2014 Trade Deadline Live Blog

Intrepid boy reporter (and FlamesNation’s managing editor) Ryan Pike is hunkered down in the deep recesses of the Scotiabank Saddledome for the 2014 NHL trade deadline. If something goes down today in regards to your Calgary Flames, we’ll be all over it.

And if nothing much happens for awhile, we’ll do our best to keep you informed and entertained nonetheless. Follow along here at on Twitter: @FlamesNation and @RyanNPike.


Howdy, all. I’ve just arrived at the Saddledome. With just 11 healthy forwards available for tonight, the Flames have officially recalled Corban Knight and Max Reinhart from the AHL. Knight’s been solid with the Heat this year, while Reinhart has reportedly really taken a big leap forward after getting his head kicked in last year (he was -26). Knight has 37 points in 57 games, while Reinhart has 45 points in 51 games. Knight’ll wear #10 for the Flames, while #MaxPower returns to his customary #59.

For the curious, here’s where the rosters sit as of now – you’re gonna feel bad for the few diehard Heat fans here.
FLAMES: Berra & Ortio (G); Smid, Russell, Giordano, Wideman, Brodie, Butler & Smith (D); Colborne, Knight, Backlund, Cammalleri, McGrattan, Bouma, Stempniak, Monahan, Hudler, Byron, Galiardi & Granlund (F); Ramo, D.Jones, Westgarth, Glencross (injured); Stajan (personal/unavailable)
HEAT: MacDonald & Roy (G); Wotherspoon, Breen, Ramage, Arsene, Billins, LaFranchise & O’Brien (D); Street, Elson, Jooris, Trupp, Kremyr, B.Jones, Lyon, Locke, Hanowski, Bancks, Baertschi & Olson (F); Sieloff, Ferland, Foster, Gillies (injured)
So…yeah. Not a heck of a lot going on on the farm. They’re without their #1 goalie, their two most dangerous scorers and their top two-way pivot. And they weren’t an amazingly deep squad to begin with. If a defender needs to be recalled, it’ll be Wotherspoon. If another forward needs to come up… I got no idea. Hanowski? Street? I can’t imagine they bring up Baertschi unless they really, really need him.

Derek Smith has cleared waivers.

Flames are on-ice for practice. Everyone’s here except for Matt Stajan, Derek Smith and T.J. Galiardi.

Derek Smith has been officially assigned back to Abbotsford. The Flames roster is, at this point, at 22 bodies. Stajan is non-roster, while Westgarth, Ramo, Jones and Glencross are all on the IR.
By the by, Joe Meloni at College Hockey News is reporting (via Twitter) that “I guess everyone figured this. But all signs point to Gaudreau signing in CGY as soon as BC’s season is over.”

Practice and media availabilities are over the Flames. Galiardi’s hurt and Smith got sent down, so the Flames have the bare minimum of healthy NHL bodies right now. If somebody gets shipped out, they’ll need a body back (from Abbotsford or elsewhere) to fill out their line-up.
As expected, gigantic scrum for Corban Knight in the locker room. Tons of media here, which is somewhat unusual for a game-day skate.

Granted, they’re a development team that this is what was always gonna happen, but you gotta feel a bit bad for the Abbotsford Heat. They play Texas, one of the better teams in the AHL, and by my recollection, they don’t have enough centers. Ruh-roh.

We’re an hour from the deadline and so far, the biggest news is that lunch has arrived. Still no chatter whatsoever from the usual suspects regarding Flames moves.

Still nothing yet. For giggles, Calgary’s last 5 years of deadline day moves:

  • 2013 (Feaster): Blake Comeau to Columbus for 5th rounder
  • 2012 (Feaster): Nothing; signed Tim Jackman to extension
  • 2011 (Feaster): 7th rounder to Atlanta for Frederik Modin
  • 2010 (Sutter): Curtis
    McElhinney to Anaheim for Vesa Toskala, Riley Armstrong to Detroit for Andy
    Delmore, Dustin Boyd to Nashville for 2010 4th rounder, Aaron
    Johnson & conditional pick to Edmonton for Steve Staois
  • 2009 (Sutter): Lawrence
    Nycholat, Ryan Wilson & 2009 2nd rounder to Colorado for
    Jordan Leopold; Matt Lombardi, Brandon Prust & conditional 1st
    rounder to Phoenix for Olli Jokinen; Kevin Lalande to Columbus for 4th

Riveting, I know.

Ten minutes. Flames chatter conspicuously absent from the Twitter machine.

And we’re at the deadline. Trades HAVE to be in the league office as of right now to be processed. Trade calls will be going on consistently throughout the next…however long it takes to do them all. Expect a flurry of announcements over the next hour.

Hopefully there’s a Flames trade or two in there.

Pierre LeBrun indicated that Lee Stempniak may be heading to Pittsburgh. Elliotte Friedman saying maybe something between Calgary and Colorado.

Adrian Dater is saying Berra may be going to Colorado.


Still waiting for details on the potential Stempniak and Berra moves. Flames don’t have any extra human bodies in town, so they’d need to bring up a forward and/or a goalie.


