What Would Calgary’s Kane Package Have Been?

The big hockey news of the past week was the big trade between the Winnipeg Jets and Buffalo Sabres that saw Evander Kane head to upstate New York in exchange for…a lot of stuff.

A second shocker occurred later in the week, as Sportsnet’s Elliott Friedman mentioned in his 30 Thoughts column that the Flames were indeed involved in some discussions with the Jets regarding Evander Kane’s services.

So how close do we think they got and what would their offer have looked like?

Two key quotes from Friedman’s Thoughts first:

13. You have to look at the big one as two trades. The
first is straight up: Zach Bogosian for Tyler Myers. The second is
Evander Kane for Drew Stafford, Joel Armia, Brendan Lemieux and a
first-round pick. Now how do you feel?

14. The two most likely players (with term) to be
moved were Kane and Myers, and now they are off the board. So, who else
was in? Calgary certainly was in on both, with the Jets and Sabres
intrigued by the Flames’ youth at centre.

But the southern Albertans were unwilling to pay a very high price
that focused on at least one, if not an attempt at both, of Sam Bennett
and Sean Monahan. (You can’t blame someone for asking.) It might have
ended up being one and a more experienced middleman like Mikael
Backlund, but that’s a lot. Centres are hard to find. The moment you
trade them, you’re looking for them.

So, let’s look at the trade now: Evander Kane for Drew Stafford, Joel Armia, Brendan Lemieux and a first round pick. So a similar deal would’ve had a strong winger, a couple top prospects and a first.

So for Calgary, the closest equivalent would be Glencross or Hudler, plus a combination of two of Sven Baertschi, Emile Poirier, Sean Monahan and Sam Bennett, and a first round pick.

It’s not shocking that the Flames didn’t land Kane given what the Sabres offer ended up being and what the Flames offer would have had to be to be competitive with their bid. The Flames have some depth in terms of talented young forwards. Would you blow all of that up in order to get Evander Kane?

  • beloch

    As I said at the time this news broke, if this is the kind of “something” that’s available right now, I don’t want to hear anyone complaining about Treliving doing nothing. This would have been a disastrous trade for the Flames if they’d bitten the hook.

  • Curtis

    I’m glad that we didn’t land Kane. Giving up any of those names listed wouldn’t of been worth it. Those players will play a big role in our success in a couple of years from now.

  • Reidja

    Except that Poirier, Monahan, and Bennett are all inarguably better prospects than Armia and Lemieux.

    It would have been more accurate to say something like Granlund and Klimchuk.

    • SmellOfVictory

      And Glencross and Hudler are significantly better wingers than Stafford. A Stafford equivalent on the Flames would be someone like Jones or Colborne.

      Given the rumour that Bennett/Monahan were the asking price, it probably would’ve been more like Bennett+Jones, maybe with a pick added. Still poor value for the Flames, but not as bad as the article makes it out to be.

  • RKD

    The Jets wanted Sam Bennett, there’s no way Treliving was going to include him in the deal. Just say no Brad. Kent is right, keep your centers that’s how you win Cups. Next season the Flames will have big 1-2 punch down the middle with Monahan and Bennett. It’s been what, 20 years since the Flames have had that. Why let it go now? The Flame will be better off without guys like Chris Stewart, Mike Richards, and Evander Kane.

  • Reidja

    Damged goods. Let someone else reclaim that project.

    From what I have heard, Buffalo is an organization that deserves this type of player. They will screw it up no matter what team they put together.

  • T&A4Flames

    GlenX cross is very comparable to Stafford in terms of contract status but probably a better player (slightly). I think Armia went 1 or 2 picks after Sven if I’m not mistaken. So there’s a comparable. Obviously Mony and Beny are much better prospects/player than Lemieux’s is or likely ever will be. So that makes no sense. And our 1st will likely be a higher pick. So maybe something like GlenX, Sven, Reinhart and our 1st. That’s how I see a comparable to this trade. Anything else would’ve been beyond what BUF traded IMO.

