Flames Captain Giordano Out Indefinitely With Upper-Body Injury

Ladies and gentlemen, we have more news regarding Mark Giordano’s injury and availability for the Calgary Flames.

And it’s not good.

Speaking with reporters (via speaker-phone) after today’s morning skate on Long Island, Calgary Flames general manager Brad Treliving shared that captain Mark Giordano is out for an undisclosed amount of time with an upper-body injury.

Absolutely no time lines were given, at least none that were shared via Twitter by the traveling media covering the team. Giordano is reportedly still undergoing tests and presumably more information will be available at a later date.

Corey Potter will likely make his Flames debut, replacing Mark Giordano in the line-up.

  • JMK

    Well, time to see what we’ve got without Gio. Not the worst thing for a rebuilding club to evaluate their assets in a difficult set of circumstances. Is Brodie legit without Gio? Can Wotherspoon play yet? Good things to find out. Also, this may move them down the draft lottery a bit too – gotta be optimistic about it somehow, right? The part that sucks the most is it effectively ends Gios Norris consideration in a year he earned it (so far). Feel bad for him.

    • everton fc

      Bingo. And you are forgetting the masterful work done by this coaching staff. They’ve already assessed things, probably including Michalek, who I think is still “concussed”…

      They know how to weather this storm. I have confidence in the players, but more importantly in the coaching staff, to weather this storm. The ‘Brass’ will be on the phones trying to land an experienced fill-in, but I’d like to see young d-men like the three I’ve mentioned from the Rangers (Allen, Moore, McIlrath) picked up for depth, moving forward. Moore would be a particularly nice pickup.

  • Avalain

    Most likely a shoulder injury. Nevertheless, season is probably over. We all knew if one of the 3 Flames’ top d-man got injured, the team would be in a lot of trouble.

    On the other hand, extremely excited to see Brodie play 30 mins+, he’s a beast and can handle the minutes. Time for Wotherspoon to step up. Time for the other voices in the dressing room to take charge of this team.

    Gio probably not winning the Norris will probably sting him too. Unfortunate injury.

        • everton fc

          He’s got over 100 NHL games, and he’s tough. I think it’s a good idea – he replaces Engelland as the #6 d-man, and I wish him all the best this evening. GO FLAMES!!

      • prendrefeu

        Actually… This is smart. Does the least amount of damage. Wotherspoon can hookup with Diaz.

        I don’t understand this statement. There is nothing smart about playing Engelland in the first place, and now they’re using him on the first pair.

        Flames are doomed. Full stop.

        • piscera.infada

          Completely agree, but I have a hard time believing that the defenseman Hartley gives the least minutes to per game, would be the defenseman he elevates.

          Those line-ups are projected from line-rushes at morning skate. I imagine the ice-time and pairings will be very much fluid throughout the game, and hope something eventually sticks.

        • supra steve

          The thinking is that Engelland with Brodie, keeping the second pair intact, is better than Russell with Brodie…leaving something like Wideman/Engelland or Diaz as your second pair. And, as we have seen on this site, Brodie makes everyone he plays with better. Lets hope its true.

        • everton fc

          It’s the best move they can make, based on the circumstances, which include sitting Wotherspoon.

          Never said I was a fan of Engelland’s play thus far, but to me, this is the least damage that can be done.

          No one seems to trust the coaching staff that got us this far in the first place. I think they may be able to keep things together. And I think Glencross goes for a d-man very soon.

          John Moore with the Rangers for Glencross. Can it be done??

          • Parallex

            I fail to see how giving the worst defender on the team more and harder minutes is “It’s the best move they can make”… it’s probably the worst move they can make (unless they’re going to now angle for the highest draft position they can get in which case yes this is the ideal move).

          • everton fc

            Perhaps my workding was too strong. Let me put it this way; perhaps the coaching staff sees an opportunity pairing them up that causes the least collateral damage, collectively. Maybe they’ll spread the minutes out so Brodie and, say one of Russell or Wideman, isn’t pulling 30 minutes.

            It’s a terrible spot to be in. I don’t see Brodie logging 30 minutes. I see them spreading things out a bit. And originally, I said leaving Engelland and Diaz “stat” would be wise.

            With Potter in there… Potter and Engelland is not worth thinking about.

