Flames Trade Deadline 2015: A Treliving History

Yesterday, we brushed up on some Calgary Flames trade deadline history. Now, a history lesson is all well and good, except for the fact that Calgary’s current general manager, Brad Treliving, is a first time GM, and this is his first trade deadline at the helm.

So how can we figure out his potential tendencies and habits? Simple. See how things operated when he was in his previous post, as assistant general manager of the Phoenix Coyotes working alongside Don Maloney!

The key thing to keep in mind regarding the Coyotes is that they weren’t super-rich, so they handled asset management incredibly stringently. They couldn’t afford to waste picks in trades, or to let UFAs walk too often, so you often saw the club work diligently to ensure they turned assets into assets, rather than missed chances.

Seriously, their ability to flip assets for assets has been consistently impressive:

  • 2009: Derek Morris sent to the Rangers for three bodies (Dmitri Kalinin, Nigel Dawes and Petr Prucha); Daniel Carillo flipped to the Flyers for Scott Upshall and a second round pick; Olli Jokinen (and a pick) flipped to Calgary for Matthew Lombardi, Brandon Prust and a first round pick; Mikael Tellqvist send to Buffalo for a fourth round pick.
  • 2010: This year, the Coyotes attempted to load up. Sixth round pick to Anaheim for Petteri Nokelainen (low cost acquisition); Chad Kolarik to Columbus for Alexandre Picard; Anders Eriksson flipped to the Rangers for Miika Wiikman and a seventh round pick; Matt Jones, a fourth round pick and a seventh round pick to Toronto for Lee Stempniak; Sean Zimmerman and a conditional draft pick to Vancouver for Mathieu Schneider; Peter Mueller and Kevin Porter to Colorado for Wojtek Wolski; a fourth round pick to Boston for Derek Morris.
  • 2011: Scottie Upshall and Sami Lepisto to Columbus for Rostislav Klesla and Dane Byers.
  • 2012: No deadline day deals.
  • 2013: Steve Sullivan to the Devils for a seventh round pick; Matthew Lombardi to Anaheim for Brandon McMillan; Raffi Torres to San Jose for a third round pick;
  • 2014: No deadline day deals, but the day before the deadline the Coyotes sent Rostislav Klesla, Chris Brown and a fourth round pick to Washington for Martin Erat and John Mitchell.

Outside of 2010, when they made trades to upgrade assets rather than to accumulate them, and 2012, when they did nothing, the Phoenix Coyotes frequently moved assets in order to perpetuate an asset line rather than have to go out and sign free agents out of the blue.

Again, a lot of this was budget-based, but I guarantee you, developing as a hockey executive in that environment must have imbued Brad Treliving with a mindset in regards to asset management and development. His mentor, Don Maloney, is basically the exemplar of prudence in running a hockey ops department. (And while his current boss, Brian Burke, may be a bit brasher and bolder, you gotta think he brought in Treliving based on what he was able to accomplish in the desert on a shoe-string budget.)

    • The Last Big Bear

      If BT does not get a good return for GlenX he will be relieved as GM as soon as the season is over.

      He needs to put on his big girl panties and make a NHL trade.
      He has 2 days……


      • The Last Big Bear

        Amen. And rightfully so. With Winnk, Bergenheim, Tlusty already dealt the price for Glencross has to be increasing. If he can’t manage more than a pick he should be punted.

        Spoon coming up..can’t see that as good as far as Gio is concerned. Cringing at the thought of a major Gio injury and the team’s complete lack of preparedness in such an event

        • Burnward

          Well, to be fair it’s not like you can replace a Norris caliber defenseman.

          This is when Russell shows just how good he is!

          Also interesting is the gathering of the executive and scouts in Philly. Could be an interesting couple days ahead.

      • The Last Big Bear

        Well done, WW. Such insightful and cutting analysis.

        You may as well just drop the mic, and walk out now. Bow out as a Flamesnation legend while you’re at the top of your game.

        The only thing to do now is to walk into the sunset. Never to be heard from again.


