Flames Trade Deadline 2015: Treliving’s Comments

Over the weekend, Calgary Flames general manager Brad Treliving held court with local media to primarily discuss Sam Bennett’s return to the Ontario Hockey League. Since it was the last time many of us will see him before the NHL’s trade deadline, he was kind enough to field questions about the trade deadline.

Here’s the gist of what he spoke about over the weekend. There were other questions asked about a few other topics, so I cut out any questions that didn’t directly relate to the trade deadline for clarity and reading convenience.

Does he have a wish list at the trade deadline?

We’re balancing a few things right now. We’re talking everyday of how we can make ourselves better. Would we like to help ourselves here for the last stretch? Absolutely. To me, it still comes down to ‘what’s the cost?’. We are not gonna start putting A assets into play here; young players, top young prospects and first round picks, for something that may help us for the next four to six weeks. It’s balancing, keeping the long-term view in mind and protecting that, while also seeing if there’s ways that we can tweak and help ourselves down the stretch. What’s our wish list? We’d love to be able to add some depth here. We’d love to be able to see if there’s things in different areas that could help us.
(Questioner interjected) Depth all over?
We’re looking at the blueline. We’d like to look at the blueline, obviously, if there’s a way to help that, we would like to do it. I think up front, again if there’s something we think makes sense that could help us at a reasonable price we’d like to do that. I do think up front, and we’ve seen it over the course of the year, we’re starting to get depth in the organization. We’ve seen a number of young players come up and play. I think there’s a lot of guys pushing, not just to come up and play a game and get through a night, but I think they’re really pushing to be players here. Which leads me to say, we’ve got some young defensemen in the minors, but they’re young players. They’re still finding their way at that level, so that’s an area we’re looking at. You know, there’s 20-some-odd other teams that are looking to do the same thing, so we’ll continue to look at it.

Has it been busy regarding calls about the team’s veterans?

It is. I mean, there’s talk. Actually, over the last 48 hours… You know, leading up to the deadline, the wesks and months before, you get to all the teams to try to find out exactly, as much as you’re looking at your team, you’re looking at everybody else and trying to find out what might they need. What are they looking for? You get an understanding of that to see where there might be fits. Do you have something that works for them, do they have something that works for you, and is there a fit there? And it’s almost a daily process as teams win or lose, the teams are making decisions whether they’re adding or subtracting. We’ve had some interest in some of the players we have, but again that’s just usual. That happens all year and not just around the deadline. But we have nothing that is imminent with us.

Is there any interest in adding more draft picks, or is the focus on prospects?

I love picks. You know, we like to have picks. I think it’s probably been fairly well-documented, not only has it been well talked-about about the upper end of this year’s draft but I think there’s some depth to it. So yeah, if there’s an opportunity to add picks, we like those, too. And you’re looking at everything. There’s picks, there’s young players that are at different stages of development that are either into their pro careers maybe or further along in terms of a year or two post-draft. So those are, yeah, you’re looking at all of it. But you pay attention, part of this process is you’re constant in touch with your amateur people in terms of… We recently had some amateur meetings just do so some slotting of where certain people could slot into and the value of certain picks at a certain range. Absolutely, it all comes into the equation.

Does Joni Ortio’s injury change the value to the organization of Karri Ramo?

Obviously… Karri’s been an important guy here. And I know there’s always lots of talk and you’re evaluating, but when you lose depth at any position it increases. But I think Karri’s been a very important player for us all year and will continue to be.

