Post Game: “Hockey”

If you have to watch a replay of this game, make sure that you mute the commentary and instead play this. It will be more appropriate. 

Yikes. Guys. Did we all see that?

The Flames and Panthers played an “NHL” game tonight filled with “goaltending” and “defence.” The Panthers won 6-5 and the Flames just couldn’t get out their own way. Come see what happened here!


It was a bit of a crazy start to this game. The Flames looked as though they would be able to get a quick start on the travel-weary Panthers but it didn’t last too long. Aaron Ekblad made an (COMEDY ALERT) Ek-Bad turnover that found its way to Matty Franchise’s tape. Stajan blew it past Montoya to go ahead 1-0 less than three minutes in. 

One bad giveaway deserves another though and Jonas Hiller gifted a puck to Brad Boyes who found Huberdeau in front to tie the game at one. Certainly not Hiller’s finest moment as a puck handler. After the Panthers tied the game, they took over play in the first. The Flames would not get another shot on net after their goal until the 13 minute mark of the period.  

The Panthers pulled ahead 2-1 off of another defensive turnover, this one by Joe Colborne, after Huberdeau fed Boyes in front who tipped it past Hiller. The Flames looked completely anemic after the Panthers scored their first goal. It was not pretty. The Flames were being outshot by an 11-2 margin through the first 15 minutes of this one and I think Jeremy sums this up pretty well.

However! The Panthers took a delay of game penalty and sent the usually incompetent Flames powerplay to work. T.J Brodie took a shot and Montoya managed to both save and miss the shot. The result was a Brodie goal and the game was inexplicably tied. Al Montoya is really bad. 

The first ended 2-2 and the Flames were really fortunate. The Panthers out-shot the Flames 13-6.

The Flames started the second much better, including a powerplay that overlapped the period. Paul Byron hit the post on the powerplay but the Flames were unable to capitalize. However, two minutes later, Backlund, who should be extended like yesterday, potted his second goal in as many games to put the Flames up 3-2, the third goal on ten shots for Montoya. 

However, the defensive nightmare continued for the Flames and another turnover led to another Panthers goal 20 seconds later. This time the disaster twins (Smidland) presided over the defensive chaos. 

Friend of the Flames Al Montoya then granted the Flames the lead back with another fairly standard T.J Brodie shot trickling through his five-hole, putting the Flames up 4-3. That was the fourth goal on 12 shots on Montoya which I believe is not great for goaltenders. 

Towards the end of the second period, the Flames were able to push back and take the play more consistently to the Panthers. But because nothing in life makes sense, the Panthers tie the game at 4-4 on a Jimmy Hayes goal from beyond the circle. Again, not Hiller’s finest moment. Just not a great game all around for Hiller. 

The second ended with the score tied 4-4 and the Panthers leading in the shot department 22-16. Reall, a nasty period from both teams. One that they both would like to forget. 

The third started with the Flames controlling play but unable to capitalize. Gaudreau and Backlund had an excellent shift with a lot of zone time but no quality chances. The Panthers were able to take advantage of this and scored a very, very bad goal that may or may not have been deflected by a high stick. The video was inconclusive but the goal still stank. 

Just when it looked like the Panthers took the lead and would never look back, David Jones made a great inside play and Matt Stajan tied the game at 5. BUT! BECAUSE ARE YOU KIDDING ME I THE PANTHERS SCORED LIKE A MILLISECOND LATER. WOW. KILL ME. 6-5. 

No one won this game, but the Panthers lost it less. 


The Flames had a lot of players with veryyy sub-par nights tonight including Monahan, Jones, Glencross, and Russell. However, Brodie had a couple of goals and generally played quite well, something we have come to expect from Brodano.

While it was certainly a weird/horrible game for the Flames, no matter what the score ended up as, one player stood out.. However, your friend and mine Mikael Backlund continued his strong return to the lineup with a goal and an assist. He was dangerous all night for the Flames and had a number of very strong offensive shifts. Brad, buddy, re-sign him now please?

Also, Bouma had three assists. That’s the kind of night it was. 


