Report: Flames To Sign Jeff Deslauriers

In a move that may mean nothing or may mean a lot, the Calgary Flames are reportedly closing in on a deal with former NHL goaltender Jeff Deslauriers.

Sportsnet 960’s Dean “Boomer” Molberg tweeted about the potential move earlier today.

Deslauriers was a 2002 draft pick of the Edmonton Oilers, chosen 31st overall, and could be used as an example of why I’m so terrified of drafting goalies that early. He’s bounced around professional hockey. He’s played in the NHL (62 games between Edmonton and Anaheim), the AHL (Edmonton, Hamilton, Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, Springfield, Oklahoma City, Syracuse, Norfolk and Houston) and the ECHL (Greenville and Fort Wayne). He’s playing with Dynamo Riga right now, Latvia’s KHL team.

Presumably his signing would be for an AHL spot, which would either (a) bump Doug Carr back to the ECHL’s Colorado Eagles or, more interestingly (b) bump Brad Thiessen to the NHL as a reward for his strong play this season. But that would require a Calgary Flames trade involving a goaltender, potentially.

Again, it could mean nothing and it could mean a lot.

More on this story as it develops.

  • everton fc

    More likely Ramo. With his road performance the last couple games, and being a UFA this summer, his value will never be higher.

    And Hiller’s signed for one more year.

  • BurningSensation

    “Selecting the native of Halifax 34th overall in 2014, the first goaltender to come off the board, was a polarizing pick yet as I wrote here right afterwards, I understand why the Flames selected him when they did. Well, so far, so good. McDonald is putting together a nice season in the QMJHL, currently ranked third with a .906 save percentage.

    For comparison, Zach Fucale — the much ballyhooed first goaltender taken in the 2013 NHL draft, 36th overall by Montreal, is also in the QMJHL and while a year older, he ranks 15th with a .886 save percentage.”

    – Darren Hayes

    Somewhere WW is eating his words

  • Colin.S

    Move means nothing for the Calgary Flames and is all about the baby Flames. Carr has barely played any pro hockey, 4 games in the AHL and a couple dozen at the ECHL level. Theissen has been around awhile and been around in different leagues but I doubt the Flames are expecting him to carry the AHL Flames. They are picking up an experienced goalie to share the load with Theissen/Carr to hopefully start picking up wins to get into the AHL playoffs.

    Though the Calgary Flames are in the playoff race it’s not a certainty that they get in. And with a large number of guys who could go to the AHL if the Flames fail to make it, wouldn’t a nice long playoff run down there do well for a few guys?

  • RexLibris

    Deslauriers had some promise but was undermined by coming into the Oilers’ development system when they were cutting costs.

    He played most of his AHL career in Wilkes-Barre as the 3rd string goaltender when the Oilers had to loan out their entire AHL squad to other teams.

    EIG at the time was cutting everything down to the bone in an effort to survive to the end of the CBA because Bettman had promised them, and other small market owners, that cost-certainty would be the cornerstone of the new bargaining agreement.

    It robbed Deslauriers, and a host of other Oilers’ picks, of an NHL career, even if he might only have been a backup.

    If Deslauriers ever suits up for the Flames it will mean one of two things:

    1. they have embraced a tank, albeit far too late in the process

    2. Ramo, Hiller and Ortio are all unavailable

    They should have claimed Bryzgalov when he was available. He’d be a far better option for the Flames if they are planning on moving Ramo.

    • Canrock 78

      Well I can’t shoot the elk. The hay is covered in snow. That only leaves elk gum drops!

      We’ll back to the discussion, what can we get for Hillers or Ramo?

  • The Last Big Bear

    Coincidentally, Thiessen had a really rough night tonight. 2-2 game starting the third and he let in two absolutely hideous goals. (In fairness, the 5th — which got him yanked — wasn’t his fault.)