It’s an ill will she blows this morning, ladies and men. We are stone cold frozen, indoors, outdoors and in the western conference. The blues aren’t blue enough, the country tear-jerkers can’t find the lines, the poets can’t stop the clocks in rhyme. 

The Battle of Alberta is desolation row. 


bubbling under

Really? REALLY? The tortoise and the hare had a point to their story, I’m not sure ‘one frozen bubble against another one’ will galvanize our collective spirits in Alberta province. 

Is there ANY good news? And don’t tell me the draft! 


  • TJ Galiardi-Mikael Backlund-Jiri Hudler
  • Mike Cammalleri-Sean Monahan-Joe Colborne
  • Lance Bouma-Matt Stajan-David Jones
  • Paul Byron-Markus Granlund-Kevin Westgarth
  • TJ Brodie-Mark Giordano
  • Kris Russell-Derek Smith
  • Ladislav Smid-Dennis Wideman
  • Reto Berra

The Flames have some good hockey players heading out tonight, and some of them will be playing their last game with the fiery C. Mike Cammalleri should get significant interest, young Backlund has once again overcome major obstacles and the all-Canadian Monahan looks sharp in every photo. The Flames Corsi for % 5×5 is 45.2%, fourth worst in the league but there are some champions in the group:

  • Galiardi 50.8%
  • Giordano 50.5%
  • Backlund 49.4%
  • Brodie 49.3%
  • Cammalleri 49.2%
The complete list is here   and it is worth noting Calgary has only three position players who have been on the ice for more than 300 minutes while posting a sub 43% Corsi for 5×5 %. 

lake wabamun


  • Hall-Nuge-Hemsky
  • Perron-Gagner-Eberle
  • Hendricks-Gordon-Joensuu
  • Jones-Smyth-Gazdic
  • Marincin-Petry
  • N Schultz-J Schultz
  • Ference-Belov
  • Bryzgalov

Nail Yakupov’s injury isn’t considered serious, but it’s also likely they hold him back for tonight’s game. Do the Oilers have some good news, something similar to the Flames’ men who are close to 50% or better Corsi for 5×5?

The Oilers Corsi for 5×5% is 43.3%, they are one below Calgary in the race (don’t you laugh, Toronto  only Buffalo saves you!)

  • Martin Marincin 50.2%
The numbers are here.  Edmonton has five players who have been on the ice for more than 300 minutes while also posting a sub 43% Corsi for 5×5 %.


lake louise

History tells us this will not last. Calgary will have a fine trade deadline, add some picks and prospects and live to fight another day. Edmonton appears to have invested heavily in hiring a new coach each season, so the only impressive thing is the number of first overall selections on their roster. 

Calgary and Edmonton are driving toward that goal this summer, first overall. In that race, Edmonton is judge, jury and executioner. For Oiler fans, the promise of a first overall pick is like a kick in the junk, a stomach turner, a false spring. 

The Flames should learn the lesson presented to them by Edmonton—it’s pretty damn hard to come back quickly from scorched earth, even when good soil lies all about you. 

GAME DAY PREDICTION: Flames and Oilers play to a 1-1 tie and no one can score in the shootout. Finally, Ladislav Smid drives in over the blueline and goes shelf on a very surprised Ilya Bryzgalov.

OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: Flames win 5-1, on 5 shorthanded goals. All by Smid. 

NOT-SO-OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: CBC’s After Hours becomes trade central as both Mike Cammalleri and Ales Hemsky are sent to Pittsburgh right after the game. 

  • Rob F

    @Hockey Problems

    You forgot to go back even further to 2007. If we had lost that last game of the year, we would have been the one to win the lottery to get Kane. Instead we got Gagner.

  • Hockey Problems 101

    The hapless Oilers can’t even tank the season the right way !!!

    2008- Miss out on Tavares

    2009- Miss out on Stamkos

    2010 Hall

    2011- Nuge

    2012- Yakupov

    2013- Miss out on Mackinnon

    2014- Lose the season, Again. Win the lotto (bold prediction)

    2015- And if history serves us correctly, they will lose out on McDavid

    The Oilers can’t even suck right !!!