Firstly, as your probably know, the Flames made a trade today. Centre Corban Knight was traded back to the team he snubbed after his draft, these same Florida Panthers, in exchange for 6’3 200lb centre Drew Shore. I like the deal as Shore seems to be ahead of Knight in terms of production. He also has had a much for extended look in the NHL (67 games) and can play RW as well. Flames take advantage of Florida’s logjam at centre (Barkov was a scratch tonight fyi) and trade one decent player for a better one. High fives BT. Here’s Shore’s numbers so far in his career from (UPDATE: I SEE RYAN POSTED A WHOLE ARTICLE ABOUT THIS SO GO CHECK IT OUT)

Drew Shore

Also, it was a good night for some Flames top prospects in Adirondack. Despite the fact that the AHL Flames lost in OT, Poirier and Sven Baertschi each had three points tonight, Poirier with two goals and a helper and Sven with a goal and two assists. So that is good!

As for the game tonight? Yuck. Ew. Gross. Let’s never speak of it again. Hiller sucked. Monahan was flu-like. The Smid-Engelland pair returned. Everything sucked. Al Montoya was the only reason this game was close. 

Flames are in Vancouver tomorrow night for a game against the dreaded Nucks. 


Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 12.30.38 AM

Team Period Time Note Home Away State
Home 1 17:19 Stajan goal 1 4 6 17 18 19 5 17 19 35 51 82 5v5
Home 1 16:55 Glencross 1 5 7 8 11 20 4 12 27 35 36 74 5v5
Away 1 16:49 Bjugstad 1 5 7 8 11 20 4 12 27 35 36 74 5v5
Away 1 15:33 Huberdeau goal 1 15 21 29 32 60 5 11 21 24 35 51 5v5
Away 1 13:56 Upshall 1 4 6 8 13 24 19 33 35 44 82 5v4
Home 1 13:31 Backlund tip 1 5 7 11 20 23 4 35 36 51 63 5v4
Away 1 11:35 Bjugstad 1 5 7 8 11 20 12 27 33 35 36 44 5v5
Away 1 9:30 Trocheck 1 4 8 11 20 29 4 11 21 24 35 74 5v5
Away 1 6:49 Boyes goal 1 4 6 13 23 24 11 21 24 33 35 44 5v5
Home 1 5:24 Monahan 1 13 15 23 24 29 17 19 33 35 44 82 5v5
Home 1 3:07 Bouma 1 5 7 11 17 32 5 12 27 35 36 51 5v5
Home 1 0:48 Colborne tip 1 5 7 8 32 60 33 35 36 44 63 5v4
Home 2 19:04 Hudler 1 5 7 13 23 24 33 35 36 44 63 5v4
Home 2 17:35 Backlund 1 4 6 8 11 17 4 11 21 24 35 74 5v5
Home 2 17:33 Backlund goal 1 13 15 23 24 29 14 20 33 35 44 63 5v5
Away 2 17:25 Bergenheim 1 13 15 23 24 29 14 20 33 35 44 63 5v5
Away 2 17:16 Bergenheim goal 1 13 15 23 24 29 14 20 33 35 44 63 5v5
Home 2 15:33 Raymond 1 15 21 29 32 60 4 17 19 35 74 82 5v5
Home 2 15:32 Byron 1 15 21 29 32 60 4 17 19 35 74 82 5v5
Away 2 14:13 Huberdeau 1 4 6 13 23 24 11 21 24 33 35 44 5v5
Away 2 7:19 Huberdeau 1 4 6 21 23 32 11 21 24 33 35 44 5v5
Away 2 6:11 Kopecky 1 8 15 17 18 29 4 17 19 35 51 82 5v5
Home 2 4:32 Hudler 1 4 6 13 23 24 11 21 24 33 35 44 5v5
Home 2 4:19 Hudler 1 4 6 13 23 24 11 21 24 33 35 44 5v5
