WWYDW: Which Free Agents To Keep?

We’re just shy of a month prior to the NHL’s trade deadline – March 2nd at 1pm MT! But let’s shift gears a bit and focus on the future a bit.

Oh, and the Calgary Flames organization’s 23 impending free agents of various types, shapes and sizes.

Who do you keep? Who do you jettison? What Would You Do? (Wednesday)!


  • Mikael Backlund
  • Josh Jooris
  • Sven Baertschi
  • Lance Bouma
  • Paul Byron
  • David Wolf
  • Michael Ferland
  • Max Reinhart
  • Drew Shore
  • Bill Arnold
  • Turner Elson
  • Ben Hanowski
  • Kenny Agostino
  • John Ramage
  • Sena Acolatse
  • Mark Cundari


  • Curtis Glencross
  • Brian McGrattan
  • Devin Setoguchi
  • Raphael Diaz
  • Corey Potter
  • Karri Ramo
  • Brad Thiessen

We’ll have more details on all 23 impending free agents in coming weeks (and months), but even the guys I’d think they’d be hesitant to sign last year – Turner Elson and John Ramage – are productive American League guys at the very least. So outside of the obvious cuts – McGrattan and Setoguchi – I think you can make a decent case for just about everybody else.

It’s a very interesting opportunity for Brad Treliving to really put his stamp on the roster.

  • Mikael Backlund
    Josh Jooris
    Sven Baertschi
    Lance Bouma
    Paul Byron
    David Wolf
    Michael Ferland
    Drew Shore
    Bill Arnold
    Kenny Agostino
    John Ramage
    Sena Acolatse
    Mark Cundari

    Brad Thiessen

    I’m only keeping the three RFA D at the bottom of the list because the depth at the position is so weak, and you just hope ONE of them can turn into something, though I don’t really believe they do at this point.

    I want to keep Ramo, but a goalie is gone one way or another, and I’m pretty sure they’ll trade Karri. I’d keep Thiessen just to have someone backup for Gillies next season.

    I don’t know if Agostino is anything and I don’t want to give up on him just yet, and most of the other guys still have value.

    I like Max, I just think his options are limited here

  • Does anyone know which of the RFAs will be waiver eligible next year (i.e. we have to keep them on the big club or risk losing them to waivers)?

    …aka the Joe Colborne situation)

    Waiver Eligible:
    Mikael Backlund
    Sven Baertschi
    Lance Bouma
    Paul Byron

    Not Waiver Eligible:
    Bill Arnold
    Kenny Agostino

    Josh Jooris
    David Wolf
    Michael Ferland
    Drew Shore
    John Ramage
    Sena Acolatse
    Mark Cundari
    Brad Thiessen


    Mikael Backlund – YES
    Josh Jooris – YES
    Sven Baertschi – YES
    Lance Bouma – YES
    Paul Byron – YES
    David Wolf – YES
    Michael Ferland – YES
    Max Reinhart – make available in trade talks but yes
    Drew Shore – yes
    Bill Arnold – YES
    Turner Elson – depends on college signings
    Ben Hanowski – depends on college signings
    Kenny Agostino – yes
    John Ramage – yes
    Sena Acolatse – no
    Mark Cundari – no


    Curtis Glencross – no trade him at the deadline
    Brian McGrattan – YES give him a front office mentoring job
    Devin Setoguchi – no and remind him we gave ahler Drew Shore his #
    Raphael Diaz – only if 2-way would like to see us go after a #3 and bump him off the main roster
    Corey Potter – no
    Karri Ramo – trade at the draft for 6th
    Brad Thiessen – yes ahl contract

  • Burnward

    Questions re: max contracts.

    Are they allowed to carry extra at any point?

    Also, if a player is tendered do they count immediately?

    If they don’t, the team might have some leeway to figure out what to do with the glut of talented forwards.

    Thanks in advance those with more CBA knowledge than I.

  • Parallex

    •Mikael Backlund – Keep
    •Josh Jooris – Keep
    •Sven Baertschi – Keep
    •Lance Bouma – Keep
    •Paul Byron – Jettison
    •David Wolf – Keep
    •Michael Ferland – Keep
    •Max Reinhart – Undecided
    •Drew Shore – Keep
    •Bill Arnold – Keep
    •Turner Elson – Jettison
    •Ben Hanowski – Undecided
    •Kenny Agostino – Keep
    •John Ramage – Jettison
    •Sena Acolatse – Jettison
    •Mark Cundari – Jettison

    •Curtis Glencross – Jettison (trade)
    •Brian McGrattan – Jettison
    •Devin Setoguchi – Jettison
    •Raphael Diaz – Undecided
    •Corey Potter – Keep
    •Karri Ramo – Keep (But only if you trade Hiller)
    •Brad Thiessen – Keep

    Keep in mind that a fair number of the guys that I said Jettison for I’d be willing to have back on AHL deals (much like Carter Bancks took a couple years ago)

  • Parallex

    I think there are a few too many unknowns to this WWYD question to answer before you can provide a really solid answer. Burnward noted the main one. The question is bit premature I guess is what I think and might be interesting to revisit after the trade deadline so we can clear up the UFA position somewhat.

    I would do the following: Mikael Backlund – Keep; Josh Jooris – Keep; Sven Baertschi – Keep; Lance Bouma – Keep; Paul Byron – Keep (but be prepared to trade); David Wolf – Keep; Michael Ferland – Keep; Max Reinhart – Keep (but be prepared to trade); Drew Shore – Keep; Bill Arnold – Keep; Turner Elson – Let go; Ben Hanowski – Let go; Kenny Agostino – Keep; John Ramage – Keep; Sena Acolatse – Keep; Mark Cundari – Keep.

    THE UFAS – Curtis Glencross – Trade if he will waive his NTC or sign and keep or trade (for the right deal) if he won’t; Brian McGrattan – let go; Devin Setoguchi – let go; Raphael Diaz – let go; Corey Potter – Keep; Karri Ramo – trade or Keep (But only if you trade Hiller); Brad Thiessen – Keep if Gillies doesn’t turn pro.