Flames call up Baertschi and the Wolf

Speak of the devil and he shall arrive! This morning in Random Thoughts I noted that David Wolf would be an interesting call-up for the Flames and soon after the club made it so by recalling him with Sven Baertschi and Tyler Wotherspoon. 

Wolf’s addition means Curtis Glencross is still out with injury. It will be interesting to see who he bumps from the line-up (Bollig?), assuming he gets into game action. Wotherspoon was another guy who came up in the  Random Thoughts piece. I think Flames management would really like to see him challenge the current crop of third pairing guys for ice time. No doubt he sees some game action this time around.

Sven getting the call ahead of Markus Granlund is also notable. Granlund has been been the Flames go-to call up amongst forwards this season, but he struggled mightily over the last couple of months after a hot start. Like Wolf, Baertschi was one of the most productive players on the farm in January. Maybe he’ll get more of chance to contribute above 4th line minutes this time around?

  • piscera.infada

    Regarding the Richards rumor. He has been put on waivers today. I think that he will clear, but I don’t think that the Kings can send him to the minors (not sure if he has a NMC or a NTC) as it would create a lot of mistrust in the dressing room towards the organization. Not buying him out in the summer but demoting him now.

    I think that where Calgary fits in is with regards to the creative trade scenarios.

    There was some talk last week about the Kings and Leafs and a Phaneuf and Richards deal. But that does not help either team with their finances.

    How about a set of three way deals?

    Calgary trades with the Leafs for Phaneuf and then sends him to LA while holding back salary. Calgary trades with the Kings for Richards and then sends him to Toronto while holding back salary. Calgary acquires picks/prospects on either side of the transaction.

    Leafs: 3rd round pick

    Flames: 2nd round pick and Phaneuf

    Kings: Phaneuf (less 50% salary)

    Flames: Zykov

    Kings: 2nd round pick

    Flames: 1st round pick and Richards

    Leafs: Richards (less 50% salary)

    Flames: Gauthier

  • Scoring_guru

    “TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie added the Calgary Flames to the list of teams that have recently talked to the Kings about acquiring Richards in exchange for a bad contract of their own.”

    Some changes might be coming….

  • Flamesfever

    for Sven to succeed he needs to play with top guys, throw him with Monahan or Backlund. Let him play quality minutes and PP time.. Then and only then u can judge his future with the flames, sitting in 3rd period playing with 4th line guys doesnt help a skilled guy. PLAY HIM, im done with the “hes young hes learning” blah blahhh

  • RedMan

    Most excellent. I’ve made a case for each in the last 3 or 4 days and am stoked for this.

    Must say more excited for Wolf than any call up so far this year mainly because of my support of him since the start and a lot of the so called experts pooh poohing the signing. Loving this! Let’s go big guy!

  • RedMan

    this is exciting… been looking forward to Wolf for some time now. Hope they play wotherspoon not carry him as the 7th.

    Wonder if this could be the first signs of a trade brewing

  • Interesting to hear the Flames might be in on Richards. I can only imagine it’s a salary dump type deal, with Calgary absorbing the contract for something in return.

    I kinda doubt anything will happen, but you never know.

    • Scoring_guru

      It’s possible that the Kings have a deal in place, but wanted to see if he clears waivers first.

      I can’t see the Kings retaining any salary, or taking back a bad contract.. but hopefully they would surrender a pick or a prospect.

  • Flamesfever

    Can’t wait for tomorrow night!

    There’s no reason the boys can’t mop the floor with the scrubs theyre up against in all 3 games this week. Each one trying to out tank the next. Bring on the ICE MONSTER! !

  • Scoring_guru

    I want to see the Baertschi/Monahan connection again, it was great to start last season. Especially with Monahan on a hot streak like he is.

    Richards on waivers eh? The only reason I would be interested is because I’m considering the oilers situation. Nuge came into the league looking great and then petered out with so much weight on his shoulders. Would be a shame for that to happen to Monahan.

    • The Nuge is having his best season in Oilers silks and is the only one in their young core who has continued to progress upwards. Monahan is not going it alone as far as centres are concerned. Backlund and Stajan share in the hard minutes to give the “high” ground to a player like Jooris or Granlund. Early in the season and during Backlund’s injury Monahan was asked to step up and be that hard minutes, tough competition centre. He impresses a lot of people, myself included, with how he handled that role. In the next season or two we will get to see Bennet, who I thibknstarts on the wing, begin to develop and I look forward to a healthy internal competition between he and Monahan for that first line centre position. With backlund anchoring the best damn third line in the league.

  • Scoring_guru

    Richards has a pretty impressive resume and it’s amazing how quickly he has fallen. World Junior and Olympic Gold, Memorial Cup, Calder Cup, Stanley Cup (2) to go along with an All-Star selection and being the captain of the Flyers. He has to be worth something to someone, unless he is that out of shape, lazy and enjoys the nose candy too much…

    I know my beer league team could use him…

  • RKD

    Sweet, the Svengali is back! I wouldn’t mind seeing him back with Mony they’ve had some good chemistry or even Gaudreau could set him. Maybe he gets tagged with Backlund. I’m happy Wotherspoon will get to flex his muscle and show us his game, I think he is an upgrade over what we have now. David Wolf looks impressive, he’s playing a power forward game with soft hands and he’s got size. Granlund needs some more seasoning down in the AHL.

  • FeyWest

    Sven needs skilled line mates, and I hope Hartley gives them to him. Lets give this guy an opportunity to build on the confidence he is gaining playing in the NHL.

    Could the reason he was called up now is because we want to showcase him for a trade? I hope we don’t trade him, but I would give a lot up a lot for a young 3-4 pairing guy with some term.

  • FeyWest

    I think Sven will get a chance and a good look, he’s been steady in Addy by all accounts and given Raymonds’ trouble getting started seemingly I think he can slot in nicely between 2nd and 3rd line. with Backs back I like the looks of our 4 lines being much more balanced with a strong Centre depth!

  • everton fc

    Being Baertschi and Wolf are both LWs… Doesn’t make sense to call up Granlund, who is a centre. That’s my take. If Granlund’s going to move to the wing, his remodelling will take place on the farm, first and foremost.

    I personally would have liked to see Poirier over Baertschi. But that will happen soon enough. Here’s hoping both Wolf and Baertschi do what Jooris has done and earn a permanent place on the team.

    Not sure what this means to Bollig and Raymond. Has no impact on Byron, as he’s not a LW.

    Wotherspoon should get a start vs. Sabres. Safe game to plug him in. Engelland seems the coaches choice most nights over Smid. Diaz being more mobile, we may see him paired w/Wotherspoon. Should be interesting, whomever is paired with the farm-hand!