Report: Flames Kicked Tires On Mike Richards

The biggest news of the day throughout the hockey world was the Los Angeles Kings placing forward Mike Richards (and his $5.75 million cap hit) on waivers, presumably for the purpose of ridding themselves of his contract or burying it in the minors.

TSN’s Bob McKenzie had an interesting bit of background on the Kings’ move:

The Flames have just over $14 million in cap space available, so it’s not like they can’t afford to eat some bad deals. And the ones they’d probably try to move – expensive guys in depth roles like David Jones ($4 million), Dennis Wideman ($5.25 million), Ladislav Smid ($3.5 million) or Deryk Engelland ($2.9 million) – are probably guys that other teams wouldn’t want, or wouldn’t throw in with a prospect or pick to sweeten the pot.

My guess is that both sides kicked tires, but both had reasons to not do a deal. If you look at Calgary’s salary structure, they probably didn’t want to add another expensive depth guy, particularly when they have cheap kids coming up that could (a) help them win games or (b) give them cap flexibility by being cheap. And would the Kings really want another bad deal on their books?

  • T&A4Flames

    May or may not have anything to do with this, but is anyone else curious about the timing and quantity of the recent call ups? 2 fwd’s (Sven, Wolf) and 1 D(TSpoon). I think only GlenX may be injured. The math seems a little off. Maybe I’m thinking too hard but maybe there is a trade pending?

    • T&A4Flames

      You are thinking way too hard…BT on Fan 960 says they wanted extra bodies around in case of more injuries even though GlenX and Smid are the only ones out..IMHO wicked snowstorm in the East means that the turnaround time for a call-up is more brutal than before. It certainly helped with Huds out tonight!

      BT says they will continue to call up players for the rest of the season that are deserving so that they can work with the NHL coaches who will determine their progress; they may or may not get game time – up to Hartley…They definitely wanted another look at Wolf to assess his progress since training camp when he was still adjusting to North America. Certainly hope he and TSpoon get a chance to play.

  • Colin.S

    Richards cleared this morning (obviously) so now we see if the Kings are willing to deal. They can’t afford (cap wise, not dollars) to keep him the minors or they have an almost 4.75 million of dead cap on their books.

    Bollig + Engelland to them gives them some cap room(especially if they dump them in the minors) as well as get them off our team but in return we get Richards a guy like Forbort or Miller or another top teir D from their AHL team plus a swap of picks maybe (like they toss in a second the flames give back a third or something).

  • MonsterPod

    Scott Cullen reporting that the Flames deal for Richards involved Stajan and Raymond going the other way with the Kings retaining some salary.

    Not sure how that helps the Kings salary cap situation.

    • everton fc

      This kind of reporting hurts our team. How would Stajan in particular feel, knowing he was perhaps on the block? I know it’s a business….

      Kings need all their d-men. They are thin on the big team, and their depth is young, unproven talent on the farm. I didn’t suspect they’d be moving d-men, but you never know.

      Miller was undrafted, so maybe he’s available.

      @Kevin R

      As for 2nd guessing Treliving, I didn’t. Simply saying WW’s comment is not unfair. I have no issues with the brass. Yet. Like I said, they signed Wolf.

  • Colin.S

    These rumours are BS. Here’s what really went down:

    Lombardi: * Phones Treliving *

    Treliving: * Sees name on phone *. Picks up.

    Lombardi: “Hi Brad, how you doing? Do you want Mike Rich-”

    Treliving: * Hangs up *