Away 2 2:00 Kopecky 1 5 7 11 21 32 5 17 19 35 51 82 5v5
Home 2 1:27 Raymond 1 4 6 21 23 32 5 17 19 35 51 82 5v5
Away 2 1:13 Kopecky 1 4 6 21 23 32 5 17 19 35 51 82 5v5
Home 2 0:23 Colborne tip 5 7 8 13 24 60 4 11 21 24 33 35 5v5
Home 3 18:22 Byron 1 4 6 17 23 32 33 35 36 51 63 5v4
Away 3 18:00 Trocheck 1 4 6 17 23 32 21 33 35 36 51 63 5v5
Home 3 17:34 Deflection 1 5 7 17 18 19 17 21 35 44 74 82 5v5
Home 3 12:11 Hudler tip 1 4 6 13 23 24 11 21 24 33 35 44 5v5
Home 3 11:38 Gaudreau 1 4 6 11 24 60 14 20 35 44 63 74 5v5
Home 3 8:48 Colborne tip 1 5 7 8 17 23 5 11 21 24 35 51 5v5
Away 3 6:26 Bjugstad 1 5 7 8 17 23 5 12 27 35 36 51 5v5
Home 3 6:13 Colborne 1 5 7 8 17 23 5 12 27 35 36 51 5v5
Home 3 5:42 Byron 1 4 6 11 32 14 33 35 44 63 4v4
Away 3 4:56 Ekblad 1 5 7 13 24 5 17 35 51 82 4v4
Home 3 3:56 Stajan goal 1 4 6 17 18 19 4 12 27 35 36 74 5v5
Away 3 3:39 17 1 5 7 11 13 24 5 17 19 35 51 82 5v5
Away 3 3:10 Fleischmann goal 1 4 6 21 32 60 14 20 33 35 44 63 5v5
Home 3 1:22 Scramble 5 7 11 13 20 24 17 33 35 44 82 5v4
# Player EV PP SH
1 HILLER, JONAS   18 17   4 1   0 0
4 RUSSELL, KRIS 16:57 9 7 03:10 1 1 00:41 0 0
5 GIORDANO, MARK 19:06 6 6 06:12 4 0 01:19 0 0
6 WIDEMAN, DENNIS 19:48 9 6 03:57 1 1 00:41 0 0
7 BRODIE, TJ 17:47 6 6 05:25 4 0 01:19 0 0
8 COLBORNE, JOE 11:44 5 5 03:39 1 1 00:50 0 0
11 BACKLUND, MIKAEL 11:38 5 5 03:24 2 0 00:52 0 0
13 GAUDREAU, JOHNNY 13:26 6 6 04:53 2 1 00:00 0 0
15 SMID, LADISLAV 12:50 4 4 00:00 0 0 00:00 0 0
17 BOUMA, LANCE 11:20 7 3 00:08 1 0 00:00 0 0
18 STAJAN, MATT 13:03 3 1 00:00 0 0 00:58 0 0
19 JONES, DAVID 12:44 3 0 00:00 0 0 00:00 0 0
20 GLENCROSS, CURTIS 12:08 1 3 03:01 2 0 00:00 0 0
21 RAYMOND, MASON 10:19 3 5 01:30 0 0 00:00 0 0
23 MONAHAN, SEAN 15:08 8 8 03:03 3 0 00:26 0 0
24 HUDLER, JIRI 11:49 7 6 05:55 2 1 00:00 0 0
29 ENGELLAND, DERYK 10:45 4 5 00:00 0 0 00:00 0 0
32 BYRON, PAUL 12:10 5 6 02:12 2 0 00:44 0 0
60 GRANLUND, MARKUS 08:57 4 2 01:45 1 0 00:10 0 0
Period Totals EV PP 5v3 PP SH 5v3 SH
1 6 6 4 5 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 0
2 9 7 8 7 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
3 9 5 7 5 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0


Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 12.39.47 AM

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 12.39.58 AM

  • cgyokgn

    Terrible game. There is no way the Flames should have lost this game at home, playing a team who was playing back-to-back (happened vs Detroit too). Hiller probably had his worst game of the year. It’s possible that we could start another lengthy losing streak… already at three. I hope not but we have Vancouver (who always seems to have our number), Arizona (who has been playing better lately) and the California teams. Hartley has his work cut out for him.

