Tim Erixon on Waivers. Should the Flames Make a Claim?

An old friend of the organization went on waivers today. 

Tim Erixon, the Flames first round pick from 2009, was waived by the Chicago Blackhawks. Ironically, the 24 year old has been unable to nail down a full time NHL gig since forcing a trade to the New York Rangers in the summer of 2011 (ostensibly because he didn’t see an opportunity to make the Flames).

Claiming Erixon wouldn’t just be delicious irony. He would actually fill a need for the Calgary Flames. Although he has bounced around between the AHL and NHL for the last few years, there are indications Erixon still could be a useful player. He was nearly a point per game defender in the AHL last season (38 points in 40 games) and his underlying numbers this season are good, albeit in limited minutes and sheltered circumstances. 

As we’ve discussed around these parts, Calgary’s greatest organizational deficiency is on the back-end. After the first pairing of TJ Brodie and Mark Giordano, the drop off is steep and rapid. The club’s best pro blueline prospect is Tyler Wotherspoon, who is years away from being a regular (if that happens at all). Clearly, The Flames have a big gap in the youngish, depth defender category – one Erixon could help fill.

Of course, there’s a fair chance Erixon is claimed by someone else and never makes it to the Flames. However, if he is still available when their turn comes up, the team should strongly consider making the claim.  

  • BurningSensation

    Absolutely we should claim him!

    I’m a bit shocked Chicago couldn’t move him for something valuable, even a mid-round pick. Afterall, it cost them a decent forward prospect in Jeremy Morin to aquire him, one would think giving him away for nothing wouldn’t be sound practice.

  • loudogYYC

    There was an bunch of waiver activity today, probably teams making room ahead of expected trades. I’d rather see the Flames claim Schlemko and Zepp and see them cash in on a Ramo trade.

    • everton fc

      I’d trade Hiller. Really. Ramo is on fire. He’s earning the #1 job.

      Erixon. I can’t even muster an opinion on him. He’s young. We have no depth on the farm. Might be worth a second look.

      I’ll be checking the waiver-wire to see what other players may help us. Fun times, for fans!

      Why not take Schlemko? What’s he paid??

  • SmellOfVictory

    Aside from the ironing, the most important part is this: he’s already better than Smid. If a guy on waivers is better than Smid, Flames should snag.

    • Reidja

      Had to zoom in to make sure your avatar isn’t giving the world the middle finger.

      The Flames can’t be thinner on the back end so any move like this would be good.

  • WildfireOne

    Given our cap flexibility and that one of our D-lines last game was Engelland and Potter (seriously?), we should claim him.

    With Erixon, I’m not so much concerned about ability as his coachability. His attitude in the whole signing debacle stands in stark contrast to the other Flames prospect who could literally gone to any team, especially after winning the Hobey Baker, and still ended up happily and gratefully signing with the team that drafted him (thanks, Johnny!). Then there’s the fact that in his young career, Erixon was discarded by the Rangers, the Blue Jackets, and now the Blackhawks. That reeks of something.

    But we still should take him, because if he doesn’t work out, we’ve lost pennies and we can waive him ourselves and bury him in Stockton…

  • RKD

    Only if Erixon knows his role shuts his mouth puts his head down and plays well. The optics aren’t great to bring in a guy who didn’t want to be here. He is very young which makes him all the more attractive. However, I am suspicious why he wasn’t able to catch on with three other NHL teams. Maybe he was lost in the depth chart, but if he’s so good, I thought by now he would have a regular spot. It’s unusual for a guy of his calibre to be bouncing around so much. There’s got to be more to this guy, something else is going on behind the scenes.

  • Rockmorton65

    Let’s have some fun. Claim Erixon. The trade Smid and a 3rd to Edm for Petry. When Gio is healthy, we could roll with;


    The irony would be deafening.

  • ChinookArchYYC

    I guess my comment from Pike’s post this morning is better suited here.

    I completely agree with singing Erixon. If Erixon isn’t better than Engelland or Diaz now, then he can spend the rest of his playing days in the AHL. Karma is a bitch Tim, and it may not be done with you yet.

  • Bean-counting cowboy

    “Tim Erixon, the Flames first round pick from 2009, was waived by the Chicago Blackhawks. Ironically, the 24 year old has been unable to nail down a full time NHL gig since forcing a trade to the New York Rangers in the summer of 2011 (ostensibly because he didn’t see an opportunity to make the Flames).”

    Clearly, the hockey gods do exist. And they never forget. 🙂

  • threelions

    You know some days it’s hard to be a Flames fan. I was relieved to see Gio take part in the warm-up yesterday. On that note we should absolutely claim Erixon, and complete the circle of life.

    I work in a bar and among the real hardcore Flames fans (two of us) we have a Bruins fan, Oilers fan, and Detroit fan. I wear my jersey every game and sometimes get razzed not only by staff but by customers. Last night, after the game, my co-worker was chatting it up with a table full of Edmonton fans, and they wanted me to come over so they could ask, “How did your team do?” Anyways, as I was mumbling to myself, a gentleman at the bar looked at me and you know what he said?

    “You go over there and tell them that they fought until the end and never gave up.”

    Somehow made me feel better. Playoffs or not I love this team, everything we’ve accomplished this year, and I will ALWAYS be a Flames fan. GFG!!!

  • prendrefeu

    Kevin, good point, totally forgot about Timmo-nen.

    Erixon is the target though.

    Glen X for Erixon and a 1st.

    They need GlenX because of the name(s) on their injured list, Chicago is also on GlenX’s list, and Chicago is also hoping for a run at the Stan Lee Bowl.

  • Greg

    Just realized if it happens, we could very well end up with an Erixon/Wotherspoon pairing. Erixon could save face and claim it was all part of his master plan to get to play with Wotherspoon all along.

  • threelions

    On one hand it would almost be too good to be true. On the other hand, I agree with those who say there has to be something wrong with him given 3 teams and his point production, not to mention the value of young D nowadays.

    Still, low risk and maybe he matures here after a massive slice of humble pie. If that happens, it’s a steal.

  • threelions

    I’d do it in a heartbeat if he lasts till the Flames pick. If he sucks or is a distraction in the DR, you can waive him yourself or just buy him out (if they’d be allowed to, I’m not really sure about all the conditions required to buy a player out). Since the Flames have oodles of cap space, a buyout would be simple.

    If he plays well, you’ve got a young NHL defence man that’s only going to get better as the rebuild continues.

    What a time to go on waivers too. We get to talk about the games/team, Erixon, and the trade deadline.

  • threelions


    If this guy ever plays for the Calgary Flames, I hope it’s AFTER he clears waivers, gets a training camp invitation, and then EARNS himself a roster spot with a team.