’s remember that GlenX is an extremely valuable piece for any team down the stretch. Just because he has been iffy for us this season, does not mean he won’t be a player GM’s will drool over.
    Look at the positives,
    – Free agent at the end of the year
    – Great (Cheap) contract
    – Hard nosed player
    – Scoring touch
    – Can help any line

    And maybe the biggest one of all is that he is NOT being compared to the rest of the league at the deadline, he is being compared to whoever else is available at the time. Yes, he is having a tough year compared to others like him, but at the deadline, those comparisons don’t matter, because GM’s are only looking at actual options at that point, not everyone else.

    That is exactly what happened to Cammy last year, compared to the others available, he was down the list a bit. His contract along with others available at the time meant he was downt the list a ways. I do not think Glen X is the same, based on his contract and comparisons.

  • supra steve

    The difference between the Flames trying to trade Cammy and Glencross, is that this season the team is challenging for a divisional lead not the #1 overall draft pick. Dealing from a position of seasonal strength and organizational depth, means we don’t have to trade him just to get a pick. Treliving can play hardball. I don’t think Glencross on his own gets you more than a 3rd and maybe a later round pick, but if Treliving were to say eat half the salary, making him even more cap friendly, add a mid teir prospect, like a Reinhart, and a 2016 2nd rounder, he may be able to land a very nice defensive prospect. I think it may take a little more than this to land Morrisey from the Peg, but they are light on offense and loaded with defensemen.

    • Willi P

      While I agree it would be great to make this move, I don’t think there is a chance Glencross will waive his NMC to go anywhere, nor does he have to. If the Flames continue this improbable run, they will need players like him in the playoffs any way. Further, all though Glencross says we will not take another home town discount, he wants to play in Alberta and I highly doubt he signs with the other Alberta team given that they let him walk and the disaster that is the Oilers. I think Treliving will offer a fair team friendly extension deal before the deadline. IMO, if Curtis declines, he will not waive, will play out the year in Calgary and chase the big bucks close to home. Maybe Vancouver or Denver.

    • Kevin R

      Flames are in a way different position this year. They actually have a very reasonable chance to be right in the thick of being in the playoffs. Short of a complete meltdown of epic proportions similar to up North, Flames will either be in a playoff position or right in the thick of it. So what do you do? Right now the vultures are circling for pieces of meat off that rotting carcus called the Oilers, who is going to trade too many pieces when you can possibly get a filet for the same price. So BT just has to play it cool, continue to be the Canadian feel good story in the NHL & watch the value of some of our players continue to rise. Depending where we stand come middle of January, that is when moves can be made. If we’re relatively healthy, I would love to see a deal like what Wolf proposed & see if we can use Glencross/Baers & maybe a later pick to acquire a young dman we can fold into the lineup during the stretch run. If we think we are too far back & “regression” really has brought us back down to Earth, then sell for futures but still try to pull off a Wolf kind of trade scenario. If the market is as tight as last year & returns are underwhelming & we are in the hunt, I would just as soon hang on to GlenX & others to keep for the stretch & possible playoffs. In no circumstances should we be buyers.

  • everton fc

    Oilers should trade everybody if possible. Doesn’t matter what they get back.

    Lowe and MacT need to be fired. Start over.

    The current crop are losers and are used to it. Extended losing streaks every season for the past few years? WTF?