      • Rick Stroppel

        This post is an excellent example of what’s happened to the Oiler fans after 7 years of continuous losing…they have lost there perspective of pro sports. To the Oiler fans it’s not about winning it’s about draft position.

        What a pathetic situation they are in. And I really don’t see anything changing in the next several years as they need another major rebuild! Not only is the chronic mind set of the players on losing but the fans as well.


        • M22

          I believe you were referring to this post:


          Hockey Problems wrote:

          The hapless Oilers can’t even tank the season the right way !!!

          2008- Miss out on Tavares

          2009- Miss out on Stamkos

          2010 Hall

          2011- Nuge

          2012- Yakupov

          2013- Miss out on Mackinnon

          2014- Lose the season, Again. Win the lotto (bold prediction)

          2015- And if history serves us correctly, they will lose out on McDavid

          The Oilers can’t even suck right !!!

          • Hockey Problems 101

            The Oilers have been accused of tanking on purpose in order to secure the #1 overall pick. IF that is true (and all we can really do is speculate considering no one here is privy to the closed door meetings of Lowe and his cronies) Tavares and Stamkos would have been better players to aim for. Mackinnon and McDavid also project to be better than all three #1’s the Oilers have. That is what I meant about “tanking right”.

          • M22

            Yes, I understood your post. I quoted your post to “chambers” because his was contextually relevant to yours, not mine.
            Anyway, we will have to wait a couple years before we can call our three-in-a-row busts. Nothing we do or have look all that great, been that way for too long, but hopefully (REALLY, REALLY hopefully), Hall/Nuge/Yak turn out to be players we can justify as #1 selections.

  • Spydyr

    @Kent Wilson

    You know that point where to enemies have fought for so long but then they both get to such a low point that they end up sitting next to each other in quiet silence passing a flask back and forth? That’s pretty much where state of the fanbase is between the Oilers and Flames are right now.

  • Spydyr

    I’ve said this before it would not matter if the Oilers got the # 1 pick in the draft for the last 8 years. They don’t know how to rebuild. If they did we would already see some positive results.

    • Zamboni Driver

      Their philosophy is change the coach or change the GM and we can fool the fans this year is the 1st year of the rebuild. Blame the last guy with the job. Sadly the fans buy into this.

  • 15w40

    Hemsky looked like a kid on Christmas Eve. He was basically giddy with the thought of getting traded out of E-Town.

    There is no animosity in this thread because both teams blow.

    At least the flaming C fans can usually count on a good effort.

    The Oilers looked completely disinterested (as usual) in the last game and as usual the power play looked like a complete fire drill.

    Refused to dump it in because then they might actually have to go hit somebody and take the puck back.

    I watched a grand total of 10 minutes of the last game and couldn’t take it anymore.

    All of the interviews done this week with the PR trumpet “Oilers Now” by MacT and Eakins were going on about how great a job everybody is doing and all of the positive signs that are happening in the structure and style of play. More commitment to playing the “right” way.

    The coaching staff in its entirety is doing a bang up job.

    Its like they are all diabetics on a sugar high. Everything is arrows up – steady as she goes.

    Pass the crack pipe.

  • nuge2drai

    Oiler Domination To Follow

    Standard Oilers Viewing Instructions:

    1. PVR the game

    2. Ffwd to the first opposition goal

    3. Ffwd to a useless oiler powerplay

    4. Ffwd to the second opposition goal

    5. Ffwd to Gagner getting pushed around

    6. Have mixed feelings about the loss

    Welcome to the life of an Oiler Fan.

  • Spydyr

    Don’t care any more, hope they lose again tonight.

    I want Eakins gone by seasons end along with Gagner, Smyth, Hemsky and half the defense.

    GDP Oilers win 4-2 and end the season with one point more than the Flames.

  • Spydyr

    Sold my tickets and going to Oil Kings game this afternoon instead. Far more entertaining watching a group of kids working their *** off than watching a bunch of millionaires moping around.