  • RKD

    Can we still send Johnny hockey down without having to clear waivers?

    I love the kid but he should not be exposed to this sh!t The show…….

    Tank now, that was the worst game I have seen my boys play in a LONG time.


  • RKD

    I thought Jones played ok, and made a few smart plays on bad plays from his team mates that prevented turnover rushes in the neutral zone.

    Russel and Smid were disugustingly bad tonight. I don’t know what happened to Monahan, but he was definitely off. Hiller wasn’t keen to let Montoya be the only bad goaltender tonight as well… too many mistakes tonight. Announcers said it well when they said this “felt like a game that slipped away”. Just a very frustrating game to watch tonight.

  • RKD

    Ortio should get the start tomorrow in Vancouver. The Flames cannot run and gun with teams or else they will get burned. I’m expecting a much more solid defensive effort tomorrow against the Nucks. Backlund was strong again tonight, I thought Brodie, Bouma and Stajan also had a heck of a game. At the end of the day, individual accolades mean little when the team loses. I thought Engelland, Smid, Raymond and Bryon struggled out there.

  • Mezzo

    This game was cabbage, yet the number of goals made the game really exciting (at times). Literally any shot, at any time could go in. Here’s a few thoughts beyond the “blaaaarg I hate the Flames”:

    1. Monahan played very poorly, which was unfortunately because I was really excited to see him with Hudler and Gaudreau. He played his way off that line pretty quickly, he looked slow, lost, and all around uninspired. I think he’s either a) sick or b) hurt (he did take a pretty big hit early on). I hope for a)

    2. Byron has no finish, like none, ever. He always creates great chances and then tries the same PeeWee deke and gets stopped every time. He shouldn’t practice with the team, he should only practice shoot-out attempts and breakaways…

    3. Smid and Englland were just awful. Actually throw Dennis Wideman in there and even Gio looked not good tonight. My Dad was convinced that the whole team must be hungover because they all looked terrible (I just think it was “one of those days” if you ask me).

    4. Raymond is still hurt. There is no way he is normally this bad. He shys away from contact and gives up on the play early. Not the Flames “way”.

    5. I couldn’t tell if that was Hiller or a Vacuum cleaner in net because he sucked so bad (zing!) He didn’t make any big saves and let in a few softies. If not for Al “I can’t stop a beachball” Montoya we would have lost by an outrageous score.

    6. Backlund’s the man. He won faceoff’s, created scoring chances and drove possession (at least in relation to the rest of the team). Missed that guy, he’s doing super well. I really liked him with Gaudreau and Hudler at the end of the game.

    7. Jones showed a little brilliance at times but generally makes me upset to watch. Kinda like Colborne to be honest. They both show flashes of skill but are generally uninspiring.

    8. I guess I’ll acknowledge that Bouma had three points tonight, although I didn’t think he was anything more than regular Bouma with a little luck. Took the body whenever he could, drew penalties, took penalties, blocked shots, the usual. Nice to see him get rewarded with a few points tonight.

    9. The trade is very interesting (Shore for Knight). I like it, we basically traded a 4th round (Knight was in the fifth, but if I recall we traded a fourth for him) for a guy chosen in the 2nd. Not a bad deal at all. Then again his numbers suggest he’s a 3rd/4th line player at best, nothing to get overly excited over (we have quite a few guys that project there already).

    10. Loving that Baertschi is finding is groove with Porier. Really excited for both of them. Although I’m also very okay with them staying the whole year in the AHL and continue to find success together.

    and finally,

    11. We had a bad game. Chicago lost to the oilers, they had a much worse one. It happens, hopefully tomorrow we play well and all that jazz. Also I’d love to see Ortio get the start tomorrow!

    • everton fc

      A few thoughts, as I only saw pieces of the game live, but listened closely. So feel free to correct me if need be;

      1. “On paper”, our third line was weak. It turned out to be weak, though Byron always has jump (but may be a 4th liner) And I agree, Raymond looks “out of sorts”. Soft. He seems to be in a downslide.