He’s been adamant about not giving up “A assets,” but what if the team gets an offer involving a great player? (Phil Kessel was mentioned as a hypothetical and Treliving made a joke about the reporters trying to get him into trouble by mentioning specific players)

It’s like anything else, regardless of who the team is… We look at how does it make us better? And does it make us better for four weeks? Does it make us better for four months? Is it something that can make us better long term? You evaluate everything. You talk… The process is getting to all the teams and just trying to find out. You don’t know what may be a fit or might be available or not available if you don’t ask the questions. So that’s where we’re at. The other piece of this too, and I know everybody gets juiced up around the deadline, there’s the possibility you don’t do anything. You don’t do things just to say… I love spending time with you guys, but you don’t do it just so you can get you all together and say “look at what we did.” That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, either. If there’s something there that’ll help us and the cost makes sense, by all means, we’ll be interested.

  • Rockmorton65

    I heard this scrum on the weekend. Treliving sounds like a guy whose eyes are wide open to the Flames situation and is in complete control. Focused and disciplined.

  • everton fc

    Treliving comes from successful business “roots”. He plays it like a businessman. Feaster played it like a lawyer. Time will tell. Glencross, Granlund (maybe) and Baertschi (maybe) seem to be the only assets I see we could move, though I hope and believe it’ll just be Glencross for a d-man. I’d hold Ramo now, as he may be valuable if Hiller goes down.

    I’d still see if Kessel can be “had” for less than market value. πŸ˜‰

    • piscera.infada

      Ramo’s gone at the end of the season (UFA, with Ortio on a one-way contract next season), so I’m not sure why Gilles would affect his future. You can’t trade Ramo because of Ortio’s injury, so it kind of hamstrung the organization there. I would assume Gilles turns pro this year, and is rewarded by being given the ball to run with in the AHL. Hiller and Ortio next year.

    • Greg

      Wondered that too, but I doubt he’d be available soon enough to factor in. Imagine you trade Ramo and now you’ve got your AHL backup in the NHL, and a third stringer playing for your farm team’s playoff push. And gawd forbid something happened to Hiller as well.

      We’d be lucky to get a 3rd for Ramo so not worth the risk.

  • mattyc

    I wouldn’t expect too much at the deadline to be honest. The needs we have (Top 4 D, and 1 or 2 Top 6 FWDs) aren’t going to be available at a reasonable price. The Flames aren’t a legit contender, and it doesn’t really make sense to get into the rental market. I expect they’ll move Glencross (probably) for some futures (maybe 2nd and a prospect or 2 prospects), and that’s about it.

  • Parallex

    Meh, I get the impression that we’re going to be doing a whole lot of not much at all. Maybe move Glencross but not much of anything else. What I’d like would be to see a lot of the deadweight shipped out… move out Bollig, Smid or Engellend, and sell high on Colborne (on top of Glencross who’s not deadweight but contractually speaking ought to be moved now).

  • Nice to see a GM with a measured approach to this, I don’t remember the last time we felt this way.

    He does seem to understand where the team needs to improve but knows not to go for the homerun if it won’t help you score any runs beyond that.

    I’m just fine with a quiet deadline for the Flames. I’d like to see what you can get for Glencross and Colborne, and if it’s not there, you walk away. Yeah, you’d like to set a market for your dead weight, but it’s not like guys like Bollig or Engelland have any value on any other team either, so that’s a tough sell.

      • Parallex

        On the contrary, I don’t think it’s a stretch to suggest the scouts are there to get a look at the fine young defensemen those organizations possess. If the Flames aren’t interested, they should be.

        That does not, however, mean there is a trade in the works. Due diligence, and all that.

        • So I believe Darling is a backup goalie, so you think we should give a potential 2nd & decent prospect(GlenX) & a 3rd & prospect(Ramo) for a backup goalie with how many NHL games & a late 2nd? Doesn’t make sense. We can probably get Budaj for 1 5th from Montreal & at least he has NHL experience & I would rather keep the returns from Ramo & GlenX.

  • TheCalgaryJames

    Let’s go guys. Use that experience and familiarity and find a real sweetheart deal from either the Yotes or the Leafs. Channel your inner Cliff Fletcher and pull the trigger!!