  • Zamboni Driver

    I hope we get blown out tonight. I hope Calgary scores lots of goals and CBC zooms in on Eakins with his blowing cheeks vacant eyes look. And furthermore I truly hope this is the last straw for Eakins. Anyone who supports Eakins is NOT a knowledgable fan. As an earlier poster said it right. It’s wrong to keep Eakins for the sake of continuity. The longer this clown is around the deeper the damage. Eakins lovers can kiss my a&&.

  • Zamboni Driver

    If only there could be more ridiculous Corsi nonsense to demonstrate that this will be a terrible game, again on national TV, oh boy.

    And WEEEEE I am going.

  • Bean-counting cowboy

    I can’t believe fans like olympic hockey it was slow and boring for the most part. Loads of dead space on the ice.

    Inferior teams played traps it reminded me of Soccer. Yes an acquired taste. But North Americans who find Olympic hockey exciting have not watched the NHL playoffs.

    • Spydyr

      If playing sound defensive hockey bores you it is a good thing you are an Oilers fan.

      From the very first game on I was impressed with Team Canada every player made the right play at the right time it was almost surreal. Throughout the entire tournament Canada”s players were always on the right side of the puck and man defensively.The entire team made no more than a handful of errors the entire tournament.

      It was amazing to watch.That team was the best coached ,best defensive hockey team I have ever witnessed.

      Perhaps the best hockey team in history.

      • ChinookArchYYC

        Team Canada was awesome, no denying that. However the big ice surface is lame, and is a great example of Europeans taking a perfectly good product and changing it – and making it worse.

        The big ice results in too much space, too much needless skating, less hitting and less intensity.

      • Spydyr

        I would agree with you that they could be in conversation for the best defensive team ever put together, but completely disagree on the best team in hockey history,

        Their struggle to score goals doesn’t allow me to put them in that category. They were one unlucky bounce away from losing to Latvia in the quarter-finals. The forwards were bailed out by the defense both offensively and defensively. If it wasn’t for the great defense and solid goaltending, we would all be talking about Canada’s complete lack of goal-scoring ability.

        • Spydyr

          The team was picked to play the 200 foot game.Were they the most exciting team ,no.That would go to Team Canada 1986 . Gretzky to Mario it does not get better than that.

          This Team had a .059 GOA against the best players in the world. That says it all.

  • Spydyr

    With the season almost over here are some ideas to replace the memory of past glory wall Eakins had taken down:

    1) A picture of Dubnyk with the red light going off behind him after he was scored on from centre ice.

    2) A picture of Eberle dogging it on the backsheck.

    3) A picture of a failed Hall toe drag.

    4)A close up shot of Gagner’s pants covered in snow.

    5)A picture of the six rings press conference.

    Good times.

    Feel free to add your own favourite moments.Lets fill up the wall again.

    • Old Retired Guy (A.K.A. Die-Nasty)

      6) A picture of Katz and Lowe in Seattle with the Space Needle in the background
      7) A picture of the weather girl that Pronger put the wood to.
      8) A picture of Souray hoisting the cup with Anaheim….oh wait…that doesn’t happen till June
      ) Replace the Five Replica Cups with Posters of our First Overall Picks…3 and Counting
      10) A sign at the dressing room door…like the ones in Disneyland…You need to be this tall to play here….4ft 11″….M..I..C….K..E..Y…..M..O..U..S..E.

  • Randaman

    There is one good thing at least for this snore fest. CBC has no problem calling a spade a spade unlike the Sportsnet puppets. The bad side of this is listening to Hrudey for 2.5 hours. I hope Katz is watching from the bat cave as we get our asses beat again tonight. Would that force change?
    Thought not

  • Zamboni Driver

    I think I would rather go outside and toboggan tonight than watch this game….less painful. Man olympics were great, was nice to watch a game i didnt want to turn off after 20 mins. Get well soon oilers.

  • Bean-counting cowboy

    O.K. Oil. Could you please win this game and maybe… just maybe get on a bit of a run and pass us in the standings?

    It’s not fair that you get all the top picks every year. It’s good to share with others too you know.