Gaudreau Joins Giordano on Team Toews, Won’t Play

Earlier today, the hockey world was abuzz that Johnny Gaudreau, one of the most popular young players in the United States (for his collegiate success with Boston College) and already one of the most popular young stars in Canada, would be playing in the NHL All-Star Game as an injury replacement for Sidney Crosby.

It fit, and it made complete sense that Gaudreau would slide in. Excitement followed.

Apparently that decision was 100% final when everyone got all excited about it, and once the horses were out of the proverbial barn, the NHL decided that he wouldn’t play after all.


Gaudreau and Flames captain Mark Giordano were both selected to Team Toews at the All-Star Draft earlier tonight. Giordano will compete in the game and skills competition, while Gaudreau will only dazzle onlookers at the skills competition tomorrow evening.

By sheer coincidence, Team Toews will play a man short – they’ll have 17 skaters to Team Foligno’s 18 – while playing without a short man, Johnny Gaudreau.

I just don’t get you sometimes, All-Star Game.

The Skills Competition goes tomorrow at 5pm MT, while the All-Star Game itself goes Sunday at 3pm MT. Both will air on CBC.