            Russell and Brodie would be my ideal move. But maybe placing our worst w/our best, the law of averages… Maybe that’s the mindset.

            I just hope we’re surprised and it works out. Like someone else said, the line pairings have yet to be announced. And I think Russell can log 25 mins w/o too much difficulty, though he may make the odd mistake (or two).

        • Toofun

          I would make Engelland and Potter my 3rd pairing and play them as little as possible.

          Strangely, I’d push Diaz to the top pair.

          I’d leave the 2nd pairing alone. They’ve found a way to work together this year. Leave it alone.

          The Flames aren’t doomed but the “trial by fire” just got quite a bit hotter.

          No matter what happens, this should make them a stronger and even more cohesive team when its all said and done.

  • RedMan

    I expect the call ups to perform admirably, and IF – IF – IF we miss the playoffs, I expect, given the way the season has gone, that the Flames ping pong ball will be called first in the draft lottery

  • Reidja

    It was pretty easy to identify this problem about 4 months ago. Not impressed that BT hadnt dealt with this proactively. Now we are in panic mode at the worst time of year. An example of less than optimal management.

          • Reidja

            I’m not sure what you are getting at. Our 5/6 has been weak all season. It’s no secret. It would have been good if the Flames had moved on this earlier in the season. Especially after Smid got hurt.

          • piscera.infada

            The best way to upgrade the Flames defense this year as always going to be in the second pairing. The problem is, in the middle of the season very few top-4 defensemen get moved. They’re valuable, and they often take a lot of assets to acquire. Moreover, they weren’t going to be able to sign the quality UFAs this offseason (and seeing the prices some of them commanded, I’m glad they didn’t). Thus, I’m not sure how much “blame” you can place on management.

            You’re correct, we all knew the defensive depth was a question mark. As the above poster said though, there are very few teams that would be able to seamlessly continue without their number 1 defenseman for a prolonged period. LA and Minnesota are perfect examples. Both Doughty and Suter lead their teams in ice-time by a sizeable margin–often playing 30+ minutes a night (quite a bit more than Giordano). Yes, this is a horrible situation for the Flames, and yes, we knew it would be a dire situation if it happened. I’m just of the opinion that it’s either, a) very expensive to correct, and/or b) very difficult to correct effectively.

    • prendrefeu

      Can you give me tonight’s Lotto numbers please?
      California Lottery… Mega Millions. It’s tonight. You’re good at predicting the future, so this should be easy.


    • supra steve

      I guess you think BT should have traded for a #2-3 or 3-4 D-man some weeks ago? That is one way they COULD have gone, I guess. Just not entirely sure what was supposed to be used as trade bait? First rounder? Monahan? Let’s get the details @Reidja, and be realistic (no Reinhart + Granlund for Yandle offers, cause that’s not gonna happen)

      • Reidja

        I don’t play GM. I just give him free advice… that he doesn’t take, or read, or know exists likely. He’s a much smarter hockey man then I will ever be.

        Notice I said “less than optimal”. I didn’t say ‘bad’. We can all improve – all the time. Kumbaya.

  • prendrefeu

    It’s going to be ok. No panic mode, just keep going and keep doing.

    Heal up Gio.

    Keep playing with all you’ve got, men. (they aren’t boys)

    And Go Flames Go!

  • FeyWest

    I’m just glad we have Brodie because he’s a guy who makes whoever he plays with better and as long as he focuses we’ll be alright. Don’t change our game, I think this will be a good test and give a good idea of where were at. GFG should be an interesting night, Johnny’s bound for a breakout here he’s been pressing these last two games!

  • Brodie CAN and should play 30 min. Guy has got some serious wheels. If he holds back on joining the rush and plays a bit more conservatively to save energy, they should use him like Doughty tonight.

  • Greg

    To be honest, I feel worse for Gio than the team. “This” close to getting at least a Norris nomination, if not the award. If he’s out more than a couple weeks, it’ll be hard to get that back.

    Dang shame because it would have been much deserved recognition.

  • RKD

    This is a blow of epic proportions, Gio is a leader on and off the ice. He was injured last season or the year before for a stretch and we missed the playoffs. There’s no way you could replace a leader even if other guys try to step up it will not be enough. Without Gio, it will be close to impossible to make the playoffs.