Gaudreau Joins Giordano in All-Star Game

Johnny Gaudreau was pretty stoked to be invited to the All-Star Weekend as a rookie. He’s probably super-stoked now, as he’s been named an injury replacement. He joins teammate and Flames captain Mark Giordano in the game.

Gaudreau has 35 points in 46 games this season, placing both 2nd in rookie scoring and 48th overall in NHL scoring. He joins fellow Calder contenders Filip Forsberg and Aaron Ekblad in the weekend star showcase. Gaudreau is primarily in the game because he has name recognition and he’s already in Ohio and not on vacation like the majority of the NHL’s veteran stars are, but it’s still pretty damn cool and should be a really fun experience for the 21-year-old.

It’s the first time the Flames have been represented by more than one player since 2008, when Jarome Iginla and Dion Phaneuf appeared.

The All-Star Draft goes tonight on Sportsnet starting at 6pm MT.


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  • piscera.infada

    Kent Wilson reporting an article from Dregger claiming the Leafs are willing to trade Franson, as the team is not prepared to match any offer he may receive this summer. CGY might be a fit. Personally, watching him in Toronto a lot, he can shoot the puck. But his speed is disturbing. I guess he wouldn’t be bad if paired with Russel, though. Just don’t put him on the points to run a PP; One turnover, and it’s essentially a shorthanded breakway for the other team.

    Plus, I think Toronto may be over-pricing him. Rather spend resources on Yandle. Just no first rounders.

    • beloch

      Yandle or Franson would be a huge improvement in our top four.

      They’re both righty’s, can play 20+ minutes, have an offensive upside, and are probably both better defensively than Wideman.

      Franson is also huge.

      If Calgary could get one of these guys without trading our future. Great.

      We might even be able to get Franson for nothing if we take on Clarksons contract.

      • piscera.infada

        Sorry, I mean absolutely no disrespect to you at all by the following comment (seriously, just want to make sure that is very clear).

        Any GM that would take on 5.25 million dollars of David Clarkson for the next five years (after this one), is a complete moron. It’s an absolutely prohibitive contract.

        I’m also not a Franson fan. Too many bad, bad turnovers. He’s like Chris Butler wearing a potpourri jersey.

        • Burnward

          “Any GM that would take on 5.25 million dollars of David Clarkson for the next five years (after this one), is a complete moron. It’s an absolutely prohibitive contract.”

          Had to laugh at this one! Calling MacTavish! who offered Clarkson even MORE money for the same years!

          ..and by the way Go Johnny GO!

      • Burnward

        My preference is Yandle (who by the way isn’t a righty!) over Franson but it all depends on what it costs. I would throw Petry in as a free agent if it makes sense. Just as important, if the Flames can acquire one or two solid young defencemen by unloading veteran forwards, the team would be set for the next three years.

        • Burnward

          I don’t know how interested he would be about staying in Alberta but I think Petry would really do well in a top 4 situation with the Flames. Have seen him a few times live this year and I have been very impressed with his compete level to go along with his skill set. He could thrive playing with a team with some structure and defensive awareness.

      • beloch

        Franson has been playing first-pairing shutdown minutes with Phaneuf in Toronto. In Calgary he’d get much easier minutes on the second pair, which is massively sheltered by Brodano at present. Toronto may have tipped their hand by saying he’s going to be too pricey for them to sign in the Summer, but I bet they’re still asking a ridiculous price. However, Burke might be able to pull some insider strings and, after all, Toronto still freakin’ owes us bigtime.

    • everton fc

      He’s a better than our current 5/6 pairing. But as a 3/4?

      Taking on Clarkson’s contract is a mind-bender. If you take away his 30 goal season, he puts up similar #s to Stajan, and less than Jones, though he’s a tough sucker. But he wouldn’t fit here. He’s a 3rd liner here. Though he’d be an improvement over Byron on that side of the ice.

      I guess we could take on Clarkson’s contract and buy him out. But why?

      With the Coyotes cascading into oblivion, what does it take to get Yandle. That’s the question. Franson and Yandle, if possible, solve our defencive problems, but maybe Wotherspoon will be better than Franson sooner, than later. And I’ll bet Wotherspoon’s a better skater.

  • Burnward

    Just watched Monahan’s highlights from the 2013-2014 season. Was very surprised at how many of his early goals and assists included Baertschi, and if they didn’t you saw him on the ice.

    The first 3:30 of an 18 minute clip for sure. Kind of took me aback. Boy sure seems like Sven got the shaft there and somehow got deep into the doghouse. Flames brass can’t give up on him..

  • everton fc

    Petry is intriguing to me the more he’s mentioned in the discussion, though he’s 27. Not old, but on the other side of 25.

    He may just want to take advantage of the free agency, not to mention the US$ over the Loonie. He’d fit in well on many U.S. teams…

    How long is Rinne out in Nashville? I keep thinking Ramo or Hiller…

      • Avalain

        Actually, it kind of matters. It means that when the Canadian dollar is low the hockey players are all getting paid a lot more. Right now if a hockey player is paid 1 million/year, they are basically getting 1.24 million/year in the currency of the country they are living in.

        In other words, the Canadian players are making more money than their American counterparts.

        (Not talking about taxes…)

    • piscera.infada

      What’s not cool is the fact that the NHL for some ridiculous reason, would rather play with one less forward instead of letting another player, who’s already there, play. I don’t get it at all.

  • RedMan

    sounds like the NHL jerking JG around. not cool to let it sit out there for so long that he is playing if they were not going to allow it. something is rotten in the state of denmark

  • Well that really sucks that Johnny doesn’t get to play because they decided to play a player short. Literally makes zero sense to me. I would have been alright with it if they brought in someone else to play, because that would be a good reason, but this is ridiculous.

  • RKD

    Gaudreau not playing in the game is a joke, this guy is going to be a great player for many years and will probably be in many future all star games. He represents a group of talented NHL players so going forward he should be able to showcase his skills during the game. 2004 conspiracy theorists rising as we speak…”it was in” they whispered softly.

  • prendrefeu

    What a bunch of garbage. They just let that sit out in the media for half a day? Pathetic. .getting more mad as I think about this

    What dI’d they say? Alright guys time to go to all star roster selection, let’s go everyone. .Johnny? Not so fast…

    Just straight class you bunch of league slimeballs. You’d just rather play a man short after having that news out in the open all day? No wonder bettman gets booed every stinking place he goes.