Scoreboard Watching – February 3 2015

The Flames are off today, but there’s definitely some scoreboard watching to be done this evening as the Western Conference’s playoff picture continues to evolve.

Here’s what’s going down tonight.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 11.39.23 PM

Calgary helped themselves greatly by beating the Jets in regulation last night, but the Oilers also did the Flames a solid by beating the Sharks in a lengthy shootout. So thanks, Rob Klinkhammer, wherever you are!


  • At 5pm MT, the Los Angeles Kings (54 points) visit the Washington Capitals, following their White House visit yesterday. The Kings are five points back of Calgary and hold two games in hand. The Capitals have 60 points.
  • At 6pm MT, the Minnesota Wild (52 points) host the Chicago Blackhawks. The Wild did Calgary a solid by beating Vancouver on Sunday and they’re on a roll. But they are seven points – and four or five teams – back of Calgary, even with two games in hand, and are facing a really good Chicago team.
  • In a game everyone hopes ends in regulation, Jarome Iginla’s Colorado Avalanche (53 points) visit the Dallas Stars (also 53 points) at 6:30pm MT. Both teams are six back of Calgary. Dallas has two games in hand, while Colorado has just one. It doesn’t matter who wins here as long as it’s in regulation, really.
  • And finally, at 8pm MT, the Winnipeg Jets (60 points) get back at it, using up their game in hand when they visit the Vancouver Canucks (57 points). Vancouver has three games in hand on Calgary, because the NHL’s schedule is wacky that way. I believe the best-case here is a Vancouver regulation win, as at least they burn off a game in hand and keep Winnipeg in with the pack. Considering how well/poorly the Jets played in Calgary, a Vancouver win is possible tonight.

Best case scenario(s) for Calgary’s playoff hopes are: Washington win, Chicago win, Colorado win and Vancouver win. These outcomes are also, oddly, a probable scenario.

  • Bean-counting cowboy

    Winnipeg is not “using up their game in hand” as suggested. They have played one more game than Calgary, I believe.

    I’m torn between who should win this VAN vs. WPG game. Personally, from an emotional level, I’d like to stick it to the Canucks and have them miss the playoffs and have the Jets get in – their fans deserve it. Canuck fans deserve nothing. NOTHING

    On an unrelated note: Props to FN for three flames related articles posted on the same day! Welcome aboard Drance & best of luck in the future gang!

  • Bean-counting cowboy

    I’ll take a Jets win over a ‘Nucks win any day. Not to mention Vancouver is in our division, with games in hand, while Winnipeg is not.

    I’d actually quite enjoy seeing Vancouver collapse down the stretch, to be honest. Lots of hockey left.

    • Bean-counting cowboy

      Agreed. If the Canucks start losing and fall out, that opens up a spot in the Pacific division. Then it would just be Calgary and LA battling for that final divisional spot.

      Oilers win last night has pulled SJ within reach too. That second spot in the Pacific is just as much “up for grabs” as the third one is.

  • Bean-counting cowboy

    Canucks play Winnipeg tonight; after we played the Jets last night…..

    We play SJ wednesday and the Canucks play SJ on thursday……

    What is with the easy Canuck schedule??!

    Earlier in the year I heard that the Canucks play 21 games this year against teams that played the night before……if that is true: that is rediculous!


  • Danomitee

    Canucks are in our division, they need to lose. I’m personally not setting my sights on a wildcard position I want to be the 2-3 which is completely possible as of today. Dallas, Colorado and Minnesota really only have a shot at the wildcard spots as they’re not catching St. Louis, Nashville and Chicago who are lightyears ahead. Let’s face it, our division is the much weaker of the two so the poorer our division plays the better chance we have of being in a playoff spot

  • Danomitee

    I hope the following teams win:

    Washington over LA
    Chicago over Minny
    Colorado over Dallas; Colorado plays their only game in hand
    Winnipeg over Van (Teams in our Div need to lose; Van has games in hand over Flames)