  • supra steve

    Glencross is exactly the type of player you see contenders overpay for every year at the deadline. There should be no reason we can’t net a similar overpayment. Anything else will be a failure

  • The Last Big Bear

    If I was a contender, Glencross would probably be my #1 rental target.

    And I think in general people from outside of Calgary hold him in significantly higher esteem than we might expect.

    I think a late 2nd and a decent prospect is a very reasonable ask for a player of his calibre. Could even go up if there’s a bidding war. We saw how much hoopla there was when David Clarkson was available, and Glencross is basically a better version of Clarkson.

    • Kybb79

      LOL How is Glencross worth what you say he is? Have you seen him play this year? He has no points this year! He gives up the puck all the time! You can’t compare him to Clarkson! Clarkson fights! last time i saw Glenx throw a hit was our last game against San Jose.We will be lucky to get a 2nd round pick for him!

      • The Last Big Bear

        Curtis Glencross has out-produced David Clarkson in literally every single season since they became full-time NHLers. Even in Clarkson’s miracle one-and-a-half seasons where he was actually kind of good, he was still scoring fewer goals per game than Glencross, and finished with fewer total points.

        Glencross is just better. By quite a bit. I think there are very few teams that would take Clarkson over Glencross.

        • everton fc

          I like Clarkson. Always have. He gets more press because he’s playing back East. Glencross is unknown in those parts. Glencorss is certainly the better offencive weapon. He plays a solid two-way game, and from Terliving says, he’s been a good leader for the young guys. I’m sure Clarkson is, too, but he’s not going to produce points like Glencross.

          I would compare Clarkson, outside his bis season and a half, almost to Bouma than towards Glencross. The difference between Bouma and Clarskon is the fisticuffs.

          Just my take. Clarkson averages between 11-13 goals a season, outside the 30 goal fluke.

  • RKD

    Stay the course, we don’t Mike Richards, Chris Stewart or Phil Kessel here period. Develop from within, the players you draft are the ones you win with. When the time is right then you can add some complementary players. The blueline can be addressed no or if not at least in the summer but at least give Wotherspoon a shot before deciding on some moves. The Flames should not be giving up young assets for rentals or overpaid underachievers because that’s how this organization got itself in a mess. It took a long time to get out of it. I’m not saying every young player should be kept but there are a lot of young players who are stepping up and having an immediate impact on the roster. So before shipping out young player x,y, or z really think about it. It’s a move you may regret down the road.

    • everton fc

      While I was/am interested in Kessel, but only at cut-rate, I think we stay the course unless something remarkable that cost us little comes up. I’d move Glencross and a prospect no higher then the level of Reinhart for a proven 3-4 d-man under the age of 28 who a team may want to dump, for myriad reasons, mostly cap or UFA-related.

      I have no names at the moment, off the top of my head.

  • mattyc

    Glencross MUST be traded – no exceptions. He doesn’t want to be here (with his current role) and BT needs to pull the trigger. Couple of possibles: Wideman, Colborne. Big ticket – Backlund plus in a blockbuster with ROR returning!

  • WildfireOne

    I’m not expecting to see a lot of action from Calgary till the deadline itself, because on the whole, it seems we’re more sellers than buyers this year.

    As a seller on eBay, most people would agree that you typically see the most activity on a wanted commodity right before the auction expires. Glencross should be no different… unless, of course, the “Buy it now” threshold is achieved.

    If the sale ends early, we’ll know what 3BT’s threshold really is!

  • Kybb79

    In all reality Glen X does not want to be here, his play and attitude show it. If his play was better I would consider keeping him as you know what you have and him on his game could push Calgary into the playoffs.

    Boston would be an interesting target..

  • Glencross is the only one that absolutely needs to be moved out. He is a toxic presence in the dressing room with all the talk of him not wanting to play here. Disposing of that attitude is more valuable to us than anything we could possibly get in return for him… but that said, getting something for nothing is nice too. As its been mentioned already, anything else would be failure.