Still waiting on Burke. Only deal we’re expecting to hear about is Reto Berra to Colorado.
An underwhelming trade deadline to say the least.

Reportedly Ben Hanowski is on is way up, too. (Ryan Pinder got a tweet from a person in Abbotsford that saw him and MacDonald at the Abby airport.)

Official trade is Reto Berra to Colorado for the Avs’ second rounder in this year’s draft. Blown away by that return. That’s a great get for a guy who was essentially Calgary’s back-up.


Flames now have a 1st (own), two 2nds (own and Colorado’s), two 3rds (own and one from Penguins), a 6th (Anaheim’s), and their own 7th. Their 4th was sent to Toronto for Joe Colborne, their 5th went to St. Louis for Kris Russell, then 6th went to Dallas for Lane MacDermid.

Bear in mind, we’re waiting for official confirmation that the pick from Pittsburgh is for this year’s draft.

  • piscera.infada

    I wouldn’t really mind if the flames didn’t make any moves, but in that case it would have been really nice if Burke didn’t hype this up like is was ~~~SpRiNg BreAk 2012!!!~~

  • BurningSensation

    A 3rd and a 5th for Hemsky now headed to Ottawa.

    A. This is a terrific deal for a player of Hemsky’s caliber

    B. Edmonton gets even worse in the short term

    C. It may mean that a 1st for Cammalleri is just not going to happen

  • piscera.infada

    We need to keep Smid, hes a machine since coming to Calgary. Calgary needs a number one goaltender. Berra and Ramo have been good. But we need someone for the next 2-3 as a number one. There have been 36 games decided by one goal, for a win or a loss. Halak, or Ward would fit in good for Calgary

    • supra steve

      We have just gone through a period where a strong goaltender made the team seem better then it really was, propping the team up and diminishing yearly draft returns.

      Yes, I would like an all world goaltender…but not today. If Jon Gillies is that tender, and he is ready in 2-3 years, that’s just perfect timing.

    • piscera.infada

      So what are you giving up? 2014/15 first rounder + Baerstchi, Gaudreau, Monahan, etc. ? I think not! This team doesn’t need to make a splash for a UFA goalie (Halak), or an older goalie that will at most plunge us back into mediocrity (Ward).

  • In the Dome media lounge, we have a TV with Sportsnet’s coverage on one side and a TV with TSN’s coverage on the other side. The entire throng of reporters shifted from one end of the room to the other depending what network Burke was on.

    • mk

      And he said the same thing on both, right? At the very least, I liked his comment yesterday about how a team in the bottom of the standings shouldn’t have a long list of “untouchables”. Hopefully he understands that youth should command I high price if we get rid of it.

    • piscera.infada

      Very possible. If you can’t get what you want in trades you resign your assets and trade them later rather then give them away! Let’s not pull another JBo!!

      • Really though, I can see taking your chances of resigning Stemps, if he walks whatever. Would be a shame to see Butler walk without getting anything back either but not earth ending. Cammi, you really need to get something back even if its a 2nd. The silver lining is that we didn’t really give up a lot to acquire these guys so it be more of a case of big disappointment to walk away with zero trades. However, teams like the Islanders & Buffalo, if they lose the likes of Vanek, Halak & Moulson for nothing. That’s pretty serious stuff. That’s high rolling on the crap table to say the least.

    • SmellOfVictory

      God I hope that’s not the case. I want Cammy and one of Butler/Smid to be traded to someone. Don’t really care what the return would be on the last two, just something to make life more interesting.

    • beloch

      We’re basically watching old men play chicken. It’s usually pretty tense when young men do it, but old men have a habit of falling asleep at the wheel…

  • beloch

    For those not glued to a tube, Burke was just interviewed on TSN.

    TSN: Anything going on?
    Burke: No.

    Sounds like the telephone lines are open but Burke is still waiting for Vanek et al to clear the pipes. TSN asked about Smid and Burke said there was no interest (Surprise!!!) and he doesn’t figure other GM’s want him anyways since Smid is “his kind of player” (Yeah… He said that.). Finally, he denied that failing to trade Cammy or Stemps would be a failure, since he’s happy to resign them if they don’t sell.

  • Burke just on NHL network, saying Smidgen is his type of player, oh brother!

    As a Ranger fan love the St Louis deal, paying Callahan over 6 for 6 would be ridiculous. First and 2nd(conditional 1st is steep) , but better than overpaying a 3rd liner for too long a term.

    • prendrefeu

      Wonder if Stevie Y wants Jiri Didler(Hudler) & that extra 1st in 2015 looks mighty tasty in a package back. We have so much cap space, maybe a move for Callahan & give him his 5 years for 6.5mill might be worth it. We need to get to the ceiling so that justifies the overpay$$$ & he would make a great leader for the wave of young guys we are about to bring in. Ive always liked him as a player.

  • Bean-counting cowboy

    What a great move by the Flames! A rebuilding team that is rewarding their top 4 players in Abby with time on the big squad! Granlund, Ortio, Rhino and Knight are a big part of the future. And if Ferland was healthy he would be here as well.

    Burkie…now make my day with some sensible trades!