      2. Good to see Adirondack scoring. Particularly Sven. But Ferland is not scoring. He’s not scored a goal since he returned.

      3. Stajan looks like he’s playing for his job. Which is a good thing. He had a decent night. Bouma had a great night. And Backlund. If Shore comes to Calgary, no one needs to go down now that McGrattan’s gone. Granlund’s a lefty. Perhaps he moves to the left side, Shore centres… And Raymond sits? (Poirier is a lefty, as well. If Shore’s a good playmaker…)

      4. Perhaps Gaudreau/Backlund/Hudler needs a whirl? And we are really weak on the right side (Colborne a 2nd line RW? Please! I wonder how Ferland would do with Glencross and Backlund?)

      5. Colborne shows no physical side. And he’s not a finesse player. He’s another who may be a career 4th line mucker. I just don’t see what the organization may see in him.

      6. A 4th line of Bouma/Stajan/Jones (or Byron) is a good one.

      7. Byron. He plays hard. But he can’t finish. Can’t seem to score. What to do with him?

      8. Wideman and Russell would be an ideal 5/6 pairing. If we could ony move assets for a 3/4 pairing. Why not take a look at Wotherspoon or Culkin?

      Just thinking out loud, waiting for the kids laundry to finish. And never forget we are rebuilding. Good night!

    • Derzie

      Mcgratton would be worthy of a roster spot if treliving didn’t trade for bollig and sign engelland. Would love to see mcg as a flames spokes person for drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

      Why did the flames trade knight, a two way face off guy with hands that can finish on breakaways for joe Colborne 2.0? I’m not sure, but the flames get a player with maybe more offensive upside and less roster flexibility, hope treliving and co remember their moto of earned never given…Colborne was pretty much given his roster spot and ice time.

      Hopefully more moves come with some vets moving out. Stajan Raymond glencross wideman and draft picks coming back, or a legit rugged top 4 dman with speed and puck moving ability.

  • Burnward

    Was at the game tonight. My thoughts:

    1) Wideman was brutal. Terrible play on last goal, a few awful giveaways at our blueline, which also lead to at least one goal. Told my daughter ‘We can call him a bum’. But I’d have to include all our defense except Brodano. Can’t they just play 30 minutes a night?

    2) Loved Backlund. Thank God he’s back.

    3) Love/Hate these games – you could tell right away it was going to be a bad night for the goaltenders. Lots of scoring, we just ended up on the wrong side.

    4) Feisty game – Panthers came out hitting like no tomorrow (or we just looked bad, or both). Appreciated Gio’s attempt to start things up at the end, we got a little rocked by them tonight. A little physical redemption would have been nice, but maybe it’ll carry over to next game.

    5) Not sure how to put this best, but we don’t have a very deep hockey team. I shouldn’t have to cringe for half the game while the bottom 2/3’s of our team plays.

    6) Wideman is a bum. Maybe he’s supposed to play upfront and it’s all been a big misunderstanding for his entire career, because he can’t play defense. If he scored as many as he caused, I’d be okay with it.

  • JumpJet

    This is where Hartley will earn his extension. If the Flames can go into Vancouver with a really solid effort and pull out a win, hopefully with Ortio in net, it will cement my belief that Hartley is the right coach.

  • Colorado Flames

    Even though he didn’t touch the puck Bouma deserved an assist on the first goal of the game. He forced Ekblad to turn over the puck to Stajan. 4 assists in my mind = Red Warrior.

  • Burnward

    Time to break up Hudreau for a couple games maybe?

    Good chemistry, but this team doesn’t have enough creators at the moment. Spreading them out might spread out the scoring.

  • redhot1

    Monahan finally gets to play with Gaudreau and Hudler and he blows it. Hopefully it’s just one bad game.

    Thinking Hartley should’ve pulled Hiller if he really wanted the win, but hearing about Ortio’s travel issues, I can see why he didn’t. Ortio should definitely get the next start though. Lets see what we have with him.

    Raymond needs to sit until fully healthy.

