Smid to IR, Potter Recalled

While we don’t know exactly how messed up Ladislav Smid was by that hit last night by Simon Despres, we now have an indication. The Flames announced today that Smid has been placed on the IR, which means he’ll be on the sidelines for at least one week.

To fill his roster spot, the club has recalled veteran defender Corey Potter from Adirondack of the American Hockey League.

When I got the press release earlier today, my reaction was “Oh, okay.”

I mean, the Flames have a set top four in Giordano, Brodie, Wideman and Russell. With Smid – the best of the bottom group – gone for a bit, it’s basically three pretty similar right-handed shots as third pairing options: Deryk Engelland, Corey Potter and Rapha Diaz. Any of the three could play. Any of the three could sit. It depends on the game and the whims of the coaches.

If not Potter, who else? It was probably a coin toss between Potter and Tyler Wotherspoon, and Wotherspoon needs to play a lot right now and probably shouldn’t sit. Beyond those two, there’s not much that’s close to NHL ready. The Flames specifically brought Potter in for depth over the summer anyhow, so it’d be silly if they didn’t at least try him out. At worst, it’s a flexibility option.

He can’t possibly be worse than Diaz or Engelland, right?

  • KiLLKiND

    ….. I dunno I personally wanted to see Wotherspoon called up but if they think he still needs to develop more so be it. Also Edmonton didn’t want Potter, like less than they wanted Smid, he probably is worse than Engelland. But here is Diaz’s opportunity to prove himself, hopefully he ca make the best of it.

  • ChinookArchYYC

    He can’t possibly be worse than Diaz or Engelland, right?

    Good question. I remember Potty last year in an oilers jersey, he wasn’t great, but he didn’t have much of a supporting caste either. We’ll see.

  • The Last Big Bear

    This is my first time seeing that hit.

    Looked like a hockey play to me. Smid was on the puck and facing towards the guy who hit him. He just wasn’t looking or ready for the hit.

    The Flames need another second pairing defenceman in the worst way, to push a quality player onto that 3rd pairing.

    Smid was supposed to be that guy, but he hasn’t bounced back in Calgary the way we all hoped.

    I hope Treliving is working the phones for every under-27 year old 2nd pairing defenceman in the NHL. Its the organization’s biggest hole in my mind. Any injury to the top-4 defenders on the Flames, and we’re hosed.

    • Burnward

      A hockey play………are you serious???????!

      He took his hand off his stick and elbowed Smid in the face!

      What were you watching????,

      I agree: the Flames need to get much meaner, a bunch of pouzies playing right now…..


      • flaming_mess

        I typically think you’re correct in your analyses, Walter, but this was just a play where one guy was playing the game how its supposed to be played (not Smid) and the other guy (Smid) was not. Looked like Smid shoved his face into the guys elbow from my view.
        Anyways, what does it matter. Both guys are ex-oilers shit. Smid can’t play, Potter is an AHL POS. Both ways, we’re gonna come down off of this crazy winning run we’ve been on to come in 23th in the league again!
        Every friggin year. YAY, here we come 7th overall draft pick! YAY!!
        FML, Calgary Flames are gonna lose until the cows come home and I hate it.

      • JumpJet

        And all this time I thought you were an even bigger ignoramus than The Last Big Bear! I stand corrected.

        This just further proves that I always learn something new when I visit FN.

        Except when Lambert writes. Then I actually lose a few IQ points, assuming I accidentally click on his article.

        • JumpJet

          IMPOSTER! Seriously, you’re such a retard that you can’t even get my name right? LOL.

          At least you’re writing things I actually agree with. Especially, FIRE LAMBERT!!!

    • prendrefeu

      “Looked like a hockey play to me. Smid was on the puck and facing towards the guy who hit him. He just wasn’t looking or ready for the hit.”

      – are you kidding me??? Despres left his feet and launched himself against Smid!

      Ferland and now Smid gety concussed and no NHL discipline? It is now the goons on the safety committee calling the shots – they call it hockey plays!

  • JumpJet

    Not sure why they wouldn’t call up Wotherspoon and play him every game until Smid can return. Engelland, Diaz, and Potter are all relatively known commodities at the NHL level (that is, not very good). I can’t imagine Wotherspoon being any worse than that group right now, and he’s the only one who is still improving.

    • Mezzo

      I would hazard that the answer is two fold; first, I would assume that the third pairing will get as limited TOI as humanly possible. Wotherspoons development path is served best getting top pairing minutes on a successful AHL squad. Second, I would assume that they (BT, BB, and Hartley) would prefer to call up Wotherspoon where (when?) he is in a position to succeed. Not saying he won’t have success at the NHL level, but playing with Derek “Boat Anchor” Englland, or Rafa “What’s Defensive Positioning” Diaz, does not quantify as conditions that are conducive for success (in my opinion).

      That being said, if our losing skid continues I wouldn’t be surprised to see him up sometime soon. The trend on our team seems to be the veterans get a shot to prove themselves and if they don’t management has no problem replacing them with young guys.

      Also the hit on Smid was dirty (for the guy saying it wasn’t). Descharnes (or however you spell it) leaves his feet and raises his arm into Smid’s face. In today’s game that is not acceptable.

  • JumpJet

    I find it odd that they call up a guy who isn’t waiver exempt. When Smid returns and they need to send Potter back to the AHL, he has to clear waivers again. Sure, there is little chance of him being claimed if he plays as bad as everyone expects, but if a team is looking for a cheap 7D or he lights it up…

    Send down Potter?
    Send down Diaz?
    Send down Engelland?

  • mk

    I hear Tim Erixon was traded to Chicago – I really hope he never makes their team or they don’t win another cup. I enjoyed the karma of forcing a trade to the Rangers to then be shuttled to ‘Lumbus. Oh well.

    Potter should be an interesting experiment. That bottom pairing is scary now (scary bad).

  • RKD

    He can’t possibly be worse than Diaz or Engelland, right? Corey Potter, really? I want to see Wotherspoon in the lineup but I do agree he needs a lot of playing time and he should not sit. Hopefully Potter is not worse than Diaz or Engelland. Depres should be suspended for that hit on Smid because the head was the principal point of contact, Depres made no effort to change his angle and he lead with his forearm.