Rumour Has It: Glencross to Washington?

As usual, Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman dropped a few interesting nuggets of information in his 30 Thoughts column this morning. A handful of them related to Calgary’s Curtis Glencross and his status as we approach Monday’s trade deadline.

Per Friedman:

3. Keep an eye on Washington. GM Brian MacLellan
said last weekend he will not trade Mike Green for picks or prospects,
so barring a blockbuster (which the GM doesn’t see coming), Green will
finish the season in the American capital.

The Capitals are all-in.

MacLellan would not comment on anything else, but it’s believed they
will try to add another defenceman and it’s well-known they are chasing a
forward to play with Nicklas Backstrom and Alexander Ovechkin.
Ovechkin’s flexibility allows them to search for the best possible
addition, whether a right- or left-handed shot.

4. Washington is not on Curtis Glencross’s original
list of teams he’d like to go to (Anaheim, Chicago, Los Angeles,
Nashville, and Tampa Bay), but the Capitals would be great for him if
that first line spot is available.

The Los Angeles Times’ Lisa Dillman reported the Kings were not a
fit. It is possible, probably likely, Glencross expands his group. St.
Louis’s Doug Armstrong and Rob DiMaio attended Calgary/Rangers on
Tuesday. It wouldn’t be a stunner if they were watching him closely,

Read the whole thing, obviously, as Friedman is always a great read, and the main feature is a discussion of last night’s Flames loss to the Rangers.

And to add fuel to the fire, former Calgary radio host Andrew Walker tweeted the following last night and this morning:

    • Burnward

      If he did, I’d pee myself.

      I doubt it though. Bowey looks like a bluechip prospect. They probably learned their lesson when they gave up Forsberg for Erat, even though Mcphee was the GM when they made that awful move.

    • Christian Roatis

      Highly doubt it, Bowey is one of – if not the – top prospect in the Washington’s system. Not worth giving up for a GlenX calibre player.

      Having said that… Erat for Forsberg.

      • everton fc

        Yep. Meaning Peters or Grubauer comes back the other way. Not saying I like this; after watching Ramo last evening, playing like he did on the road in the Big Apple, I was indeed impressed.

        Grubauer’s only 23. Again, “just sayin'”.

        Bowey would be an incredible addition. Perhaps Ramo, Glencross and a 2nd, for Bowey and – gulp – Justin Peters?? Is this worth doing?? Or Glencross, Ramo, Sven, and a 2nd for Bowey and Grubauer??

        Arm-chair GM, I know. Fun, hey?!

        • everton fc

          ” Or Glencross, Ramo, Sven, and a 2nd for Bowey and Grubauer??”

          This one makes some sense to me. Maybe WSH isn’t comfortable dealing Grubauer, and trades Peters (who’s been awful) instead?

          • everton fc

            Peters has had his moments. One could argue he’s a fair swap for Ramo. I don’t agree.

            Having Grubauer gives us even more depth in goal for the future, and for trade bait. Taking Peters may help push a deal for Bowey through, but let’s face it, Bowey is an amazing prospect. Why give him to us for Glencross? A lesser defencive prospect, say a guy like Nate Schmidt, Connor Carrick, Tomas Kundratek…

            Remember Friedman’s words, the Caps are going for it. And so they should. And so should we.

  • Christian Roatis

    Glencross and Ramo for Bowey and a mid-round pick? I’d do it. Not sure if the Caps would.

    I’d instead look at a guy like Connor Carrick or Nate Schmidt on the blueline.

    At forward, Stan Galiev or Riley Barber would be nice gets, Jakub Vrana is a pipe dream.

    Unfortunately, it’s pretty rare for teams to trade their top prospects, so I’d look past the household names when prognosticating scenarios.

    • Rockmorton65

      I don’t know. BT said recently that he’s not looking to just add futures in the Glencross trade. He’s looking for help now as well. Unless it’s for a 1st rounder, I can’t see a straight player for pick trade.

  • Parallex

    Armchair GM Mode… Glencross, Colborne, and Calgary’s 2nd round pick in exchange for Jay Beagle, Connor Carrick and Washington’s 1st round pick… Who says “No”?

    Prop for Calgary, Trash for Washington

  • Reidja

    Sounds like there are multiple teams seriously interested which can only increase the return (at least Chicago, Washington and St. Louis).

    Bowey, Schmaltz, Pokka, Vannelli, and Carrick are some of the guys that I hope BT is inquiring about. We have tremendous forward prospect depth and cap space that should be used to sweeten a deal. I would part ways with Max, Granny, even Sven for the right guy coming back. I will send BT a late valentine if it’s Bowey.

  • Matty Franchise Jr

    Mike Green? He’s only 28, will be a UFA, but as a Calgary kid eh might be inclined to sign here. Also, he might thrive as a 2nd pairing guy with Russell.

