Baertschi and Granlund Returned to the AHL

The only news item on a rather quiet off-day for the Calgary Flames was the assignment of forwards Sven Baertschi and Markus Granlund back to the Adirondack Flames of the American Hockey League.

Baertschi, 21, was originally recalled on January 26 (along with David Wolf and Tyler Wotherspoon) after the NHL’s All-Star Break in. He dressed for a single game and got an assist, but with Curtis Glencross nearing a return, it makes sense to send him back to the farm for game action. Sven’s played 15 games this season for the big club and added 4 assists.

Granlund, 21, was recalled on February 2 to take the roster spot vacated by the injury to David Wolf. Wolf’s on the IR retroactive to his original injury on Saturday, so he’s eligible to be activated prior to the California road trip. Granlund didn’t get a game in during this recall, but he’s played 33 games and racked up 13 points thus far. Outside of struggling at faceoffs, Granlund’s been quite good.

Temporarily, the assignments leave the Flames with 21 healthy bodies (2 goalies, 7 defenders and 12 forwards) and four injured bodies (Glencross, Smid, Wolf and Sam Bennett).

  • RKD

    While I would like to see these guys up here and playing the reality is that they probably aren’t going to be regulars in the lineup right now. Instead of having them sit in the pressbox, let them get some minutes in the AHL and keep developing. If they are playing well, they may just get another shot if an injury happens. Granlund needs some more seasoning. It does look like Sven is playing better, he appears to be more noticeable out there but in a good way.

  • RKD

    Both Granlund and Sven represent a big part of the Flames future. Both require further development in specific areas of there game and the AHL is the best alternative at this point.

    I like the way BT is managing the development of the young talent..patience is important…stay the course!

  • beloch

    Blue chip prospects should be playing games. These two weren’t going to get the chance in Calgary, so sending them to Adriondack was the right move.

    Completely Unrelated:
    I like to watch hockey while working out. Tonight, I tuned into the Kings vs. Panthers game. The announcers were blatant Kings homers and the phrase, “The Flames just keep on winning!” was mentioned at least half a dozen times while I was watching. The Flames have burnt themselves deep into the L.A.’s psyche. It’s not likely to happen, but it’d be great to see the Flames play the Kings in the playoffs!

    Anyways, you’d think a game involving a struggling Stanley cup champion would be good, but nope. Super boring trap-fest. I switched the channel to an archived game from the early nineties between the Nordiques and Bruins. The Nordique goalie, Ron Tugnutt made 70 saves in the game! You can read more about the game here. His name alone qualifies him to be one of my favorite goalies ever.

    This may be useful knowledge in the future, since I intend to popularize “Tugnutting” as a verb descrbing the act of a goalie stealing a game in a truly exceptional manner. e.g. Back in October, Hiller sure tugnutted that game from the Blackhawks by making 50 saves!

    • RKD

      kings 7 points behind Flames and only one gane in hand….history since the advent of the 3 point games has shown Kings have very little chance to catch the Flames. Goodbye to the Jolly Rancher!

  • Burnward

    Colorado loses too!

    Perfect night for Flames scoreboard watchers. Now just need San Jose to hang on to their lead against Canucks.

    Flames’ playoff chances just went up after tonight!

  • loudogYYC

    It’s kinda weird to be scoreboard watching this late into the season considering Iggy, Jbo and Kipper all left less than 2 years ago but hey, here we are and its all good.

    I’m curious to see what kind of support or challenge management gives the team moving forward. I’m pretty sure they could shed Glencross and Smid for picks and keep the momentum going, that would a huge win-win.

    • Bean-counting cowboy

      You have to be wondering what Iggy is thinking. Flames must be reminding him of that magic of 2004. In fact we are svn better, we are not reliant on 1 goalie, not reliant on a sect of the team play, maybe Gio & brodie. I don’t see any sell off trades, it’ll be all hands on deck for the playoffs. Wow. what an experience for the kids. This makes up for not being in the McEichel sweeps. Ill take this all day long.