    • “GlenX, Sven, Reinhart and our 1st”

      This is even better than what Buffalo dealt in my opinion, which is totally biased. I agree with you though that this might have gotten the deal done.

      However, that being said, there’s still a reason we didn’t land EKane, and I don’t think it’s because BB/BT were unable to put a suitable offer together. At the end of the day, they just didn’t want EKane bad enough. And good on them for that.

  • The Flames need to hold on to Bennet, Monahan and Backlund. Guys further down the depth chart are expendable…..Arnold, Reinhart, Granlund…..we should be looking at trading some of our C depth for D and RW prospects.

          • Although important, faceoffs don’t win games. Kind of a silly reason to hold on to a guy when there are certainly more glaring issues to address.

            Like our D.

            If something is available to upgrade our D and a team wants Arnold, you trade his ass.

            Sign a UFA who can play 4th line minutes and win faceoffs.

          • Burnward

            Sure there are always UFA’s that have strong faceoff skills that is why the Flames have been poor on face-offs for as long as I can remember!!

            Strong hockey teams are strong in all areas of the game including penalty killing, power play and the face-off circle. It’s not all about scoring! You need players that cover all facets of the game so why would you trade a young developing Centre who excels in an area that your team is weak in?

          • If Arnold is so great, why are Granlund (younger than him) and Jooris getting time with the big club and not Arnold?

            Arnold is low on a long list of Flames C prospects. Despite his faceoff prowess, I’d say he’s expendable.

          • About a month ago he suffered season ending shoulder injury. Apparently quite serious. He was progressing quite well and adjusting as a first year pro. Obviously I like this kid and as a fan I hold him in high regard as he has a strong work ethic and is a solid 3rd line Centre prospect with strong skating and face-off ability.

            Good healthy discussion though..we will have to agree to disagree.

          • The year the Penguins won the cup their top 3 faceoff takers were Crosby (51.3%) Staal (47%) and Malkin (42.4%).

            Faceoffs are important (ish) but their effect on the game is maybe the most overstated in hockey lore.

          • Burnward

            If you have a few moments could you possibly pull the face-off percentage data on the recent Kings and Blackhawks championships?

            You will see that face-offs are indeed very important.

  • bby2000

    I don’t think anyone could really compete with Buffalo’s offer. Especially when they could afford to give up one of their three first round picks in this year’s draft. No picks in the first round is hard to sell when you are trying to rebuild.

  • bby2000

    I would like to acknowledge the Sabres organization including owners and management that they are in my view the ultimate BUSH league franchise. Only after being pretty much assured of a last place finish and securing one of McDavid or Eichel are they only now making moves to improve there hockey club.

    Tim Murray..regardless of where you take the Sabres in your tenure as GM you will never have a legacy as an astute sharp franchise builder but rather you will always have the reputation of being a loser…….my 2 cents worth on his recent trade!

  • RedMan

    GM’s have a tendency of fishing from the organizations they just left, which scares me regarding Burke. Just plain NO to anything from TORONTO!!!!

    ( know, Treliving is ostensibly the GM, but we all know Burke would get his way)

        • Burnward

          So if it’s bad for both, is it fair? I’m more interested in where people put the price tag on him. Not that it really matters what we think, of course.

          But the idea of adding a top-10 scorer with game breaking ability is something very appealing. He’d also be in an environment that would bring out the best in him probably.

          • Burnward

            If your going to sell the farm for a top-10 scorer why don’t you try to obtain an athlete that is committed to fitness, is a team player, can communicate with the media and fans, and does not have a ridiculous $8,7M annual contract for the next million years…do you think he will advance the Flames rebuild? Improve what Hartley and the Flames have accomplished?

          • Burnward

            Yes and yes.

            That Toronto team is a clownshow right now. The players still respect him though, you could see that at All Star weekend.