    Nate Schmidt is only 22, will be an RFA, and has some good advanced stats.

    • everton fc

      Didn’t you read the excerpt from Eliotte’s article?

      GM Brian MacLellan said last weekend he will not trade Mike Green for picks or prospects, so barring a blockbuster (which the GM doesn’t see coming), Green will finish the season in the American capital.

      • Colin.S

        ” Keep an eye on Washington. GM Brian MacLellan said last weekend he will not trade Mike Green for picks or prospects,”

        From Freidmanns article, trading GlennX +++ would not be a picks prospects type deal. Never hurts to try.

        But if the Flames trade GlennX+ to Washington to get Mike Green back, they need to find out what it’s gonna take to keep him. Either that or depending on any NMC/NTC could potentialy flip him if they can’t resign him before deadline.

  • everton fc

    This is getting fun. Don’t forget the Hawks have two goalies behind Crawford. One needs to go, you’d suppose. Flames could benefit there, as well. Ramo could then be used as trade bait elsewhere. Say New York.

  • The thing I find most curious in the entire GlenX scenario as it has played out is that the Flames organization has reputedly reneged on a gentleman’s deal with a good soldier.

    That is what the room knows to be true and it potentially sets a precedence for the value of this administrations “word” in player dealings based on any measure of good faith.

    As an observation… that recognition by the current soldiers is either a concern or its not.

    To be fair, thats probably reading a lot into it. We can all rather accurately formulate each and every players subsequent “on the record” response to the matter when the post Glennie questions are inevitably asked.

    • Colin.S

      Don’t think so. Glennie advised in September he will not take a hometown discount. You think he is a top line LW & should get a 5 year $27 mill type of contract that he is expecting? I don’t think the Flames are. I think he has given them his blessing to move him to a playoff team & get a chance to have a good run & cash in on his last big UFA contract. Smart move by GlenX & benefits the Flames to get an asset(s) back for him. Don’t buy this soldier BS, they are paid handsomely to play hockey & we owe him something.

    • Matty Franchise Jr

      Gentleman’s deal? What is that? Are you suggesting that he and his agent agreed, verbally and not in writing, that he would get something from the Flames at the end of this deal? If that is the case, he needs to fire his agent.

      GlenX got to play near home, got a NTC, and got good term, and in exchange for those things he took what some perceive as less than market value on the contract. Nobody owes nobody nothin’, in my opinion.

    • Avalain

      I absolutely understand where you’re coming from. As much as we talk about getting the best value in all these contracts, management still needs to make a show of actually caring about the players or they will find future dealings more difficult. That being said, I don’t think that this is what is happening in this situation. If Glencross was upset about things he has the ability to screw BT by refusing a trade and walking for nothing. From everything that we are hearing this doesn’t seem to be the case at all.

      • piscera.infada

        Without a doubt. I think it’s also very reasonable. When the contract was signed, perhaps there was some sort of understanding. However, when the contract was signed, the Flames were also trying to be a legitimate contender. The situation’s changed for both the player and the team. From that perspective, one would think that Glencross could see that writing on the wall, thus ask for the contract you want or ask for a trade. It might also hold more water if it was the same management group that signed the contract, but the fact that there have been 3 separate “management teams”, a new CBA, and new faces throughout the organization, it just doesn’t seem reasonable for Glencross or his agent to assume the “understanding” still stands. Frankly, it’s better for his career, both financially and as a player to go somewhere else, so it’s a fairly amicable break-up. I see no precedent set here.

  • Writing is on the wall for GlenX.

    Now it’s up to BT to milk either the Hawks, Capitals or maybe Boston for the best deal possible. At this point in the rebuild I’d rather see a B prospect than a 3rd or 4th round pick.

    Or GlenX + Reinhart or Arnold for something great.

    Remember, Washington gave away Forsberg at the deadline.

    The question is what team is desperate to win.

  • Burnward

    Capitals have their arses backed up to the cap. What salary dump are we taking back. Laich? Chimera? What would it take to pry Wilson out of them, the guy we should have taken instead but lets not go there right now. He is big, bangs, has hands, can fight, can play in the top 6, what will it take. They have to resign Holtby, that is going to take some $$$. Between Ovi, Backstrom & those horrible UFA signings of Niskanen & Orpik, yikes, they really don’t have a blatant cap dump. They will want Green & Brouwer as they are going for it this year. Do we take Chimera, eat 1/2 of GlenX deal & throw in Granlund to get either their 2015 1st or Bowey. If they can’t afford Green next year, I don’t see them trading Bowey especially after getting burnt on Forsberg for Erat but you never with them. We need to give them futures & Cap space to get the return we are going to want. I think a B prospect & a 2nd is probably what it turns out to be.

  • Parallex

    Hope this hasn’t been addressed already, didn’t have time to read all the comment.

    But what’s the cap situation if we trade Glenx for picks? Are we still above?