    • Rockmorton65

      If Gio is out for the season, by all means go ahead and sell off everyone who will be a UFA because the season will be lost.

      Hey I’d like to think they could rally and overcome a loss coming down the stretch like that. But losing the glue of the whole team and Norris frontrunner? Yeah we’d be finished

      • Rockmorton65

        Unlike you I would rather take the positive view of the world…this is the time for the others to step up, including the call-ups, to continue this amazing season for a team only in it’s 2nd year of rebuild!

        Regardless of where this ends up remaining competitive and not throwing in the towel as you suggest will be a gain for next year where we will have a much more solid team and another playoff run, a deep one!

        • Rockmorton65

          Exactly. If Gio is out for any length of time…

          “Mr Wotherspoon, we understand you wish to be a top 4 defenceman in the NHL. Well sir, your opportunity is ready”

          • Rockmorton65

            This is what young guys like Wotherspoon have been living for since they were 3 yrs old…..I actually think the Flames will not lose any momentum whatsoever!

    • Rockmorton65

      Who knows there could be some surprises at the deadline.. if the return for Glencross was just a couple of picks I’m sure he would have been moved by now.

      Not saying he’ll move any top assets, but there could be a bigger trade in the works.

    • Rockmorton65

      I think they’ll make Gio day to day, regardless of the extent of the injury, until next week. With the deadline coming up, it could be disasterous for our bargaining power if teams know he’s out for the year. Especially if we’re trying to acquire a defenceman.

    • Rockmorton65

      Sickening that all of a sudden it has dawned on Management that maybe carrying 4 capable NHL defensemen for an entire season might not have been quite enough.

      Gutted to think of having to play out the string without Gio.

      • piscera.infada

        Why do you think that’s occurring to management “all of sudden”? Acquiring legitimate NHL top-4 defensemen (aside from deadline rentals) is probably the hardest thing to acquire outside of a top-line centre in trades. Add to that the fact that the Flames were supposed to be a bottom of the barrel team (remember, many had this team picked to be in a shoot-out with Buffalo for last place), and all of a sudden signing legitimate top-4 NHL defenders as UFAs becomes near impossible.

        Frankly, there’s not much they could have done to address the defense issue to start the year. A long-term Gio injury is horrible, horrible news, but if a lack of NHL-calibre depth is on anyone, it’s on the previous regime.

      • Rockmorton65

        Calgary has had 7 capable D all year, with support on the farm with some developing prospects. Are they all the same quality? No, but no team has equal quality throughout.

        Your contention that somehow the Flames have failed because they may not have a replacement for a Norris-capable #1 D is ridiculous and petty. Did LAK have a replacement for Voynov? No. Did PP have a replacement for Letang or Maata? No. Does CBH have a replacement for PKane? No.

        That’s the nature of the game, and if you lose a key player(s) at the wrong time it can torpedo a whole season. Its happened to the Flames before as well as other teams and I’m sure it’ll happen again. If Gio is out LT it’ll obviously hurt and we’ll do the best with him or without.

    • Burnward

      Hey, maybe Wotherspoon takes the chance and runs with it. He looked solid enough last season, I’m excited to see where he’s at now.

      I mean, Josh Jooris and all…who the hell knows anymore

    • Rockmorton65

      Another positive here, is that Gio’s injury virtually guarantees the our 2015 1st is definitely NOT in play. Maybe makes BT’s decisions a bit easier?

    • MattyFranchise

      Hey remember when we lost all of our centers and some kids came up from the farm and totally blasted the rest of the league? Me too. I’m not terribly worried about losing Gio for a few games.

      There’s cause for concern here but let’s not press the panic button quite yet.

    • Playing NYI tonight: we just need to score a lot. They are a team that wins games 6-5, 5-4. They are great on the PP as well, so we need to play a disciplined game. Hopefully Ramo stands on his head again.

      GlenX: a STL blogger was saying Blues should be/are interested in GlenX, has history with Hitchcock would be a good fit. When I asked him what a potential return looked like he said Rattie and a 3rd. I would take that all day. Maybe Sven having his old linemate around is exactly what he needs to get things rolling.