            He’s an exceptional player in a bad situation, being made a scapegoat is my read.

  • Not sure I would want Kane in my dressing room but if you are talking about a 30 to 40 goal 23 year old power forward, both Monahan and Bennett are off the table but Backlund is front and center. Backlund is useful but very replaceable while a 40 goal scorer doesn’t come along often. Problem with Flames fans (and every other team) is they don’t want to give anything up to get something of value. All I read is “give up Glencross and a minor leaguer” but that will get you nothing. Nothing. So if you want to trade with the big boys, step up and offer reasonable returns. If you want to trade Glencross for a third, fine. But don’t offer up Reinhart and a 3rd for Giroux.

    • How in the world is a young, nearly elite two-way centre replaceable. He was in the conversation for the Selke at the beginning of the season. He is the Flames 3rd line shut-down centre going forward. Some of you guys just confuse me so much when you say things like that. A player that drives possession the way he does is so rare it’s ridiculous.

      • everton fc

        Totally agree! It’s been entertaining to read the long list of posts that want to trade Backlund along with a long list of so called ‘B’ prospects for some of these ridiculous contracts/players that are available. The arm chair GM’s have forgotten that less than a year ago the Flames finished in 27th spot and are in year 2 of a rebuild. All of a sudden we have too many prospects and are in position to trade them away….

        Mr BB/BT…stay the course……it is obvious the most effective method of rebuild is through the draft and developing your players in the AHL patiently…not to trade them away in blockbuster deals with the so called “big boys” who are waffling and insecure about there own futures after signing the Kessels, Richards etc too regrettable long term contracts……

          • Burnward

            Call ME crazy, but I like Phil Kessel. He’s like the dorky white version of “Beast Mode.” Dude just wants to play hockey and doesn’t care about the rest.

            “Yeast Mode.”

          • Bean-counting cowboy

            Kessel has 3rd most points in the league the last 4 years (more than Kane & Toews), but will paid less. Now I know he is not Kane/Toews quality player, but the point I am trying to make is regarding points, goals!

            I know I have been roundly trashed for suggesting a Kessel trade, but I honestly think people are being too quick to dismiss it. You have to consider it for a top line RW don’t you?

          • Burnward

            You have to, in my opinion as well. If you add 35 goals to this lineup…that’s a potential game changer.

            They have a lot of depth, but you give them a sniper on the PP and a guy that can legit scare teams with his individual skill, that’s a huge missing piece.

            And he’s still just 27.

            Comes down to cost though.

          • Bean-counting cowboy

            Seems you me and Everton FC are the only ones seeing any potential value in it. I understand people’s concerns, but who on this site wouldn’t take Kessel if Toronto kept half the salary and all we gave up was a seventh round pick?

            You would be a fool not to add a 35 goal scorer to your team for that just because of the media’s perception of Phil as a person.

            So my point is, if anyone on here would do that deal in a heart beat, what would these same naysayers on here give up to land him (scenario could include salary retained by Toronto). If my proposal is that loony, give me a better one and then ask yourself if Toronto would do the deal (if you were in Toronto’s shoes). Now with that being said I can understand there would be a point when the asking price doesn’t outweigh the risks and then you walk away… but if you could do it for the right price?

          • Burnward

            For me: Johnny, Bennett, Mony, Brodie and Gio are off the table.

            Other than that, I would certainly be willing to listen. You could throw three good forward pieces at them and not necessarily kill the prospect pool.

            Who knows what Nonis wants though.

          • Anyone would be stupid not to take Kessel for a seventh round pick.

            But you have to be stupid to believe the Leafs are just looking to throw Kessel away.

            The price for Kessel will be high. Too high a price for the Flames to pay at this stage of the rebuild.

      • everton fc

        You are in dreamland if you consider Backlund an “elite” centerman. Reality is he is not. He is a good, solid defensive player with very limited offensive skills so please don’t give me this elite two way center. He’s never had more than 40 points so he can hardly be considered elite offensively. On any good team, he’s a third line center and once Bennett find his way, that’s where he’ll be with the Flames.