    Was all for bringing up Poirier to create a spark, but I’m rethinking that. Ditto for Sven. Let the two keep their success alive and keep them developing on the farm for the rest of the season. Sven’s biggest issue was consistency and confidence. Ken Holland was interviewed a few days ago on the Fan and really emphasized how players developed confidence in the AHL, junior and college, but not in the NHL. Great interview.

    As terrible as Engelland and Smid are, the above paragraph applies to Wotherspoon and Culkin as well. Let them play a ton and develop on the farm. Long term thinking.

    Send down Granlund and bring up Shore. He’s paid his dues and had plenty of success in the minors. Give him the rest of the season in Calgary and see if he’s NHL worthy. Really, if it’s not now for him, then it’s probably never. Granlund needs to get his confidence back and start scoring again anyways. He should be left down until at least the trade deadline (assuming a vet is moved and he finds his game again).

    Anyone have any insight on what’s wrong with Ferland? I really hope it’s not related to his concussion. FN needs a baby Flames beat reporter!

    Colborne hopefully never plays centre again. All those tools, no tool box. I haven’t given up on him, but he needs to be watching video until his eyes fall out after every game.

    Agree with comment hat Byron needs to devote some large amounts of time perfecting his shot and learning some new dekes. Very frustrating.

    Backlund rules! I’d give Monahan more time to find chemistry with Gaudreau and Hudler, but if he can’t then the team should try Backs there.

    As the playoffs draw closer, other teams are elevating their play while Calgary came out of the gate at full speed. It will only get tougher. But, it’s a rebuild and the team seems to be on track with that.

    Kudos to BT for bringing back a 23 year old and staying true to his word on not going for short term fixes.

  • T&A4Flames

    Re: the Drew Shore acquisition, why would we trade a depth C prospect for another? It seems to me that if the intention is to bring him up, it would be for the RW. I don’t know how much RW he’s played but neither has Knight and he’s a right shot as well. Although maybe the thinking was strictly that FLA was in a bind and wanted something back for a guy they could potentially lose on the waiver wire next time he’s up and CGY sees more worth in a former 2nd round pick. Still, the intention has to be he stays when he’s up.

    • Burnward

      From what I make of it: Shore is a better version of Knight, but you lose the roster flexibility. Still shoots right, a year younger.

      Sounds like a perfect 4th line centre since he’s supposed to be a face off wizard. Jooris and Bouma stay on the wings eventually, both are better there than centre. Presto, a fantastic and flexible 4th line.

      By next season’s end?:

      Gaudreau – Monahan – Colborne

      Baertschi – Backlund – Poirier

      Ferland – Bennett – Granlund

      Bouma – Shore – Jooris

      Byron as 13th forward.

      Klimchuk on the farm.

        • Burnward

          Well Brodie’s new 4.6 kicks in & Backlund needs to be resigned, Bouma is going to get a raise & Sven if he is still here gets a 2nd contract & will probably be higher than the ELC, so not as far as you think.

        • Burnward

          I for one would love to watch this roster +/- for an entire year. It’s a sad day when you need to replace a young, energetic player with a plug like Jones or an overinflated contract like Wideman or Engelland just so the Flames can reach the cap floor. Yes it’s contractual and the player’s union loves it but it’s unfair to the kids and most importantly, it’s unfair to the fans.

  • MonsterPod

    Wow, that was just horrid. I haven’t cussed at my TV that much all year.

    I assume Bettman applauded the high score and Florida’s 11 fans probably thought it was great.

    Just like in years past, this team plays better with numerous injuries to vets. That speaks for itself.

    I love this team’s bright spots, but there is still a ton of work to do. Personally, with a deep draft coming up, I’d like to see if we could move both GlenX and Wideman for firsts.

    Then a pipe dream would be to convince Johnny Boychuk to return to Calgary on July 1.

  • I don’t have too much to say on this game… it was rather hard to watch at points. But I couldn’t help but laugh really hard when you used the term “disaster twins” and referenced “friend of the Flames Al Montoya.” Truer words have never been spoken! Hats off to you my friend hahaha