Flames Shore Up Center Depth With Trade

Prior to the commencement of tonight’s game with the Florida Panthers, Flames general manager Brad Treliving made a trade with the visitors: center Corban Knight has been sent to the Panthers in exchange for center Drew Shore.

Knight, 24, is a Calgary-area native and was a fifth round pick of the Panthers in 2009. He was a Hobey Baker candidate at North Dakota and was eventually traded to Calgary for a fourth round pick a couple seasons back because it became apparent that there was no space for him in Florida with their center depth. In the Flames system, though, he’s arguably been leap-frogged by Bill Arnold, Markus Granlund and the additions of Sean Monahan and Sam Bennett.

Shore, 23, is a native of the Denver area who played college hockey with Flames forward Joe Colborne at the University of Denver. A second round pick of the Panthers in 2009, he has bounced between the NHL and AHL. He’s got 30 points in 35 games with the AHL’s San Antonio Rampage, and he’s amassed 20 points in 67 NHL contests to-date. He’s 6’3″ and 200 pounds, and was a teammate of Johnny Gaudreau with Team USA at the recent World Championships.

Ironically, it’s become apparent that there’s no spot for Shore in Florida due to center depth. He’s an AHL All-Star and will report to Adirondack. He’s subject to waivers after he plays one more NHL game, so if he comes up, he’s staying.

That should be when he gets called up. He’s big, he’s got a proven scoring touch at the pro level and he provides the Flames with much-needed size and skill in one package. Word is they’re quite high on him – a shocker, based on them trading for him.

Overall, a pretty sound move for the locals.

  • BurningSensation

    Landing Shore might be a coup, unlike Knight (AHL tweener), Shore is younger and has more pronounced offense.

    Too bad it had to be Knight, but even if the 8 of spades is your favourite card, it gets beat by a 9 of any suit.

    Funny, Shore is EXACTLY the kind of player Edmonton should have been adding to their team.

  • BurningSensation

    This is going to be a great addition . The more I found out the better it sounds. Can’t believe Florida dealt him for Knight?
    They traded Shore because of a logjam up the middle? Knight came here from Florida because of a logjam up the middle…

    Poor Corby. Good luck kid

  • Parallex

    Fair trade. We get upside they get options with Knights waiver exempt status. I imagine he’s going to end up a wing longterm. Big playmaking RW… works for me. Welcome to Calgary Drew.

    • Parallex

      Would be very surprised if management burned up a roster spot and made an exemption to their ‘earned, never given’ approach without evaluating Shore properly in Adirondack first.

    • Parallex

      Shore was “assigned” to Addy (paper transaction),

      Shore could be activated for tonight’s game if McGratten clears waivers today.

      From Flames website.

  • Parallex

    Say what you want about BB but he has said from day one the Flames are too small and need to get bigger. The last few games the Flames have been really pushed around by bigger teams…this is a good trade that addresses this issue!!

  • Derzie

    These guys are both practically the same age, size, both centers and the same production potential. Reading this article I read praise. For a push? I don’t get it. BT has yet to make a good move. We’ll see if this one helps.

    • Parallex

      Naw, Shore has more production upside. But he’s waiver eligible after the next NHL game he plays so the Flames are only gonna get one look at him whereas Knight can go up and down. It’s a good deal for us I think. He’s the right age and has decent skill.

  • RKD

    Hopefully he’s better than Knight. I was not impressed by Knight at tall. All that buzz around him and being coveted by other teams seemed like a lot of smoke and mirrors. He didn’t stand out and like the article says was leapfrogged by numerous players. Even if he did play a larger sample size he might be good at winning face-offs but I didn’t really see him adding any value here. I hope it’s a different story for Shore, he may have a higher offensive upside but let’s see how he does in the NHL where it counts.

  • Parallex

    It is interesting to listen to the commentary on this trade. If you only listen to the description of the player, you cannot tell who they are talking about. A strong, good-sized and right-hand shot center; the depth in the organization is making it tough to give the kid a real shot; potential 3C and can play with skill. It describes both players.

    Shore is essentially one year ahead of Knight in career progression due to Shore leaving college after year 3, while Knight, 3 months older than Shore, stayed for 4 years.

    Shore had 41GP-10G-20A for 30 points (0.73 pts/gm), plus 4, and 2.0 shots per game (83 total) in his AHL rookie season (year 2012-13).

    Knight had 70GP-18G-27A for 45 points (0.64 pts/gm), plus 12, and 2.0 shots per game (140 total) in his AHL rookie season (year 2013-14).

    Progressive Hockey lists Shore as having a Goals For % of 54.80 (11.39% relative) in that season.

    Knight had a GF% 59.70 (11.29% relative).

    Unfortunately it is hard to find good data for the AHL, but I’ve heard from some followers that Corban has been dominant in faceoffs all year (and last), recently going over 75% in faceoffs in the last 4 games.

    Both Shore and Knight deserve to get a real shot at the NHL (Shore’s gotten his chances, and has shown he could still solidify a career posting an even strength Corsi% of 54.4 in 67 games).

    I guess I just wonder why the trade went down. Shore is easier to move to the wing? Why wouldn’t Florida just do that, and Calgary call up Knight? I suppose BT needs to start putting his fingerprints on the team, so start small…

  • Greg

    Seems odd for the Panthers… They just traded their 2009 2nd round pick for their own 2009 5th round pick.

    Both guys are similar but Shore seems to be tracking better, at least offensively and is slightly younger and larger. Unless there’s something clearly flawed with his underlyings, it seems like a clear win for the flames.

    Minor transaction (we’re talking 3rd liners here), but still good on BT for grabbing an upgrade opportunity. I doubt this happens if not for the waiver consideration.

  • Parallex

    I think the biggest thing is that Florida didn’t have room for Shore but were quickly running out of time before having to expose him to waivers. This kid on waivers was no doubt not going to get picked off. Especially by the Oilers. Interesting deal, Shore is an upgrade to Knight & way more NHL ready, I think already having 60ish NHL games. So definitely an upgrade over Knight but it forces Flames to put him in the lineup similar to the Colborne situation. Something has got to give on this team. Wish we can make this kind of move, except with a good D prospect for one of our forward prospects.

    Another loss tonight & we are going to really slip back of playoff aspirations & now we are going to be dogfighting with Colorado, Minny & Dallas just to get a whiff of 8th place. I f Hiller continues to regress back to .900 save % then 13th in Western conference looks like our destiny. But it also means it could get real interesting in the next 6 weeks. Not trying to be negative, I think we are sliding back to where we all expected & I think this is great. Watching this team for the last 3-4 weeks, we still have a long way to go from being a firm playoff team. No matter what happens, what an excellent/successful year. Let’s stay the course & focus on the task at hand…rebuild.

    • Greg

      Indeed; I totally understand why Florida traded Shore, I just feel like they should have–and could have–gotten more for him.

      Oh well. Flames’ gain, I guess. It’s entirely possible that Shore never plays a game in Calgary, of course, but all the stats say this trade was a good bet.

      Incidentally, did anyone else look up the Shore brothers? They’re all right-handed centers. Seems like Nick (LAK) is the class of the field.

  • Greg

    Could nationality be an additional separating factor between the two players?
    As BB is part of Team USA management and drafted Shore to his Chilliwack WHL team (even though he didn’t play), this now gives him a double opportunity to develop a player that has been in international competitions for his country at 4 levels. This is something that BB did frequently in TOR.