        • Burnward

          I said nearly elite TWO-WAY CENTRE. He obviously doesn’t have the production of an elite scoring centre, but there’s different kinds of elite. Patrice Bergeron is elite but he only puts up around 60 points a season. Also, in case you didn’t actually read my post, I said he was the third line centre of the future because he can shut down opposing forwards. Do you really think Bergeron would still be 2nd line centre on the Bruins if they still had Seguin to go with Krejci?

          • zachg

            Oh so he’s a kinda, nearly elite center. That explains it thanks. And don’t compare him to Bergeron who takes all key faceoffs, played on the Canadian Olympic team and gets 30 percent more points than Backlund. The two of them aren’t in the same league.

          • zachg

            How many more seasons has Bergeron been in the league? Also, Backlund takes many of the Flames key faceoffs as well, especially in the D-zone. And no, not kinda, don’t twist my words. Like I said, there’s different kinds of elite. Backlund is 25 and is looking like he’ll be one of the best, if not the best, two-way forwards in the NHL once he hits his prime. Bergeron is nicely in his prime already at the age of 29.

        • Hey Mrs. Montana…you have no idea what it takes in pro hockey to not only draft a successful centre but have the diligence in properly developing that centre. That’s exactly what the Flames have done with Backlund and we are fortunate because he is young and just entering his prime.

          Enjoy the curling bonspiel…give us some feedback!

  • Burnward

    The more I see of trades and speculation, the more I repeat the mantra in my head: Stay the course!

    Right now our youth is developing amazingly well, Monahan will be a 40+ goal scorer, Gaudreau will be a PPG guy and Bennett is STILL our best prospect. That trio should not be messed with under any circumstance. We need to continue to build the youth specifically on defense. So to do that we will need to keep our picks. Picks are off the table.

    Also our season is an absolute dream considering the expectations we had this year. Those young guys I mentioned getting a taste of the post season will be amazing for their development and who knows maybe they get “lucky” (PDO notwithstanding) and actually make some noise. Every member of this team is part of this success. Outside of Bollig and Engelland I don’t see any glaring weakness on our roster and even then they are likely good for the room. So I would say nearly every roster player we have is off the table.

    If something comes along that absolutely blows us out of the water like a Ryan Poluck or a Larssen then we can talk but there seems to be a chat every week about taking on some other team’s problem children. Let’s not make trades just for the sake of making trades!

    Stay the course!!

  • everton fc

    Bennett, Poirier, Monahan,,, All will prove better pros than Kane. He’s not worth it.

    Looks at his #’s. He’s never broken 60 points. Since his best season, his #’s have been nothing spectacular, even for a 23 year old.

    The Jets got the best of this deal. Lemieux and Armia are great prospects.

  • Don’t know how anyone can be down on Backlund. Dude has been rock solid for us this year – especially since his return from injury. Hoping he stays a fixture in our lineup for many years.

  • tmurph`

    Elliot Freedmen said it was a combination of Backlund and either Bennet or Monohan. At least that is what the jets were asking for. The Flames were apparently offered Backlund, this years first and a top propect (which would of been Klimchuck or Porier).

  • Burnward

    Evander Kane is such a dud. The Flames dodged a huge bullet there. No way I’d want that lazy, unprofessional, locker room poison near our team. He will never hit the stats he had in that one season again. All signs show he’s getting worse, not better. But what do you expect from a guy that skips games and shows up to team meetings in track suits? He Has no respect for his team or the organization. Not to mention the asking price for Kane wasn’t even close to worth it.

  • Burnward

    Kane will turn things around next season. New team. New year. New start. Bogosian looked incredible! Huge upgrade from Myers. The Sabres will be a great team in a few short years. Would have liked to see Myers traded to Calgary, though, being that he’s from DeWinton, just a few minutes outside Calgary city limits.