Sunday Open Thread: Game Day Rituals


We’re on an off day as the Calgary Flames, on the road, prepare for one of the biggest games of the season tomorrow night in Los Angeles.

The anticipation for tomorrow leads to this week’s Open question: What are your game-day rituals?

I would imagine everyone has different rituals for games at home or away.

For home games, do you have a specific routine for when you arrive at the Saddledome? Or do you have a specific place other than the ‘Dome that you tend to watch home games? A specific snack? A specific jersey you wear? And does your routine change significantly for road games?

Myself, for home games, I always try to get to the building early, whether as a fan or as working media. I like to wander the ‘Dome before it gets really busy to stretch my legs. I don’t have a set snack unless I’m there as a fan, in which case it’s pocket dogs early and then nachos near the middle of the game. I don’t have a set jersey or tie I always wear, other than varying my tie colour based on which team the Flames are playing (to avoid wearing the same colour).

For road games, I don’t really have a set routine, other than attempting to time my nacho-making exactly right so I can have second intermission nachos – which, if you eat before the game, is the perfect time for nachos.

  • Truculence

    Normally when I watch a flames hockey game I come home from going out because where I live the games start at 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning. And i only stay up this long when I went for a drink (or more).
    So most of the time my routine is to keep one eye closed, so I don’t see double.

  • RKD

    I haven’t been to game this season but when I go I usually have a beer and nachos or popcorn. Most of the time I will be watching the game at home on TV but mostly on my laptop. I make sure to fire up FlamesNation before, during and after the game to join in on the fun. I’ve always preferred to watch games at home, it’s too noisy at other places and I always like to hear the announcers, commentators and all the analysts. During the Cup run on the Red Mile I was saying the same stuff before Bob Cole was saying it. For example, Iggy was not on the ice and I said he’s probably getting his skates sharpened and then a few seconds later Cole said the same thing!

  • MattyFranchise

    Living in Toronto, the start time for a Flames’ game is typically at 9pm. Which I love because I get to watch other NHL games starting at 7pm , it’s the best way to pass time! I used to wear my jersey for every game back in the Iggy-Era, but I’ve since stopped. My ritual nowadays is to visit FN and read the Pre-game discussion. The comments left by fans alike are the best part! Keep up the good work.

  • SydScout

    Normally I work in a one man office down under. Cancel afternoon meetings, switch over the pc to centre ice, grab a beer as it’s lunchtime and settle in.

    This year it’s boston, so wait impatiently at home for the game to start…far too late out East. Read FN, laugh at WW trolling.

    • prendrefeu

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      So… in that case, bummer? But it’s all on you, buddy.

      • SydScout

        So I read articles about a madman taking siege on my city in the past few weeks and this is your response?

        You’re a grade A @$$. It’s a little more than bummer, buddy. Wake up to yourself and have some respect.

      • RedMan

        I’m with you… no issues with the NRA here. In fact, due to many years of gun-club/marksman training as a youth in the US, I was automatically enrolled as a lifetime member. when my kids come over to watch a game, we like to go outside and shoot a few clays when weather permits.

        so, my pregame routine involves calling the kids to see who is coming over to watch, and reading pregame stuff on the internet.
        PS – banner ad for me is roaming plans for the US. I am glad that they got rid of the ad for Thai dating where it looked like an underaged girl being offered up.

  • Aussie Flame

    Not exactly a game day thing, more of an everyday thing to check the standings. Can’t believe I am still looking at the wild card standings and not the league standings!

    My banner is for a pub… Well done.

  • Nick24

    I go to school in Lethbridge, so my friends and I usually go to the on campus bar and get a plate of Nachos with a couple jugs of beer. I always wear my T.J Brodie jersey if it’s a big game, other wise, I wear either my plain flames jersey or the one that I have signed by Baertschi.

    I also have quite a few flames t-shirts with the names on the back, so I always wear the player I deem played best the night before the next day. Provided they win of course.

    I also wear my flames socks for every home game.

    When I go to the Saddle Dome, I always get there an hour or so before the game so I can get an ice cream and watch the warm up down by flames bench!

  • Aussie Flame

    I’m in Perth western Australia so games here usually start in the morning. If it’s the weekend I’ll fry up a huge breakfast and choose between the home jersey, 90s pedestal, or retro third.

  • Nick24

    I’m Portuguese, and I live in Brazil. Since 93 I keep my eyes on Flames.

    As The Last Big Bear said, I got a hard time looking for a decent stream, and I read all the pregame discution here in fn (always a good time).

    During the game I have my coolaid (these days we are around 100 Fahrenheit, down here), and I try to keep quiet, as most of the game starts around 1 am.

  • SydScout

    I don’t really have an habits or rituals for game days. Being in Ontario and not having good internet, it’s tough to catch games. Just makes it special when I do then I guess. I guess the one thing I have rituized is coming to FN and reading the game day articles and comments. Almost never comment myself, but I enjoy reading everything. It’s way better than just reading stuff on the Flames site (although they have good stuff sometimes).

    Also I find it amazing how many people we have reading this site from so many different places. It’s really cool there’s fans literally around the world all reading here and cheering for the same team.

  • RickT

    When I arrive at the Dome I grab a pocket dog. The spicy one. Cheese and ketchup goes inside that badboy.

    I then grab a pint of Keiths and a bag of popcorn before heading to my seats.

    1st intermission is another beer.

    2nd intermission is a malt (and sometimes another beer).